We Can Live With A Nuclear Iran

Paul Pillar from the independent Washington Monthly (washingtonmonthly.com) has posted a 5-page long blog post about why the USA can afford to live with an Iran that has nuclear power, or even nuclear weaponry.

He points out critical facts in his argument, and presses that Iran wont start a war when it knows it will be obliterated as a result. This argues every point that the Mainstream Media outlets have spun in the opposite direction in recent months, in support of going to war with Iran.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Stratfor email dump revealed that the Israeli (and thus US government) knew as of September, 2011 that Iran’s nuclear infrastructure had been neutralised.

Which begs the obvious question; why then, are they using MSM to tell the world that Iran is a clear and present nuclear threat? Especially when the rhetoric coming from these governments now, mirrors exactly the rhetoric that led to the unjust invasion of Iraq, which was based on similarly false premises?


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