NYPD’s Brooklyn Bridge Protest Footage – Edited & Not Time-Linear

Remember the full length video I posted onto my page last night of the Brooklyn Bridge protest? Well that wasn’t good enough for NZHerald.co.nz… who have instead added footage SUPPLIED BY THE NYPD rather than the 1000s of citizen journalists who have uploaded complete footage of the event onto You Tube…. check out the NYPD’s version of events. Please note: what the NYPD video doesn’t explain is that the crowd are chanting “Let Us Go, Let Us Go” because the Police deliberately blocked off the bridge & trapped them all on it, and then they are chanting “Shame, shame, shame” because the police start ripping seated peaceful protestors off the ground and arresting them en masse. Worst of all, the police footage version is edited non-sequentially and thus fails to present the fact that the police deliberately trapped the protesters on the bridge, giving them no way to dissipate. The question remains – how did the NZ Herald, who have utterly failed to report even the existence of the OWS movement for its first 20+ days of existence, manage to get their hands on this doctored footage with such haste?


Source:  Facebook

First Posted: October 3 at 12:46pm

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