The Occupy You Tube Video Media Explosion

Around Day 11 of the Occupy Wall Street protest (now in its 5th week) I began posting about the 400 videos of it on You Tube. There is now over 80,000 videos of the Occupy movement on You Tube. Obama has spoken about it twice in the last week. the top rated news & politics You Tube videos are by in large Occupy videos. many of which, are full-length fixed-camera unedited citizen journalist footage… of a kind which you will never see on mainstream media. Having seen what i have seen in the last few weeks, i can never watch a pre-scheduled corporate media half hour news segment again. but I don’t have to, because there are millions of cameras worldwide, uploading the unadulterated truth of our times minute by minute. to quote the iconic New Zealand band, Shihad; “from the camera, straight to video. you can give ’em what you got….or not at all. When you’re hollow… you won’t even know… the view from here goes on and on and on and on…”

Source: Facebook

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