“Human Sewage” Mental Health Activist On Day 3 Of Hunger Strike

This is one of the most disturbing things we’ve seen in a long time. Because it is so blatantly true.

There is a long history of NZ government’s cutting mental health services in New Zealand, and of shoddy handling of cases.

There is much more to come on this story, so if you are particularly moved by the words spoken at the end of the video, check back soon.

Update: We have just received this harrowing statement from the activist involved;

I am on hunger strike during the White Ribbon campaign because I object to the government hypocrisy when sexually abused people with life-threatening stress disorders are not getting the care they are entitled to by law and one of the symptoms of Complex PTSD is violence. I can’t get ACC to reinstate the care I was getting in 2009 (professional care I had fought seven years to get) even though I have won two ACC reviews. The care lasted six months, when I had been told it would be 2 1/2 years, before it was cut by John Judge and Peter Jansen against the advice of everybody I was working with- they didn’t consult the psychiatrist at all. I was severely traumatised and almost killed myself, I have had several suicidal episodes since but still can’t access any services. When I turned to mental health the people at the front line kept telling me there were no services, while the people at the top kept telling me there was. My mental health was so bad I was phoning people all the time begging for help, instead of help I was getting the police around here. I have serious issues with trust and communication but all services refuse to accept these impairments, and I can’t get past them because I am now phobic after so much rejection. I have educated myself about stress disorders and my rights to health care and justice services, but when I tried to use this process I found it to be a torture wheel of hell in a red tape war. I know me and thousands of other people are missing out on the care they are entitled to and when they throw the white ribbon stuff in my face it is like being tormented. We have descimated mental health services over the years and everybody knows ACC are appauling yet people who become violent because of mental health issues are blamed for dysfunction they have little or no control over.

Update: November 13, 2012. Day 9 of hunger strike.

Email to Ombudsman regarding a disturbing telephone conversation with Juliette Le Couteur.

I have recently been speaking to Juliette Le Couteur and I am absolutely appauled at the type of ignorant bigots you employ – and they don’t even know they are being insulting and bigoted – it is extremely disturbing.

In a 20 minute conversation about me being on hunger strike and trying to get the care I am entitled to by law all Juliette did was stick up for ACC, mental health and her office? I thought the Ombudsman was supposed to be on my side? The Ombudsman is supposed to protect the people not the authorities!

She was completely devoid of understanding about what the impacts of a stress disorder on personality/behaviour? Told me ACC had offered services and I refused, kept telling me I was refusing care when I was begging for it. When I told her about how degrading and bigoted King Street Artworks staff were she said well you obviously don’t want to go there?????? I said but they are the only ones – there is nobody else I have to go there – what I am asking the Ombudsman to do is hold them accountable for their discrimination, degradation and abuse – isn’t that what you do?

I told her of many times I had been discriminated against by mental health services and she kept saying well you don’t want services then? How can somebody lack so much understanding – I am disgusted. I wish I could afford to buy a recorder for my telephone, the call with Juliette is one of those you want to play a judge, just to prove how corrupt and incompetent they are.

Hunger strike day 9 GOD PLEASE HELP ME



Another update from JR: Day 16 of hunger strike.

Hunger strike day 16 – it does get easier after the second week (just not mondays).

Having majors with my family, apparently I’m weird for blaming the government for turning this country into a shit hole for poor, disabled and unemployed people. For turning ACC and mental health services into a torture wheel of hell in a red tape war.

Just shows you how National party people think.

Oh yeah and taking medication would fix EVERYTHING. Make me calm and not so angry about being persecuted by the authorities for demanding the help I know I am entitled to by law, for being subjected to corruption and lies by ACC and mental health, being degraded bullied and insulted.

Anyway – beautiful day here, another nice day to be in the garden and cleaning out my garage for the garage sale.

The great thing about a hunger strike is it saves you money and you don’t have to really do anything. It is one of the most powerful symbols of protest for the poor. Plus you get protection under international laws – God knows who enforces that protection but I know it is there.


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