Illegal Warrant-less Surveillance Made Legal Retrospectively – Urewera 15 Trial Starts #oanz #oo #ows

The Urewera 15 trial has started. Four of the original 15 defendants are charged with being involved in a criminal organisation. The other 9 defendants have had all their charges dropped.

For those unfamiliar with the case, the NZ Police and/or intelligence services undertook video and audio surveillance, without obtaining warrants, then had to delay its prosecution on trumped up terrorism charges later amended to the aforementioned criminal organisation charges, while a law was pushed through to RETROSPECTIVELY legalise the illegal surveillance techniques employed.

Best of all is that the Crown Prosecutor in this case is none other than Ross Burns, the very same Ross Burns who was paid megabucks by the Auckland Corporatouncil (aka Auckland Council) to mercilessly litigate against Occupy Auckland, ultimately resulting in two violent, unlawful & unjust physical evictions on January 23rd & 26th, 2012.

Prime Minister John Key announcing surveillance law change: 

“Thirteen others had their charges dropped last year after the Supreme Court ruled the video surveillance obtained by police was unlawful and therefore cannot be used as evidence. Because the other four face more serious charges, the court ruled it can be used against them.”

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