Video: Massive Bahraini Protests During F1 Championship

The situation in Bahrain has been horrific for a long time now. Citizens openly slaughtered by their government. Some amazingly courageous Bahraini livestreamers have been doing their best to get the truth out of what is happening there on the ground. Bahrain, while essentially run by a corrupt dictator, is also a pet of the West. Currently, the world-famous F1 Grand Prix racing championship is being held there despite the constant state violence against the populace. This video shows Bahraini’s marching down Budaiya Road – the men are on the left – the women are on the right – and gives some idea of the scope of the unrest in the kingdom.

To see a large amount of media that the MSM will -NEVER- and have never showed you on Bahrain, please type ” Occupy Bahrain ” into Facebook then ‘like’ it. They have many instances of amazing citizen journalism footage that is not to be found elsewhere. Like it, share it, donate some of your time & compassion to spreading the word about what is happening to the Bahraini people.

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