#GCSB FAN FICTION: “Meagan’s First Story” by Kiwi Occupier Lyn Ny

The following is a piece of fan fiction by Kiwi Occupier Lyn Ny. Any resemblance to persons or organisations living or dead, or events, is merely coincidental. Allow your imaginations to run free!

Meagan’s First Story

By Lyn Ny

The room was generic, corporation-style meeting room. A large, fake timber table held sway over a flotilla of small, uncomfortable chairs; a water cooler stood in one corner; windows looked over an ordinary city view. On the small, uncomfortable chairs were an eclectic group of people. There were some in very businesslike suits and ties and others in jeans and t-shirts.

An outsider, Bill thought, wouldn’t instantly know the purpose of this group. They were clearly not physical labourers although Sarah and Joe were starting to show the benefit of their gym sessions. A discreet hiccough brought Bill back to business.

“Right then, that about covers everything except this latest GCSB leak. Another leaked email has surfaced calling them out on the actual number of people being surveilled. It includes a list of 1243 people under active investigation – not the 88 they ‘fessed up to earlier. Now I don’t care one way or another how many people our government agencies are looking at – that’s their job for fuck’s sake. Somebody has to protect us from cyber attacks, industrial espionage and terrorist bomb plots but we’d better print something for the punters. Our official angle should reassure the public that security is paramount for us to compete in the current global financial climate. You wanna make an omelet you gotta break some eggs. Even those in the lens would agree, I’m sure, that the threats to our country, our government and our economy are worth some loss of privacy. Any takers?”

He looked up at his bunch of journalists and was met with a wall of apathy. This was not going to be a rewarding mission. The story and that paper’s stand were a foregone conclusion. One of the effects of mainstream media was to kill any investigative spirit, especially with potentially career damaging investigations into the activities of the government or its agencies.

Tentatively Meagan raised her eyebrows and met Bill’s gaze. “Can I have a crack at it?” she asked. Meagan, who was naturally on the shy side, had only just started working for the paper which was the most read daily in the country. Meagan’s appearance; small, young and pretty, often lead to her being overlooked. Her quiet nature added to her non-threatening appearance and allowed her to get close to people and gain their confidence and trust quickly.

“Sure, why not! I’ll send you the email for background and you can get started. I want to print the story on Thursday so have it ready for editing on Wednesday. It’s a human interest story – the political issues are far too complex for us to cover in any depth and we want to reduce people’s concerns. There are over 4 million people in this country and 1243 is a paltry number in reality. The vast majority of our readers are NOT under surveillance and are unaffected by this information – those that are must have done something to attract attention! Come and see me if you have any problems and keep me posted. And that’s it for today. Let’s get on with it!”

Meagan followed everyone from the room and started planning the first story of her new journalist life. How to begin? The computer on her desk advised her of two new emails – one from her sister and the other from Bill with the leaked list of GCSB targets. Today was Tuesday and she’d have to work fast to get anything juicy to print by the deadline.

The list wasn’t in any apparent order. It looked like any database with name, address, date of birth, phone numbers and email addresses. There was nothing to differentiate one entry from any other. She spent some time on Facebook searching for matches. An hour of that found more than half of those on the list. Trawling through their friend lists netted three who shared mutual friends with Meagan. Another half hour of Facebooking left Meagan in no doubt about why these people had attracted attention. Posts about fluoride, Palestine, Five Eyes, global financial schemes, derivatives, fracking, deep sea oil drilling, HAARP, environmental destruction and political corruption featured large on all three profiles. All three re-posted numerous articles from Al-Jazeera, RT News and Occupy with news from Egypt, Spain, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Syria, US, England, Canada and Australia – extensive coverage of national and international topics, protests, rumours, fact, speculation, opinion and comment.

All three seemed to be a cross between new age hippies and anarchists. Their threads included fruity talk of rising awareness, the masses awakening as if from coma, vibrations, energy, the cosmos, self-sufficiency, unfucking the system.

