Aucklanders Hold Mock Auction Of Prime Minister John Key’s Parnell Mansion

In the wake of legislation passed under urgency to “partially” privatise core state infrastructure assets in New Zealand, and to warm up ahead of the impending #J14 Aotearoa Is Not For Sale National Day of Action, today a group of … Continue reading

John Key & His Cronies Profited From Irelands Downfall; Now Replicating It In New Zealand

John Key and his ‘clients’ were major profiteers of creating the same setup in Ireland as he is now trying to do here as soon as April of next year if National is reelected; creating an off-shore tax haven for … Continue reading

John Key Talks About Greed, Greed, Greed & Currency Traders.

Is this a joke??? “Prime Minister, John Key, dismissed the anti-corporate marchers as “out of step with the times”. “We all know that markets move in clearly defined cycles of greed and fear,” Key said. “Sure, some professions – such … Continue reading

Will John Key Profit From NZ Foreign Debt?

Oh how I would love to see an analysis of John Key’s body language as he hears & (pitifully) answers this question…. Source:  Facebook

Occupy Independence Forever: @Suzi3D Interviewed About Snowden, Wikileaks, the TPP and Berlin

One of the most recent additions to Berlin’s unofficial political exile club is Kiwi activist, citizen journalist and blogger Suzie Dawson (better known as @endarken). On 4th July she was interviewed at length by the ‘Occupy America Social Network’s podcast … Continue reading

D8 TPPA Shutdown Protesters Refuse To Be Ignored

(Updated D10 2012) The frequently foolish John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has a long track record of outright “ignoring” mass dissent amongst the population, boiling for over a year now. When 8,000 protesters amassed on the steps of … Continue reading

Fight The Fees 1: ONZ Cover Student #O10 Action

Continuing their year of protest demonstrations, Auckland University students have followed up their extremely high-profile “Blockade The Budget” actions with their new campaign to “Fight The Fees”. Student-organised protest actions being amongst the most eventful and historic that we have … Continue reading

Auckland Action Against Poverty Rock The NZ Equivalent Of The RNC #AAAP

and of course we were there to document it for you. 🙂 Following on from the intimidating police numbers demonstrated at yesterday’s #BTB #Showandtell action, the boys were out in force and so were the cameras. MSM huddled under the storefronts … Continue reading

This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Occupy NZ Media #BTB #ShowAndTell Coverage

(This post is now complete. Please share far and wide. Thank you so much for supporting citizen journalism. All credit to Occupy New Zealand Media team. Redstar’s livestream footage of this event is available here.) Saturday 21st July 2012 was … Continue reading