Occupy Oakland Attacked By Armed Police Using Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets

Huge crowds of people in Oakland, California, marching to police headquarters after police leveled the Occupy Oakland community at 5am this morning, tear gassing whole families and using rubber bullets.

For a first hand account of the peaceful protesters being tear gassed in CA today:


[Update] I’m watching the ABC news helicopter live stream of thousands of protesters pouring into Oakland centre to protest the police using tear gas and flash grenades on peaceful families including children and 5am their local time, then trashing all their belongings and arresting campers en masse: abclocal.go.com/kgo/​livenow?id=8405688#&cmp=twi-kgo​-article-8405688

[Update] Ok. they just cut the live feed RIGHT before Twitter came alive with 100s of people saying they are being tear gassed by police (again, but on a bigger scale this time). If you twitter check #occupyoakland for more details or #abc7newsbayarea to see the people going ballistic about both news choppers leaving at the exact same time right before police opened attack on crowd.

[Update] Photos and video of police tear gassing disabled people in wheelchairs, children, and passersby who just got caught up in the mix, all over Twitter. go to http://www.twitter.com/#occupyoakland and twitter.com/#!/​search?q=%23StandWithOakland . Just listened to local NZ news and not one word about it mentioned, surprise, surprise.

Source: Facebook

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