Meagan picked up her phone and dialled.

Redstar answered almost instantly “Yo!”.

“Hey, Redstar. How well do you know Terry Daniels?” Meagan asked without preamble.

“Well enough – why?” Redstar’s response was tinged with suspicion.

Meagan ignored his question. “Can you get him to lunch today do you reckon?” Redstar demurred and Meagan hastily added “My shout – anywhere you want.”

While Meagan waited for Redstar to get back to her she filled in time by searching the internet for anything related to GCSB. There were dozens of entries. Apparently the more secret a thing is the more it gets talked about. When Redstar phoned back 45 minutes later Meagan had read many articles on the GCSB and had learned surprisingly little.

By chance, Terry Daniels was in the city for a few days and was keen to meet up for lunch at 1:30ish “and bring pot” was Redstar’s stipulation “lubricate his vocal chords – lol!”

Meagan packed up her laptop and got organised for her first real interview. She left the office and stepped into a beautiful afternoon – sunny with a breath of breeze – perfect for walking the few blocks to Father Ted’s.

Redstar and Terry were sitting at a footpath table sipping beer and chatting. Meagan stifled a pang of disappointment on seeing Terry. He was pretty ordinary – 40-ish, average height, a little on the cuddly side, long greying brown hair and blue eyes, in blue jeans and white t-shirt. He didn’t look like a terrorist that’s for sure.

“Hi there, thanks for meeting with me Terry. What’s Redstar told you?” asked Meagan as she pulled out a seat and got comfortable.

“That you’ve just embarked on a career as a mainstream propaganda merchant with the Herald is all” Redstar quipped. “We’re both busting to know what you want with him.”

Meagan had her, almost true, story ready. “The editor wants a story about activists in New Zealand. Nothing meaty but plenty of scope to highlight some issues that get people off the couch and into the streets.”

Terry grinned broadly. “Cool! I love to talk. What do you want to know?”

Before Meagan could answer a slim, smiling young man, David according to his tag, came to take their lunch order. Redstar ordered big – lamb shanks and kumara mash, garlic pizza bread, stick date pudding and a jug of lager. Meagan and Terry ordered less extravagantly and all three reached for cigarettes and settled in to talk. “Are you all good with me recording? It’s more efficient than taking notes.”

“Sure, why not. I’m quite sure you’re not the only one recording us.” He laughed cheerfully as he spoke.

Meagan fought a pang of guilt that she had fudged her real purpose which she covered by pulling a joint from her pocket. Using marijuana is illegal and smoking it in public was risky but fun. Meagan reasoned that if anyone called the Police the evidence would be long gone before (or if) anyone came to enforce the law. She lit up and passed the joint as she set up her Ipad. “So who else is recording and why?” she asked innocently.

“I think it’s more like who isn’t?! I reckon Auckland Transport is a front for the Men in Black for a start. They’ve got surveillance cameras everywhere – intersections, motorways, streets, buildings – fucken everywhere! No need to follow anyone once they’ve hit the auckland motorway system – it’s all on film and they’ve probably got long range microphones and all the whizz bang spy gear. I’d love to know how much of ratepayers money goes to surveillance… or on anything else for that matter. Polly Black may be crazy or a spook but I agree with her that Council should tell us where our money is being spent before we hand it over. The CEO’s $800,000 salary doesn’t appear on their little pie chart! And then there’s the CGSB and the cops and the guys watching the watchers. I reckon that’s real job creation. We gotta pretend we can keep this collapsing financial system running somehow.”

Conversation stopped for a moment as David arrived with their meals and took an order for drinks. If there was a single word to describe Redstar it was gusto. He took to his meal with it and was obviously enjoying this afternoon treat. There’s nothing a conspiracy theorist likes more than the company of another conspiracy theorist it seemed.

“Bloody Polly Black! Merlin was right from the start – she’s a cunt! But she does have that one point – why should we pay rates to a Council when we don’t know what it’s spent on? he added, resuming the conversation.

