Anonymous Releases Information on Canadian Minister of Public Safety

Vic Toews, the Canadian Minister of Public Safety and the lead backer of Bill C-30 (Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act) was warned by Anonymous about the championing of a bill which, under the guise of protecting children from pedophiles, would allow to law enforcement on-line access to personal information about Canadian citizens including, but not limited to bank account details and credit card details without needing to procure a warrant.

The bill would also make it illegal for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to inform a customer that their information was being made available to law enforcement.

Anonoymous has now released information about Vic Toews’ mistress, who is employed by the Canadian government. Anonymous is also demanding that Vic Toews tender his resignation as an MP and that an apology is issued to the Canadian public, for attempting to breach their privacy.

Original Warning:

Information Release:

It’s worth noting that in the information release, Anonymous claims to have the address and phone number of Vic Toews but declines to release them as they are aware of credible threats to Toews’ personal safety.

There is however, a third video. Yet another warning to Vic Toews that if he does not withdraw the bill, and present a public apology to the people of Canada for calling those who protested against the bill “supporters of pedophilia” as well as drop all support for the bill, more information about alleged personal and political scandals involving Vic Toews will be released by Anonymous.

The third video speaks of another scandal to be released in 7 days:

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