Former Israeli Army Commander Ready To Crush Occupy Miami

Shay Ben-David trains his team of private security specialists to be ready to control riots and crowds, should Occupy Miami require police or other means of intervention.

“We need to be prepared for all types of riots and high stress situations. In times of emergency, we are often the first line of defense for our clients.” Mr. Ben-David also adds, “The Los Angeles Times reports that police arrested hundreds of protesters in the last couple of days in Oakland, CA. This may be a starting trend for LE (law enforcement) across the country, and may not go as smooth in all locations.” 

Does Drilling For Fossil Fuels Create Jobs?

In the US, there is a major oil industry campaign underway that is trying to convince the government to drill for more fossil fuels. They say it will create around a million more jobs.

But will it really? The Oil Minister for Saudi Arabia doesn’t think so.

Shock & Awe: Notes from Occupy Oakland

This is the 14th in a series of notations from an Occupy Oakland protester regarding the eviction of Occupy Oakland and the cities’ attitude toward the protesters.

Subpoenas Issued To Major US Financial Firms

The Justice Department issued civil subpoenas to 11 financial institutions as part of a new effort to investigate misconduct in the packaging and sale of home loans to investors.

Treasure Trove Of Occupy Media From Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Bahrain

An amazing amount of articles and videos from protests all over the globe can be found at the link below.

To our brothers and sisters overseas your struggle does not go unnoticed. Solidarity.

CNN: Law Enforcement Intimidated By Anonymous

CNN news has issued a report that suggests that American Law Enforcement is very scared of Anonymous. What do you think?

Embody The Movement – Occupy Art

The Occupy Movement is not just about making demands of our governments or about political regime change. It’s much more than that. Occupy Art, a part of Occupy movement, use their time to show people what the movement is about; through various forms of art.

Occupy Auckland Day 101 Eviction – Raw Livestream Of Violent Arrests

This is the raw footage taken on the 23rd of January 2012, of the first eviction of Occupy Auckland on the 101st day of it’s existence.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Personal Account From Pepper Sprayed Occupier

Protester speaking on camera shortly after being pepper sprayed by SFPD.

You can donate to street medics here: 

Source: Twitter

Anonymous Takes On Monsanto

Anon sends a warning to Monsanto demanding that they cease and desist their contamination of our earth; poisoning of our food source by using toxic pesticides; herbicides; GM Seeds utilising “terminator” technology (which renders the seed sterile after its first season); and many more grievances.

Their monopolization of the seed industry has led to thousands of farmers in India committing suicide where tactics of bullying and cruel legal action have been utilized to suck people dry of their livelihood and their ability to feed themselves and their families.

Monsanto… Expect Us.