“Damn straight! And while we’re on Auckland Council – guess who the contractors are for the rubbish, poison water supply and public transport? Redstar – you know this one.

“Yup – Veolia” put in Redstar obligingly.

“And guess who does water and refuse and transport for Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton? Or Paris? London? Washington? Sydney? Tel Aviv? I’m making some of those up” Terry admitted “because I can’t remember how far the tentacles of that particular wheke (octopus) reach – nor do I know if its head is in Israel or France. It’s a bugger having no internet but must make it harder for the heebie jeebies to keep tabs on us.”

This gave Meagan opportunity to get to the heart of the interview. “You sound like you think you are being watched. Why would you think so?” she asked casually.

“Do you want the long story or the short one?” Terry responded.

“I’ve got all day – the long one please.” Meagan was happy that Terry was so keen to talk. And with that Terry spilled forth on the many reasons he could be a target of particular attention. Redstar chugged on through his sticky date pudding with a bourbon on the side. He knew the story and enjoyed hearing it again.

As Terry talked Meagan became more and more amazed at how wrong her first impression had been. Terry was far less ordinary than he seemed.

“I was interwebbing one Saturday when I saw a Herald photo of thousands of people marching up Queen St under an “Occupy Auckland” banner. I was inspired and soon discovered what turned out to be a life-changing movement. I trolled YouTube, hungry for knowledge of the amazing people holding vigil in Zucotti Park at Occupy Wall St. Like mushrooms, Occupy sprung up everywhere. Their message resonated with millions of people globally. The world is being run by and for the 1% who hold the majority of the world’s financial wealth.

I visited Occupy Auckland in Aotea Square that Monday and was in awe of what they had achieved over a weekend. The normally empty, too-perfect lawn was alive with colour and movement. Tents, flags and placards lent a carnival air. People were everywhere and had come from everywhere – Unite, Mana, Socialist Aotearoa, the Nurse’s Union were all there with banners and tents and rosettes and slogans. Notice boards displayed meetings and meals and support groups and tutorials. Movies and music played, throngs of people were queuing for food and working groups were forming to deal with issues peculiar to this unusual form of protest. I was drawn in by the enthusiasm and optimism of this disparate group. I brought food and helped with meals and meetings. Occupy and occupiers became my life.”

Terry stopped talking and all three turned at the sound of a shouted chant from the nearby street corner. “O-C-C-U-P-Y what do we do? OCCUPY!” the disturbance was walking towards them in the form of a man in a black hoody, black jeans and boots, with a backpack. As he drew near Terry gave the man some tobacco and he went on his way. “Sir Occupy Auckland – awesome dude!” he said by way of explanation and he picked up his story.

“Governments and their agents and enforcers couldn’t ignore the Occupy movement and came down with enormous force all over the world to crush it. We lasted about 3 months before the Council got serious about moving us on. I got a call for help early one morning when police and security guards were forcefully evicting Occupiers. The 15 minute trip to town seemed to take forever and the scene that met us was devastating. Fences, security guards and police surrounded the Occupiers while tents and other belongings were being wrestled into trucks. A minister in black robes stood sentinel over the chaos with tears rolling down his face.

A French tourist begged me to help. I fought my way onto the arena, ducking under outstretched arms like a rugby player. By now mainstream media had arrived and the audience bristled with cameras and phones and megaphones. I was taken swiftly by police and locked in a cell for the first time in my life.”

“We filmed everything! Including four cops with the same badge number – Z557. Cunts!” Redstar interjected with passion.

Young David arrived at this point with fresh drinks. “Have you still got the video? Can I see it?” Meagan was skeptical that such a serious breach actually occurred but Redstar flicked open his phone and sent the footage to Meagan.

“There you go. Put that in the piece!” he dared and Terry resumed his story.

