Occupy Wall Street Video Montage to Rage Against The Machine’s “Freedom”

Take a walk with me down memory lane: Northcote College, 1997 SFC Music end of year final performance exam, I ate breathed & slept with my bass guitar at that time so I put together a band & performed the song “Freedom” by Rage Against The Machine with my childhood friend Dave playing electric guitar. Back then he was the boyfriend of the NZ soul singer Hollie Smith (she was 4th form, we were 6th) & we rocked it for a class that included the only other chick bassist at NC, Maree Thom, most recently of Don McGlashan & the Seven Sisters. Watching this video clip after YEARS of not having heard the song… I still remember every word & every note. We are the 99%.

Source:  Facebook

First Posted: October 1 at 3:22pm

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