Senator Bernie Sanders On Livestream With Occupy Eye

Senator Bernie Sanders is talking about the Occupy movement LIVE on OccupyEye Livestream. Yay citizen journalism! Putting the MSM out of business!

Occupy Eye’s bio is below:

“Occupy Eye ”

Occupy Eye currently covers all things occupy in Washington DC. My name is Nate, and I have been an Occupy Livestreamer since mid-October. You can see much of my best work over at , including full coverage of events such as the DC chapter of Occupy the Courts that occurred on January 20th, and the grueling eviction of the camp at McPherson Square on February 4th.

Lastly, please jump in the crowd if you have a Ustream account by clicking the yellow Join Crowd button above.

Thanks for watching, and I look forward to the next stream.

17,112 Live Views
102 In Crowd
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