If you remember Schapelle Corby being plastered all over the media but you haven’t seen the website archives or viewed the “Expendable: The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby” free documentary, please bookmark this page & watch it ASAP.

You will be astounded at the injustice & at the vast cover-up that has maintained it.

There is an International Day of Solidarity for Schapelle Corby on February 28th.

Please make contact with the wonderful admins at the CIAbook group “People For Schapelle Corby” if you can help with organising an action in your area.

Our F28 event: “ONE DEMAND: FREE SCHAPELLE CORBY” will be held at Aotea Square, Auckland, February 28th, 6.30pm

PRESS RELEASE: Monday 18 February 2013

For immediate release:

New Zealanders In Solidarity With Schapelle Corby are hosting a candlelight vigil at Aotea Square, 6.30pm on February 28th, 2013.

The hit free documentary “Expendable” ( compiles countless official government documents to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Schapelle Corby is NOT guilty.

Despicably, the powers that be went to great lengths to blind the public to that fact.

Even despite it emerging that her suitcase (which was discovered 5kg overweight) was actually underweight when she checked it in, she has so far served 8 years of an outrageous 20 year sentence, in appalling conditions in a Balinese jail.

As if that wasn’t enough to topple the balance of resaonable doubt; as recently as December 2012 an drug-trafficking ring was arrested, for operating customs-side at Sydney Airport. Corrupt airport employees were using the baggage of unsuspecting passengers to ferry drugs around Australasia.

As the “Expendable” documentary spreads around the world, exponential numbers of people are discovering the truth about what really happened to Schapelle Corby.

An international day of solidarity will be occurring worldwide. With only one demand.

Free Schapelle Corby immediately. Let her out now, and the international events will be cancelled!

Julia Gillard: Act in good faith and give Schapelle back her life. She has lost so much of it already.

Event also endorsed by: the 14,000-strong Facebook page “People For Schapelle Corby” & Occupy Auckland, New Zealand.

Fantastic coverage from eye-witness & ONZ media member Frank Macskasy. Continues in another two parts on

Frankly Speaking...




NZ, Wellington, 13 February 2013 – Set against an overcast early evening sky, and a chilly southerly, several hundred Wellingtonians of all ages, races, political affiliations, and backgrounds came together at Frank Kitts Park, on Wellington’s waterfront,


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales


Their common unity of purpose was to oppose the partial sale of state-owned assets,


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales


Electricity-dustry expert, Molly Melhuish, with others from DEUN (Domestic Electricity Users Network). Ms Melhuish (center, holding white clipboard)  is  intimately familiar with the working of the electricity industry in this country and was a key member in   campaigns to oppose electricity privatisation in the 1990s – including Wellington’s Capital Power.


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales


The messages were simple, and to the point. From Labour,


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales



… to the Mana Party,


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales


The message for National  was clear – what’s ours is ours,


Frank Macskasy  Frankly Speaking  blog aotearoa not for sale - 13 february 2013 - frank kitts park - wellington - anti asset sales


This Wellingtonian understood the folly and false-economy…

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Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

This has been a very, very long time coming: the facts and figures behind Occupy’s economic ideology are finally being broadcast in the mainstream.

This clip is from TVNZ – New Zealand’s “partially-privatised” corporate-backed bank-sponsored mainstream television news service. It validates what Occupiers have been saying all along.

What a year ago they described as “conspiracy theory”, they are describing in 2013 as “Economics 101”

Since Occupy’s inception in September 2011, corporate media have misrepresented, mocked, shunned and outright blacked out the movement.

Individuals spreading Occupy messages have endured unquantifiable hardships to continue doing so. To now see the massive infrastructure that was wielded against us, spreading the messages of the awakening, is intensely satisfying and a huge relief.

These next two Anonymous videos depict the transition occurring. As politicians and representatives of the traditional “left” & “right” are increasingly raising their voices to express the same views and desires for the future of humanity.

As you will see in this video – often now raising their voices LITERALLY and within the halls of power.

It seemed only a week ago that people were celebrating an Anonymous video having 3 million views. At the beginning of Occupy they would get mere hundreds of views, or a few thousand.

3 million sounds impressive right? An exponential increase from its humble beginnings.

Well, check again. There are now 9 million views on last year’s critically-important NDAA warning video – “Message To The American People”.

Yet another important video to recently emerge was this very public remonstration of Obama and his policies. Watch him squirm in his chair as his own people tell it like it is.

One viewer of the above video noted that even Michelle Obama appeared to be in rapturous support of the message and said “this is all going to come down – and fast. Faster than we ever thought.”

We think it is safe to say that the cat is out of the bag.

Change must come.

Change is coming.

To those of us who have given everything to help bring this about; Occupymama says: “We’ve done a fucking good job we have! Fucking good. We can sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a minute now. The world HAS actually changed. There are so many people awake.”

Harry Fear Speaks: Eye-witnessing “Pillar Of Cloud”

Last night Harry Fear addressed a packed-out lecture theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. We were privileged to attend.

At 16 as a student, Harry Fear was inspired by reports from John Pilger of the situation in Palestine and Gaza. With an interest in political science, the people of Gaza and their plight struck a chord in Harry’s heart.

Harry has gone on to become intrinsically involved with Gaza, Palestine, the situation there and the lives of the people. He was in Gaza for the full 7 days and 3 hours of the most recent continuous ‘state terrorism’ attack as local Palestinians call the latest Israeli incursion on Gaza. Harry was broadcasting 24 hour live updates of the situation from Gaza via live stream, he was as he said, ” in the 2nd safest house, in the most safe district” and yet despite only having been in Gaza for around 3 months, he lost friends, co workers and witnessed terrible destruction.

The statistics for Gaza are horrifying; the people of Gaza are under constant military attack from Israel, it is only the frequency and intensity that varies, the number of innocent civilians; including children, women, elderly, killed and injured without mercy continues to
grow everyday as Israel continues to breach cease-fires and truces. Gazans are captives, they cannot leave Gaza and inside Gaza they face a war of attrition as well as constant military bombardment from air, land and sea.

Palestine has been under siege by Israel for 65 years.

Without personal insight from brave hearts like Harry, it is very hard to comprehend just how deep the level of human suffering goes in Gaza. Everyone in Gaza, without exception, suffers the effects from the trauma of living under constant threat, constant harassment, constant bombardment.

Amazingly despite living under the most incredibly difficult circumstance, Harry shared how resilient, how steadfast, how true the people of Gaza are, how the this latest attack on Gaza from Israel has only served to make Palestinians even more resistant, how Israel is coming more to world attention for the atrocities they carry out against the people of

The depth of feeling Harry has for the people of Gaza was conveyed in the personal stories he shared with us tonight. Many thanks to Harry Fear for speaking for those who have had no voice and for having the courage to share his personal story.

Thanks to: Kia Ora Gaza for their continued efforts sending aid into Gaza, to Roger
Fowler for a wonder introduction and for sharing his personal experience

Additional thanks to Students for Justice in Palestine, Hela Rahman and all organisers and hosts of the event.

Thanks also to Billy Hania from Palestine NZ.

Pictures of the event and further indy coverage can be found on the Facebook event page.