Anonymous and Occupy Provide Live #Sandy Updates, Support

This week we have witnessed, in many cases live, the unfolding of one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history.

#Sandy on Twitter has been aflame with live updates from citizens reporting from countless locations.

Major portions of the online communications infrastructure and social media channels of Occupy, Anonymous and other activism movements globally, have been consumed by spreading disaster preparedness and safety information to the unwitting who may be unaware of the extent of the dangers that face them.

Wikileaks supporters got on board, with @Wikileaks_forum posting transit/infrastructure notice and updates.

Some Occupy volunteers set up this amazing tool for other volunteers to register services or request help, and supply a variety of ways for virtually anyone to get involved in any capacity.

In the meantime, “Hurricane Hackers” have developed a variety of web tools to help map the storm and its effects.

A team from Occupy Wall St are working with on – an online toolkit for disaster recovery. RT reports “Occupy Sandy – People Unite In Wake Of Superstorm Devastation“.

New initiatives are spawning by the minute. It is highly ironic in these times of “Enemy of the State” and “Domestic Terrorism” accusations against activists that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, we step forward, unpaid, to perform civic duties in true demonstrations of patriotism and humanitarianism.

Indeed, these tweets beautifully sum it up.

The below is a collection of media accumulated so far today, though the story is by no means complete as the situation continues to deteriorate, in many areas across the North Eastern Seaboard.

More photos of the NYC blackout

Ongoing situations:

Con Ed Power Plant Explosion: video of massive explosion.

New Jersey Nuclear Plant at Imminent Risk. 16 nuclear plants to be potentially affected.

Coney Island Fire Reports Only A Vehicle

The FDR in Manhattan underwater.

Reports of 50 homes ablaze in Breezy Point, New York with 198 firefighters at the scene

Seawall breached in Massachusetts. Levee overwhelmed in Northern New Jersey.

Ground Zero: A Waterfall

Battery Place is a river.”

Several reports of explosions in various locations, likely due to live wires down.

Haiti devastated by Sandy

Known incidents of injury/death:

110 dead with New York hardest hit

70 dead in the Caribbean

41 dead in NYC, crime down 31% according to Gothamist

43 dead according to Rappler (U.S.A.) (dated)

Wall Street Journal reporting 43 dead, 80 homes burned out, 8 million without power. (dated)

Yahoo say 40 dead (U.S.A.) (dated)

Times of India also say 40 (U.S.A.) (dated)

HMS Bounty crew member dead, captain missing


What can only be described as apocalyptic photos in the Daily Mail

Shocking aerial shot of roads & homes underwater.

Aerial fly-over of thousands of flooded homes. Including entire burned-out and underwater suburbs :/

Submerged and floating vehicles. Cars adrift in NYC.

Apartment buildings in some NYC boroughs partially submerged

Parts of Breezy Point, New York, reduced to rubble

Dire situation for homeless, left to fend for themselves

People standing outside a closed Starbucks in NYC, for the Wifi access

Downed trees causing traffic chaos.

NYTimes aftermath graphics + pics.

Other media resources:

Updates on the status of Nuclear Power Plants in affected areas

Crowdsourced maps of different areas needing help

This amazing “Wind Map” is a Must-See

Sandy Satellite Graphic. More satellite imagery here.

Coastal communities hit hard.

History of U.S. Weather-related fatalities 1940-2011

The now already-famous shark photo allegedly from Brigantine, New Jersey – UPDATE: apparently confirmed by this 4-pic set of similar sightings.

Warnings about global warming associations

The Daily News tracks Sandy (includes tons of government info links)

Sandy coverage from The Weather Channel

TechPresident on Occupy, & the aftermath

Theorizing the potential to postpone Presidential election

The Guardian live updates

RT live updates

ABC MSM live updates


Washington Post photo gallery & appear to be down, probably due to reports we heard earlier about major ISP outages as a result of the flooding. Gawker now running a back-up site but live site still down “thanks to Sandy“.

The Daily News tweeted this pic of their newsroom blacked out by widespread power outages.

“Sorting The Real Sandy Photos From The Fakes”

Relevant hashtags in use:

#Sandy #SandyAid (for those needing help) #SandyVolunteer (for those able to volunteer) #Frankenstorm #OWS

Other calls to action/relief projects:

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC Facebook Group for coordinating relief efforts. Also on the web courtesy of InterOccupy.

Red Cross recruiting volunteers

Tweep adventures:

The wonderful @nubspeace caught an insane surfer in this video

This post will be further added to as we can. Solidarity to all involved.


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