Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

This has been a very, very long time coming: the facts and figures behind Occupy’s economic ideology are finally being broadcast in the mainstream.

This clip is from TVNZ – New Zealand’s “partially-privatised” corporate-backed bank-sponsored mainstream television news service. It validates what Occupiers have been saying all along.

What a year ago they described as “conspiracy theory”, they are describing in 2013 as “Economics 101”

Since Occupy’s inception in September 2011, corporate media have misrepresented, mocked, shunned and outright blacked out the movement.

Individuals spreading Occupy messages have endured unquantifiable hardships to continue doing so. To now see the massive infrastructure that was wielded against us, spreading the messages of the awakening, is intensely satisfying and a huge relief.

These next two Anonymous videos depict the transition occurring. As politicians and representatives of the traditional “left” & “right” are increasingly raising their voices to express the same views and desires for the future of humanity.

As you will see in this video – often now raising their voices LITERALLY and within the halls of power.

It seemed only a week ago that people were celebrating an Anonymous video having 3 million views. At the beginning of Occupy they would get mere hundreds of views, or a few thousand.

3 million sounds impressive right? An exponential increase from its humble beginnings.

Well, check again. There are now 9 million views on last year’s critically-important NDAA warning video – “Message To The American People”.

Yet another important video to recently emerge was this very public remonstration of Obama and his policies. Watch him squirm in his chair as his own people tell it like it is.

One viewer of the above video noted that even Michelle Obama appeared to be in rapturous support of the message and said “this is all going to come down – and fast. Faster than we ever thought.”

We think it is safe to say that the cat is out of the bag.

Change must come.

Change is coming.

To those of us who have given everything to help bring this about; Occupymama says: “We’ve done a fucking good job we have! Fucking good. We can sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a minute now. The world HAS actually changed. There are so many people awake.”

13 thoughts on “Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

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  4. I’ve heard a lot about how Dr. Carson’s speech was so unsettling for Obama, but after watching it – I don’t fully understand why. He presented an alternative approach to universal health care, but what else is considered so “anti-Obama policy”?

    • Thanks for your comment. Dr. Carson invoked the true meaning of the constitution and made many revolutionary statements (sad that in this day and age stating the obvious can be considered revolutionary!!) none the least was his in-depth description of the parts that doctors traditionally did (and should) play in overseeing politics and political change.

      Obviously, doctors are unlikely to support mechanisms of American warfare, like the now-widespread use of drones? Or approve of indefinite detention of American citizens on American soil, torture, or the suspension of Habeas Corpus?

      While he was extremely gentle in his delivery, it was clear that true constitutionalists don’t & won’t endorse Obama’s almost unilateral executive/federal administrative takeover of the United States.


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