Obama: Outlawing The Occupy Movement

A horrifying new bill has passed through congress with 399 votes Yea, and 3 votes Nay.

Once signed by President Barack Obama, HR 347 will empower federal agents to arrest and bring felony criminal charges against citizens engaged in political protests anywhere in the USA where people protected by the secret service are present.

This bill will essentially silence protest at any major political event – in direct contravention of citizens’ First Amendment constitutional rights.

It appears the Obama legislative agenda advances in complete defiance of the US Constitution. One by one, the democratic rights that America claims to want to institute in countries subject to US military intervention, are being systematically stripped away from its own people, while the whole world watches.


19 Signs That #USA Has Become A Control Freak Nation

Do you think that you are free?  Most Americans would still probably answer “yes” to that question, but is that really the case?

Michael Snyder, from ActivistPost.com doesn’t think so.


Former FBI Agent: TSA is Useless

Steve Moore, who identifies himself as a former FBI Special Agent and head of the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force’s Al Qaeda squad, says that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is “useless”.

He says that they don’t catch terrorists. He says they won’t catch terrorists. He says that they can’t catch terrorists.

But wait, there’s more…..


Hilary Clinton Slams Russia and China Over Veto

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has slammed Russia and China over their veto of UN Security Council resolutions to send a civilian ‘peacekeeping’ mission to Syria. She called Russia and China “despicable” and questioned whose side they were on and even went as far as to say “they are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people”.

More rhetoric flowing from the White House in favor of occupying yet another country? Seems likely.


Wikileaks Release The Global Intelligence Files – 5 Million Private Global Intelligence Group Emails

Today, Wikileaks started to release what they call ‘The Global Intelligence Files’ which is an archive of 5 million emails from a “global intelligence” company called Stratfor, based in Texas. The emails are between various executives, diplomats, lobbyists, etc, including infamous warmongerers & CEO’s of major banking, weapons, defense contracting firms & political organisations.

The emails detail some of Stratfor’s underhanded dealings as well as information gathered by them. Information which includes $384 billion in drug money laundered by Wells Fargo, one of the Big 5 banks in the United States, evidence of insider trading by the ex CEO of Goldman Sachs, and the mindblowing fact that the US & Israel have known the Iranian Nuclear infrastructure was already completely destroyed as of November, 2011.

Despite their current claims that Iran is an imminent nuclear threat. (The same rhetoric & false premise that was used to justify the pre-emptive strike on Iraq a decade ago.)

Refer to the link below for what has been released so far.


Anti-Union Bill Set To Ban Protesting

Perhaps some conscientious, peaceful, American protesters are thinking of protesting outside the home of some big CEO, or stage a sit-in inside a bank. Well, under legislation introduced by state Sen. Don Balfour, the former could result in a $1,000 fine. And the latter? Well, that could get them charged with a felony.

Yes, despite the fact that Georgia has some of the weakest labor laws and lowest union memberships in the country, the Snellville Republicans wants to further clamp down on the organizations. And it looks like the Occupy movement won’t get a pass either.


Wikileaks Press Conference on Stratfor Emails

Wikileaks have held a press conference at the Frontline Club, which they have livestreamed.

This press conference follows Wikileaks release of the first installments of the “Global Intelligence Files”; a dump of 5 million emails authored by major Texas-based private security intelligence company, Stratfor.


Tea Party Leader Resigns Due to Republican Affiliation

Mark Meckler, co-founder and former national director of the Tea Party Patriots resigned last week due to the Tea Party movement being too closely affiliated with the Republican Party.

“The organization had been doing things that associated it with the Republicans Party,” Meckler said Monday on MSNBC. “I’m not a Republican, and large numbers in the movement, 40 percent in the Tea Party movement, aren’t Republicans. So when they sponsored the Southern Republican Leadership debate to the tune of $250,000, really it was just kind of the final blow for me.”


Documentary: The Money Masters

The value of this phenomenal resource cannot be overstated! This amazing, in-depth documentary details the FULL history of our global monetary systems, spanning the full length of human history, and the establishment of central banking, centering on the manipulation of the US and European governments into adopting usury systems and in particular, fraudulent systems such as the Fractional Reserve System.

In tandem, it covers the role of each President of the United States (amongst other noteworthy politicians) in either promoting & participating in, or renouncing & rejecting, the international banking cartels, and the circumstances surrounding past Presidential assassinations.

Absolutely fascinating movie, must-watch, 5 stars, pass it on!!

Fox News Documentary Says Everything Is Illegal & Everyone Is A Criminal

This is a documentary done by John Stossel, ironically for the Fox News Channel.

It’s called Illegal Everything, and sheds some light on the myriad of shockingly ridiculous and unnecessary laws in the United States.