How I Got Censored By The Mainstream Media

Here are text messages I sent to Larry Williams @ 1ZB: (think Rush Limbaugh with a New Zealand accent)

I’ll put the parts he read on air in normal text & the parts he censored out are in bold + italics.

It is of note that those parts of my texts which he DID read, he read at a mile a minute then went straight on to the next without any comment whatsoever as to their significance. Nor did they alter at all his dialogue/false accusations towards the Occupy movement throughout the remainder of his show.

Text 1: Our Bill of Rights trumps council by-laws. So does US constitution. In the USA courts are refusing warrants to arrest and throwing out charges. This movement is in 2,217 cities; its clout is way beyond Dunedin or Auckland.

Text 2: (Not read out at all) Search Twitter for Occupy_Police, there are USA Police, Military; Marines, Air Force, the works, involved in occupations. Google search Sgt. Shamar Thomas; this is a far different situation than your station is presenting.

Text 3: You Tube ‘occupy’ there are over 100,000 videos about this movement. Pls educate yourselves! Many occupiers are business owners, myself included!

Text 4: This guy saying what about the taxpayers and ratepayers – we paid 80k tax and 5k rates last year. Protest is legal under the Bill of Rights; of course Police don’t want to arrest us when they can’t arrest Eric Watson/Mark Hotchin et al. (Referring to finance company directors who bankrupted their clients while escaping personally with millions of investors dollars)

You might think – wow – its amazing that he read out any of my texts at all. I’d agree, except that, having heard the show personally, it seemed that he was beginning to read them out then immediately tossing them aside once he realised the direction they were heading in. Yet another poor performance from NZ’s #1 radio station which, just like Fox news, advertises itself on the premise of being “Fair and Balanced”. Lol!

Source: Facebook


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