“As soon as I was released I went back to the Square. The situation was still horrendous and I did what I could to support Occupiers and frustrate the officials. In the end the CEO of the Council read from his official document that if I didn’t stop camping in the Square I would be arrested for trespass. When I told him I couldn’t stop doing what I’d never done he was unphased. He had the dogs arrest me and I was one of a dozen or so named as a defendant in the Council vs Occupy case and was subsequently found guilty. Of a thought crime! I was a member of the public, a fucking ratepayer, in a public place sharing the same views as the Occupy ‘campers'”. There was a momentary pause as Terry thought broodingly of these events.

“But that was three years ago.” Meagan broke the silence, “Do you still think you’re under surveillance?” Although she knew that Terry was still being watched the Occupy involvement didn’t seem to justify continuing surveillance. There must be more to it.

Terry smiled. “Maybe. New Zealand’s population is small and there are relatively few real targets. The cops and media did a great job of giving me an unjustifiably high profile. apparently my detainment was shown all over the world. One of my friends watched it on TV in Japan! Fuck’s sake! Of course, once Occupy was dismantled in the Square that left me at a loose end. I couldn’t get work in my field because the Council would have been my best employment prospect and they’d never hire me after Occupy. I was too old and over-qualified for most jobs. I became involved with the education protests and the housing bullshit in Glen Innes. I became a target for local police in Auckland Central and Counties Manakau. The cunts began calling me by name when I was out and about. I don’t remember now how many times I was locked up. My favourite arrest involved some real activists from the Springbok days. There were always MP’s floating around putting their faces out there for photo ops in the safer protests but only one willing to take any real risk. Hone Harawira stood up for the Glen Innes community. I was so proud to be arrested with him at G.I.”

“I think the government and cops were getting pretty stressed. They had their hands full of Occupy and Anonymous and Kim Dotcom. They were stomping hard on anyone with a rebellious bent. Still are I think but I’ve been out of the loop for a while. It got too hot for me in the city – became dangerous. The local cops started targeting us. My daughter’s life was endangered after a serious car accident. She was arrested for obstruction after hitting the windscreen of a car that she was a passenger in – denied medical treatment for a potentially life-threatening head injury. Council used a pretext to take our old dog and tried to kill her. I had to take that to the High Court.”

Meagan was finding this story unbelievable. Cops, council and government working together to harass a protester seemed a bit dramatic. She made a mental note to follow up some of these side stories. She encouraged Terry to continue by asking “So you’re not living in Auckland anymore?”

“No. And that’s another story that may or may not have caught the GCSB, or more likely JK’s personal attention, given that it was his mortgage scheme that lost me my house.”

“How does that work – he’s the Prime Minister. What does he have to do with mortgage schemes?” Meagan was genuinely curious.

“He wasn’t always the PM. His background is world finance – Merrill Lynch, Wall St. He devised a system that ensures banks’ continued profit if their customers default. The mortgage documents are all sold so that the banks effectively double dip. It’s known as derivatives or hedge funding or sub-prime lending. Lend money to poor people who can’t service the debt, sell the document and foreclose – win/win for the bank.”

Meagan was even more cynical. Surely that would be fraud. Another lead to follow up. “So you lost your house? How? Because you couldn’t pay?”

“Kind of. I got very stubborn and refused to make payment once the ASB told me that they did not hold my original mortgage document. I told them I wouldn’t pay unless they could produce it… so they began foreclosure proceedings and I had to sell up in a hurry. My wife and I now live over an hour away from the city – and our family and friends. It’s been a very difficult time for us. She’s been diagnosed with PTSD but we’re slowly recovering. Having non-fluoride water helps. We are now in a remote location with no income, no internet and poor phone reception. Can’t pay power or phone or rates so it’s like sitting on a bomb.”

“That begs the question then – why are you still being watched?” Meagan couldn’t help herself from interjecting.

