Eric Holder Says The USA Can Kill US Citizens On Foreign Soil Without Oversight

A speech by Attorney General, Eric Holder, hit the topic of American citizens being targeted for assassination, for allegedly being involved in terrorist activity.

It seems that Eric Holder is defending the Obama administration’s decision to assassinate American citizens in other countries if they are perceived as an “imminent threat”; without going through the judicial system, or opening up the targeting process to public scrutiny.

With terrorism laws being used for an increasingly broad spectrum of offenses, it scares us to think what one day this policy may be utillised for. Extra-judicial killing is an unjust practice not befitting the self-described pillar of democracy and freedom that the USA claims to be. The right to a trial should be a human right protected by the governments of the world.

Band Uses Sony to Donate to

The band Atari Teenage Riot was approached by Sony, who requested to use one of their songs in an advertisement for the PS Vita. The band agreed, and Sony paid the band an unknown sum of money.

Atari Teenage Riot, then used a large chunk of the money paid to them by Sony to donate to – a website dedicated to supporting, legally and financially, suspected members of Anonymous who have been detained or charged, internationally.

Thus corporate money is contributing to their freedom. Sweet move ATR! And hopefully the beginning of a trend!

Harvard Cheaper Than State Colleges

According to, private colleges such as Harvard and Yale are becoming cheaper for middle class students than state colleges such as CalState East Bay.

Surprise Surprise: The Majority Of People Do Not Trust Politicians has released a blog post referring to an article by The Independent, which states that the vast majority of the public in the United States don’t trust their politicians.

When asked why, most respondents give the reason that “politicians can’t be trusted”. 

Iceland Puts Former PM On Trial

Iceland’s former prime minister Geir Haarde went on trial on Monday for failing to prevent the island nation’s 2008 financial crash, making him the only global political leader to face prosecution over the wider crisis that engulfed most of the world’s economies.

We Can Live With A Nuclear Iran

Paul Pillar from the independent Washington Monthly ( has posted a 5-page long blog post about why the USA can afford to live with an Iran that has nuclear power, or even nuclear weaponry.

He points out critical facts in his argument, and presses that Iran wont start a war when it knows it will be obliterated as a result. This argues every point that the Mainstream Media outlets have spun in the opposite direction in recent months, in support of going to war with Iran.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Stratfor email dump revealed that the Israeli (and thus US government) knew as of September, 2011 that Iran’s nuclear infrastructure had been neutralised.

Which begs the obvious question; why then, are they using MSM to tell the world that Iran is a clear and present nuclear threat? Especially when the rhetoric coming from these governments now, mirrors exactly the rhetoric that led to the unjust invasion of Iraq, which was based on similarly false premises?

Journalist Barred From Inquirer & Daily Mail Offices For Interviewing Their Staff

WHYY reporter Elizabeth Fielder had her photo posted yesterday in the security station at the entrance of the Inquirer and Daily News building, along with instructions that she is not to be allowed on the premises.

This comes after Inquirer and Daily News reporters and editors had scheduled on-the-record interviews with Fielder about changes underway for the papers and as the company simultaneously downsizes and prepares itself for sale.

Global Spring 2012 – The Call To Worldwide Action Is Out, a site inspired by the Occupy movement has put out a call for a global day of action on May 12.

The call is out to chapters of the Occupy movement worldwide to march in solidarity with the countries in which uprisings are currently taking place (Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland and India to name a few).

The Internet Blueprint – End Users Help Shape The Future Of The Internet

The Internet Blueprint is a site intended for a discussion to take place between users of the Internet to form bills that Internet users think would make the Internet a better place for everyone.

After successful SOPA/PIPA protests, US policy makers asked what the protesters thought would make the Internet better. This is the reply.

U.S. Drone Crashes into SWAT Team Tank

A drone has crashed into a SWAT team tank during a police test flight near Houston, Texas, adding to growing safety concerns as more police departments take flight with the unmanned aircraft.

It looks like the terror once reserved for countries invaded by the US was only a trial period before use of the same military technology, domestically, on US soil.