OPEN LETTER: Occupy NZ Tell Corporate Media: “You Need Not Fear Becoming Julian Assange”

To the employees of our National media outlets;

in our naive shock and disbelief at the inaccuracies, favouritisms and false representations made to the international public concerning the inception and continuation of the Occupy movement globally; we have wronged YOU.

You, the individual corporate media employee, denied the right to unionise in a meaningful pursuit of the BARE MINIMUM in appropriate work conditions – encouraged, institutionalised and coerced to the MISpursuit of truth by the industrial framework and management environment that rewards false things over integrity, covets facets and image over substance, and above all covets the almighty advertising dollar..

You work in a broken, defunct system that is being made collectively redundant by the indisputable NEED of the people to obtain and ratify and share, when you don’t, the TRUTH of what is happening to our world at ground level – to the extent that of sheer desperation, members of the public band together and against any natural inclination embrace REAL journalism, UNPAID… replacing & exposing hypocrisy and whistleblowing on the facts you won’t report..

Even we the public see the lay-offs happening to you, the media being fed like minced meat grinding through the insatiable machine of corporate takeovers, mergers and asset-stripping. We see the patriarchy and the old boys club. We see 4 white males & a white female on slick 1ZB promo pics. Even to those of us born “white”, these things are no longer able to be ignored or tolerated, they are unneccesary relics of an ignorant past.

To you the “media”, we the “new media”, say:

You are the intended voice of the people.

Not your employer. Collectively, you.

You need no longer be the voice of the corporations. Nor of a specific ruling Government.

Your objectivity and veracity for truth-seeking and your moral indenture to the public you service should be on par with that of a scientist or a medical professional; your duty of care and ethical obligations the same.

Lives and deaths and the fate of nations depend on you and your collective influence is beyond the ability of even any Government to challenge; let alone any corporation. You could shame a corporation and end its profitability overnight as easily as you are now regurgitating the AP or being fed stories by corrupt Government officials, undisclosed conflicts of interest abounding…

You can bring down a Government, with the truth, and the power of a UNIFIED and RELENTLESS media is untamable.

We think you know it has reached the time where if you do not respect the core values of journalism we will replace you. What you haven’t yet realised is that we do not actually want to.

The purpose of Occupy is NOT to destroy it is to build. Occupy is about resolution not destruction.

But until you report on what is common knowledge amongst YOURSELVES but not amongst the public at large – for example the 380 cities protesting May 15th globally – and begin to explain to the public truly why the vast majority of the planet is simultaneously erupting against austerity measures, asset sales, privatisation, racism, against colonialism and the never-ending imperialistic wars to blatantly steal resources –

we have to do your job for you. Even suffering the full weight of local/national/international Government slander, surveillance and sabotage, the information is already too widespread to suppress. The cat is out of the bag.

You have a unique opportunity right now; to be amongst the first to recognise and embrace it; or to make yourselves defunct.

You need not fear becoming Julian Assange. Exposing yourselves to the pressures and invasions of privacy that many involved initially in Occupy around the world have. For even Governments are limited in their ability to interfere with revolution; and every day the snowball grows bigger. It has long since gained its own momentum, perpetual motion. As each mind is awakened to the hive, the potential to suppress it diminishes.

As you watch, “enthralled” by us, we will continue to watch you. But we do so as colleagues of conscience.

Awaiting your awakening. For you must

“rise like lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number, shake your chains to earth like dew: which in sleep have fallen on you: Ye are many — they are few.” (Shelley)

Your time is now. Contact us in good faith and you can write under the Occupy banner. You need not be shackled by professional limitations. Journalism is not merely a profession it is a mindset, and a quest. Embrace it.

Kia kaha. (Stand strong/stay strong)

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