“I don’t know that I am but odd things happen that make me wonder. Cars parked for no reason within sight of the house. Doors open when we come home that were shut and locked when we left. “They” don’t like dogs and I think they try to get rid of them. I have three now – that should piss them off!” This thought obviously gave Terry some grim pleasure.

Redstar looked up suddenly with a strange expression on his face. “Why did you want to meet Terry? I mean – why Terry?!”

It was clearly time to come clean. Meagan found the email from Bill and, without a word, showed Terry the attachment. His face moved through confusion and understanding to…what? Satisfaction? Relief? “I fucken knew it!” He almost shouted. “Bastards! Look Redstar – how many names do you recognise? It looks like our Facebook friend list! I fucken knew it! I’m not surprised by this – it’s no secret how I feel about the Crown, the Government and its enforcers.”

With that outburst Terry picked up his glass and drained it. He looked ready for action. “You want to know what I really think. How I’m a real threat to society? Or Government more likely!” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Somewhere along the way I met up with a freeman and, like Occupy, it seems to fit me like it was made for me. I didn’t sign up to this system. I was registered with the New Zealand Government before I was old enough to object, before I understood the implications of belonging to a corporation registered as The New Zealand Government. ‘We’, the people, are not New Zealand – it only exists as a legal entity. Money is wrong. Jesus died because he was against the use of money and wage slavery. Government didn’t like it then and still don’t. We are born free and have the right to live free. That means without the need to generate money and not as a possession of the Government or anyone else!” Terry’s passion was almost scary and other patrons were beginning to glance in his direction.

“Two questions: are you Christian and how can we live without money. We need to work to earn money to live.” Meagan
was genuinely interested.

“That’s the big lie, right there! We are taught to believe we need money to live but we know it’s not true. We need air, water, food, shelter and companionship – not money, which is nothing. A bit of paper or a number on a screen. It’s not even money – it’s debt. We need to work to live but the money is there so that “they” – the 1% – don’t have to work. Here look at this.”

With that Terry drew a quick doodle on a napkin:

“You see it’s like a tree. The tree lives because it takes nutrient from the soil. We’re the worms making the food (money) for the tree to live. If we stop doing it the tree dies!”

“So how do we live?” Meagan asked the obvious question.

“We live as we should.” He said simply. “We are born with two jobs – feeding ourselves and caring for others. Give what you can and take what you need.”

“How about education, health, law and order. Who does that if the current system fails?”

“Lol! ‘If’! It does and has failed. We take care of it ourselves or we die. It’s time to man up for fuck’s sake. Stop relying on other people. We’re all grown up now. Legislation doesn’t stop bad things or bad people. It just keeps the slaves in line and creates a revenue stream. There’s a lot of money to be made from the ‘justice’ system.” Terry gave a wry smile that contained no humour. “I don’t have the answers but I refuse to support a system that has the world’s human population prostituting itself, working for money to pay tax for governments to buy guns to kill people to steal their resources and sell them to us. Every time I buy petrol I can feel the dead Palestinian babies under my wheels.”

“Well that’s an interesting way of looking at things. I’m not sure why that makes you a threat though. It sounds like you’d rather opt out and get on with your life. I don’t see how that would make you a threat that needs to be under GCSB’s eye.” The conversation was making Meagan feel uncomfortable.

Terry was quick to respond, “You only have to imagine what would happen to the system and the 1% who benefit from it, if more people thought like me.”

“Or if more people thought at all” grumbled Redstar.

“Yeah, well, most people are so indoctrinated in government schools, brainwashed by TV and fluoridated into compliance. Poor stupid sheeple can’t wake up. You won’t leave the prison if you won’t see the bars. They live in willful ignorance. It’s more comfortable that way.” Terry’s tone was almost forgiving.

The afternoon was cooling off. The “interview” had covered a lot of ground and Meagan wasn’t sure she was any closer to knowing why Terry was on the list but she wasn’t sure how to proceed either. The Town Hall clock struck four and Terry glanced up at it. “I’d better get going while I’ve still got some day left.”

