OWS Mercilessly Raided By Bloomberg Cronies: The NYPD On Day 59

Occupy Wall Street’s Liberty Plaza is attacked by NYPD & associates (yes, departments upskilled & armed to protect America from terrorists are now in operation against unarmed protesters).

They removed all the press from the area, anyone with a camera, literally dragged away, then attacked and trashed the main camp, the library, the kitchen, the works. All at 3am, while most were sleeping.

Currently people are pouring into the streets, massing at the police barricades. Watch www.ustream.tv/TheOther99 archive footage to see it all as it happened. Or go to You Tube to see videos of the event (there are 100s already up):

If you have Twitter, get on #ows and RT Occupy media content.

More info from the source: Occupy Wall Street’s Facebook status update:


Source: Facebook

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