Occupy Melbourne Under Attack

Occupy Melbourne is currently under physical attack by authorities… peaceful protestors from all walks of Melbourne life exercising democratic rights being faced by a wall of armed police as seen in the photo here.

Source: Facebook

4 thoughts on “Occupy Melbourne Under Attack

    • I’m not sure where it is but somewhere there is a solidarity statement from Occupy Auckland sent to Occupy Melbourne and speaking directly to the Australian government/Melbourne City Council over their handling of it. Let’s find it and add it to the Wiki?

      • The original media team and much of the original organization of Occupy Melbourne weren’t really Interested in any social or political change. So many good things were lost so its unlikely to be found. We are currently focusing of raising awareness in the general public at this stage rather than statements or manifestos, particularly ones that were from the troubled past of OM. Solidarity at this stage is all of us pushing the right (easily digestible) messages to the awakening public. We like most of your messages.

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