Newstalk ZB/Radio 1ZB: NZ Equivalent Of Rush Limbaugh #MSM #Lies

1ZB were at it again night before last. Broadcasting to the largest radio audience in NZ (especially rural audience who are less connected to the world at large) saying that:

1) Occupy Auckland is “all on drugs” (reality: there is a drug-free alcohol-free zero-tolerance policy in place);

2) that they are likely “defecating in public space” (reality: they were inspected by city council health inspectors & given an A grade sanitation certificate);

3) that they are all hippies/unemployed (reality: many self-employed people myself & my partner included are involved in the movement, including property developers/millionaires alike because people of conscience come from all economic walks of life)

4) that Occupy Dunedin had violated a court order (reality: no court order has been made) refusing to leave the public space.

Fortunately, the NZ Police know FULL WELL that the council by-law against camping does not trump the Bill Of Rights provision that specifically states that no by-law may be created which impinges upon the right of free peaceful protest & legal tests in the States have so far ratified the argument that the tents are a function of the ongoing protest & not a purpose to camp in & of themselves & are thus protected by First Amendment rights in the Constitution.

The above is why the police have not acted upon the Dunedin City Council notice… and though 1ZB know that full well (we notified them of it) they continue hours upon hours of calls for the Dunedin Police to “enact the law”. Shame on you 1ZB, slaves to your corporate agenda.

Source: Facebook

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