Meagan and Redstar said their goodbyes and thanked Terry for meeting with them, promising to send a copy of the leaked email to Terry and telling him to watch out for the story in Thursday’s paper. They walked together for a while mulling over Terry’s story which was new to Meagan and familiar to Redstar, before going their separate ways.

There wasn’t much point in going back to the office. Meagan could research and write at home more easily and comfortably. She sent a text to Bill as she walked, letting him know that she was on target and would have a story on his desk tomorrow and walked the rest of the way home in heavy contemplation. Every now and then she glanced around half expecting to catch a glimpse of a furtive follower. The afternoon conversation had filled her with unease. She hardly noticed the walk until she found herself in front of her inner city flat. It was an old cottage at the back of the red light district and had a small patch of lawn and white, wooden filigree on the front porch. She glanced at the camera mounted above the streetlights as she walked through the front gate, onto the porch and into the house. As she shut the door behind her she felt a prickle of tension but everything was as she had left it and the feeling soon dissipated.

The night would be a long one – Meagan played the recording of the interview as she prepared a sandwich and poured a glass of win. She made notes on paper as she listened and mentally planned her story. After a quick shower and changing into her favourite sloppy pants and t-shirt Meagan set up her computer at the kitchen table and got down to work. The hours slipped by almost unnoticed sorting what was fact and what hearsay from Terry’s story, writing and re-writing, occasionally returning to the kitchen for coffee and smoking countless cigarettes while she worked. She didn’t notice how tired she had become until she had finally finished the article to her satisfaction and looked up at the dark and silent room. It was just after 4am and time to get some sleep. Pleased with her work and a little nervous at the prospect of submitting it to Bill she decided to call it a night and get some sleep before reading it one last time. Her last thoughts before drifting off were vague and disturbing and her dreams were haunted by kraken-like creatures, enfolding the house and reaching impossibly thin tentacles through the cracks and crevices of the old building, prying and searching and sneaking.

Despite her strange dreams Meagan woke up refreshed and excited about presenting her article. She re-read it, made some corrections here and there, saved the final draft and emailed it to Bill. As she was getting ready to return to the office her phone chirped that she had a text. “Awesome thanks Meagan. I’ve had a prelim read and you’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll tweak it a bit and we’ll publish tomorrow. Check out the Grey Lynn festival this afternoon and take some pics for Sunday’s edition. Good work.”

With a great sense of pride and satisfaction Meagan began to organise herself for today’s mission. Her day passed quickly. She had a blast at the festival, took photos, talked to people and soaked up the sights and sounds and smell. It was late when she returned home. She went to bed brimming with well-being from her first 2 days on the job and her last thought before sleep took her was of seeing her story in print the next morning.

She was awakened early by a dull thump; the sound of the Herald landing on the front veranda having been thrown expertly by the courier as he rode by.

Meagan leapt out of bed and was soon sitting at the table with coffee and a cigarette leafing through the pages of the morning paper for her story. She suppressed some disappointment when she discovered the article on page 17 and proceeded to read the finished product.


The GCSB has come under attack again following the release of another ‘leaked’ email which includes a list of around a thousand New Zealand residents under active investigation. The government agency has an obligation to investigate persons who may be involved with such illegal activities as industrial espionage, cyber-attacks and terrorism. In the current global financial climate these connections have potential to do severe damage to the New Zealand economy. The small number of persons under surveillance are known to have links with radical, international groups worldwide including places of high unrest such as Egypt, Palestine and Syria, regularly express anti-government sentiments and participate in activities detrimental to New Zealand’s interests. these individuals could potentially have severe repercussions on New Zealand’s trade, economic and public safety. One of the recently revealed targets, an unemployed, disenchanted Aucklander, was unsurprised to learn that he was on the list. He openly told our Herald reporter of his involvement with various anti-government groups and activities that would have brought him under suspicion and dismissed this information with a laugh. “I’m not surprised by this – it’s no secret how I feel about the Crown, the Government and its enforcers.”

