Occupy Auckland Solidarity March & 1st General Assembly

At 3pm today, I and a lot of other Aucklanders will be protesting at Britomart. Why? Because of Pike River Mine; because of legislation falsely passed under urgency without public due diligence; because of the way our elderly are treated, the way our physically disabled are treated, the way our mentally disabled are treated, the way victims of sexual assault are treated, because of our child poverty, because of the incredible and ever increasing divide between rich and poor in this country, BECAUSE JOHN KEY -IS- WALL STREET & National is the Republican party, because prisons have been privatised, because they are going to sell what few state owned assets we have remaining, because in 3 years we have got into more debt than we paid off in the previous 9 years, because our coast line is being sold off to oil companies that don’t give a toss about our environment or our country, because we want to fight to regain 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!

Source: Facebook


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