Pastebin Subject to DDos Attacks, a site originally used by programmers to share code has recently been subject to a series of ongoing DDos attacks by a group of zombie computers known as botnet.

Pastebin, although intended for use by programmers, has become a haven for hackers such as Anonymous to post data they’ve acquired during their operations. Wikileaks, are also known to use Pastebin for their information ‘dumps’.

More recently, Pastebin has become more mainstream, as users discover they do not have to register or sign up for an account – can merely hit the site, paste, then copy the link wherever they like. Pastebin has become a much-loved resource in a time of commercial sites demanding & then utilising consumer information for their own purposes.

It looks like somebody who doesn’t want sensitive information being accessed by the general public has been attacking Pastebin in an attempt to shut the site down. 

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