Meagan finished reading and sat, stunned, while she processed what she had just read. Shame, disappointment and anger made a cocktail of emotions but her rational mind warned her that there was a lesson to be learned from this experience – it would take some time to process just exactly what that message was.

Sweeping The Globe: #MillionMaskMarch Impossible To Ignore

Over 400 cities worldwide demonstrated what a REAL “Wave of Action” looks like, celebrating Guy Fawkes Day (November 5th) by congregating in major city centres the world over, to spread messages of awakening to their fellow citizens and commemorate the growth of the Anonymous movement.

Becoming ever larger with each passing year, the Million Mask March (known as MMM) 2014 marks the first major penetration of the event in mainstream media, who had tried so desperately hard to black-out MMM in previous years.

With this year’s event covered by Reuters and The Guardian, and not just RT, it does seem that the MSM worm is turning.

And as the BBC have now learned the hard way – if you refuse to cover thousands of protesters converging on a major city centre, they may well just bring their grievances to your front doorstep, leaving you little choice but to acknowledge their presence.

Even the alleged (and very familiar) reports of post-event manipulation of Google results could not suppress the massive onslaught of citizen and independent media, as participants have long since learned to become the media, replacing the inauthentic  filtered echo chambers of the past, with their own authentic and untrained voices.

As usual, ex-CIA agent Ray McGovern discussing events on RT, is a total must-watch:

As is this extremely powerful video from London, where the crowds of protesters swelled into the tens of thousands, marching on a half-dozen locations simultaneously, and vastly outnumbering the police present:

Also check out this awesome picture montage video already up on Vimeo. Lovely stuff.

A collection of the best of the event media we have seen so far is below, for your viewing pleasure.

Section 1: Citizen Media (by city)

Auckland, New Zealand:

(There is also 7 short video solidarity statements from Kiwi Anons published in @endarken‘s article about covering #MMMAKL found here: “We Must Never Sanitise Or Homogenise Our Messages Or Our Pain)

Glasgow, Scotland:


Belgrade, Serbia:

Halifax, Canada:

Ferguson, Missouri:


Detroit, Michigan:

Section 2: Established Media

The Independent: ‘Thousands Gather For Anti-Capitalist Protest In London’

The Dallas Observer: ‘Dallas’ Anonymous Million Masks March’

TruthDig: Million Mask March – The New Face of Protest

The Daily Dot: Inside Anonymous’ Million Mask March

Section 3: Complaints of Media Silence/Bias

Section 4: Other Significant Videos

A section of the Washington DC march splintered off to the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover Building – causing some police there to have a complete meltdown before the crowd all put their hands in the air and chanted “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” Ferguson-style.

Elsewhere in DC, protesters made a stop at the Monsanto HQ. Monsanto is of course the pro-GMO corporation widely believed to be responsible for the decline of the global bee population.

And the icing on the cake: a video shot from inside the BBC headquarters in London, with swathes of British protesters massing outside in anger at the BBC’s frequent and famous suppression of anti-government protest events. Not this time, though!

We also love this amazing photo but have been unable as yet to establish where it is from; if you know, please leave a comment and tell us!

Thank you and solidarity to all who participated in the #MillionMaskMarch, around the globe.



Massive NZ March Coverage – NZEI ‘Stand Up For Kids’

Today, more people than the GCSB could ever perform illegal surveillance on came together for arguably the largest anti-privatision & anti-austerity action we have witnessed to date.

Nearly 10,000 people packed Queen Street & Aotea Square in Auckland Central today, to Stand Up For Kids. Children are the all too frequent victims of poverty in New Zealand and nothing about the current ruling Government’s education policy is improving that.

To the contrary, charter schools are leading us down the same terrible path as elsewhere in the world where their institution has already further devastated struggling communities.

