Auckland Action Against Poverty Rock The NZ Equivalent Of The RNC #AAAP

and of course we were there to document it for you. 🙂 Following on from the intimidating police numbers demonstrated at yesterday’s #BTB #Showandtell action, the boys were out in force and so were the cameras. MSM huddled under the storefronts … Continue reading

Internet Party of NZ Crowd-Sources Candidate Selection – Live!

A mainstream TV outlet recently referred to Occupy NZ Media as “cynical protesters”, yet despite our inherent distrust of electioneering and politicking, we are proud to have been present for the crowd-sourced candidate selection event held by the new paradigm political … Continue reading

Occupy NZ interview Sue Bradford at #AAAP Block Party

We were very happy to be able to cover the Auckland Action Against Poverty Block Party in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand. Occupy Auckland Media co-ordinator @Redstar309z was able to stream the beginning of the event and shortly after … Continue reading

This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Occupy NZ Media #BTB #ShowAndTell Coverage

(This post is now complete. Please share far and wide. Thank you so much for supporting citizen journalism. All credit to Occupy New Zealand Media team. Redstar’s livestream footage of this event is available here.) Saturday 21st July 2012 was … Continue reading

Occupy NZ Media Team

Occupy NZ Media Team Members encompass Occupy’s throughout New Zealand. Our Media Team: -Livestream -Livetweet -Author Blogs -Create Photojournalism -Publish Online Newspaper -Admin Social Media -Are active across and republished in various formats by the international Occupy movement Online Newspaper: … Continue reading

Imagine: Kim Dotcom & Mana Movement Mega-Coverage

[Updated with pic captions & conclusion] Strange bedfellows, the kinder critics called them. Hurtling towards mutual self-destruction, media stalwarts assured everyone. Cut from too different a cloth. Are we referring to Kim Dotcom and Hone Harawira? If you are a … Continue reading

Mana Party: “Feed The Kids” – Glen Innes Branch AGM

We were pleased to be invited to attend the Mana Movement Glen Innes Branch AGM last Thursday 15th November at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moananui-a-kiwa in Glen Innes, Auckland. Having attended and covered many of the Glen … Continue reading