Prime Minister Of New Zealand’s Promotional DVD “Recalled Over Music Copyright Breaches”, in this archived biography of John Key, state in paragraph 6:

“Key’s spin doctors are keenly aware that the public feel they still don’t really know Key. Hence a Meet John Key promotional DVD (later recalled over music copyright breaches).”

OMG! Call the FBI! Our very own Prime Sinister, John Key; ex-Federal Reserve Bank of America member; ex Merrill Lynch derivatives-trading executive; leader of New Zealand throughout the Kim Dotcom-FBI fiasco… is a PIRATE???

We are told that several people have tried to get hold of said promotional DVD and failed. It seems it was not reissued. Wonder what else is in there? Hmm?

This may account for John Key’s ludicrous claims that he didn’t even know who Kim Dotcom was prior to the raid, when it is well established that Key’s office was involved throughout Dotcom’s entire residency process. Key scared of being tarred with the same feather? Well you know what they say. Birds of a feather… flock together…

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