How To Recreate The Occupied NZ Herald If We Or It Disappear

HOW TO RECREATE WWW.OCCUPIEDNZHERALD.CO.NZ: YOURSELF if anything should ever happen to us/it, here is how we set it up & anyone in the country can do it. Hell, in the world for that matter.

Welcome to the wonders of decentralisation. If you, our supporters, have our backs, our newspaper can NEVER be taken offline.

The Occupied NZ Herald Kaupapa: we publish left, right, center, and none of the above news; giving multiple different views of each story. We publish fearlessly; never putting ourselves between the public & free information, the way traditional media does.

TO SET UP A CLONE OF THE ONZH: start an Anonymous twitter account. Using whatever name/new email details you want. Create a Twitter list. To create the list, click on the icon of a person (where all your options are) go to Lists then Create & Name your new list. Then type in the names of the accounts you want to add to the list (these are the sources your newspaper will pull content from) by typing each of them into the search bar, pressing enter, then selecting the right account under where it will say “People” on the left. Then click on the mini-person icon next to the ‘Following’ bar and select “Add or remove from lists” then select the list & tick the check-box. Bingo that account is now on your source list.

Go to & set up an account. It is pretty easy and straightforward. Start a newspaper. Call it The Occupied NZ Herald & if it won’t let you do that, call it something extremely similar so people will realise what it is. In the Paper Settings, under Content, Edit Sources, add your List name. The format for adding the list name is @(youraccountname)/(yourlistname)

For us it reads @OccupyNZ/ONZH

You can also manually add source accounts though it’s not as reliable & you can also if you’re really clever, use RSS feeds to do the entire thing. Don’t necessarily have to use Twitter, though it’s the easiest way to pull large amounts of content that we know of.

OUR CURRENT ONZH SOURCE LIST: names to search & add:

@OccupyWallST @OccupyDavis
@OOMedia @punkboyinsf
@Min_Reyes @ElleryMitten
@keyweekat @Mz_Chief
@endarken @OccupyNZ @OccupyAuckland

If for some reason any of the above accounts have gone black (no longer tweeting content) you can use almost any active Occupy account in your source list. We always tweet the person and ask their permission to include them as we personally don’t believe in blindly adding people & if you tell them why you are wanting to add them any true Occupy media person/group is highly likely to agree to being included. However there are SOME newspapers which source from literally 1000s of accounts so there is no limit to what you can put in, it will just be more time-consuming to edit come publishing time.

To find other Occupy Media sources just type @Occupy into Twitter search and “Follow” all the results that are obviously legitimate accounts that actively tweet links to Occupy-related material.

As it is, if you set default publishing times, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t edit it at all (as long as your sources are reliable and good) but for best results you should log in after each auto-update and remove any irrelevant or blatantly false articles/pics/links, and put the most current/important stuff at the top of the headlines page. (Just mouse over bottom right of each article blurb on each page of the paper for the options)

If you, Aotearoa, do the above… they can never kill the Occupied NZ Herald. It will just be replicated and replicated over and over again.

HOW TO PROMOTE IT ONCE YOU’VE DONE THE ABOVE: tweet the link, through the paper page, to the hashtags relevant to that day’s edition, tweet it to the individual sources used in the paper (for example, tweet New edition of The Occupied NZ Herald! ( link) Thx @OccupyWallSt …. etc etc) & then post your newspaper link onto every page on Facebook you can find, namely all the Occupy pages for a start.

It is time we, the people, took control of our access to public information back, and via this method or similar, the information can never be restricted from us again.

Encourage everyone you know to read & be aware of the above and collectively, they can never silence us. Oh the beauty of decentralised media.

Kia ora thank you so much for reading this.

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