Passionate Few Create A Massive Voice To Speak Out Against #Roastbusters Rape Boasters

[This post is now complete. Thank you for reading & sharing!.] On four hours notice a handful of passionate Aucklanders got together today to get their feelings out about the catastrophic #Roastbusters scandal and its fall-out. Some really interesting information … Continue reading

Announcement: Auckland anti-#Roastbusters #Rapeboasters rally 2pm TODAY @ Britomart

“Go ahead. Call the cops. They can’t un-rape you”  – Beraiah Hales, self-admitted serial pack rapist and member of the #Roastbusters rape crew, on The NZ Police want us to just accept the fact that they aren’t charging the … Continue reading

Occupy NZ Media Team

Occupy NZ Media Team Members encompass Occupy’s throughout New Zealand. Our Media Team: -Livestream -Livetweet -Author Blogs -Create Photojournalism -Publish Online Newspaper -Admin Social Media -Are active across and republished in various formats by the international Occupy movement Online Newspaper: … Continue reading