Education should not be for sale. We do not want corporations owning our schools any more than we want them owning our prisons. Some things are too precious to have their integrity teetering on the balance of a profit margin.

Occupy Dunedin also rocked it. A show of force from our Southerner brothers and sisters:

Occupy Dunedin Dunedin Stands Up For KidsDunedin TeachersMeanwhile, in the capital; we were sent this utter GEM of a 1 min vid from Occupy Wellington;

Jai Bentley-Payne said it best. “Austerity is a scam!” But these guys aren’t far off. Asset sales are BULLSHIT!

Congratulations NZ for getting off your backsides and making noise. There are more of us doing it by the day and it is extremely heartening to see.

When people’s rights are under attack; stand up, fight back!

Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

This has been a very, very long time coming: the facts and figures behind Occupy’s economic ideology are finally being broadcast in the mainstream.

This clip is from TVNZ – New Zealand’s “partially-privatised” corporate-backed bank-sponsored mainstream television news service. It validates what Occupiers have been saying all along.

What a year ago they described as “conspiracy theory”, they are describing in 2013 as “Economics 101”

Since Occupy’s inception in September 2011, corporate media have misrepresented, mocked, shunned and outright blacked out the movement.

Individuals spreading Occupy messages have endured unquantifiable hardships to continue doing so. To now see the massive infrastructure that was wielded against us, spreading the messages of the awakening, is intensely satisfying and a huge relief.

These next two Anonymous videos depict the transition occurring. As politicians and representatives of the traditional “left” & “right” are increasingly raising their voices to express the same views and desires for the future of humanity.

As you will see in this video – often now raising their voices LITERALLY and within the halls of power.

It seemed only a week ago that people were celebrating an Anonymous video having 3 million views. At the beginning of Occupy they would get mere hundreds of views, or a few thousand.

3 million sounds impressive right? An exponential increase from its humble beginnings.

Well, check again. There are now 9 million views on last year’s critically-important NDAA warning video – “Message To The American People”.

Yet another important video to recently emerge was this very public remonstration of Obama and his policies. Watch him squirm in his chair as his own people tell it like it is.

One viewer of the above video noted that even Michelle Obama appeared to be in rapturous support of the message and said “this is all going to come down – and fast. Faster than we ever thought.”

We think it is safe to say that the cat is out of the bag.

Change must come.

Change is coming.

To those of us who have given everything to help bring this about; Occupymama says: “We’ve done a fucking good job we have! Fucking good. We can sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a minute now. The world HAS actually changed. There are so many people awake.”

LEAK: NZ Cops Brag About Bashing TPP Protesters – U.S. Embassy “Happy”

This week the NZ corporate media, in concert with the NZ police, put forward a young female protester as a scapegoat for the repeated violence demonstrated by officers & security guards at the December 8 TPPA Shutdown protest at Sky City, in Auckland.

The combined protest movements of It’s Our Future, Occupy New Zealand, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale and Socialist Aotearoa, among others, were depicted as violent, framed as volatile and dangerous and falsely accused of wanton assaults on police officers.

Despite this Occupy NZ flooded the alternative media sphere with THE TRUTH:

* multiple sets of unedited live coverage thanks to Occupy Eye & Redstar309z

* comprehensive info-filled blogpost

resources / viewing guides/analysis

But never did we dream that the protesters written about so libelously in the national media would now be suddenly exonerated in so spectacular a fashion as has unfolded!

Global Peace & Justice Aotearoa has published a press release containing a leaked tape.

The tape is of internal police conversations regarding the approval of the U.S. Embassy of the police actions that day, a tape of which GPJA says;

In the recording the officer acknowledges Saturday’s melee was sparked when an officer “broke ranks” and ran into the crowd.

The admins on Occupy Auckland & Occupy New Zealand have had a hell of a week. Not only have they had to deal with constant paid trolls on You Tube videos posting false “witness testimony” (sure they were there! With a uniform on…) we have also had to deal with many of our own loyal supporters who weren’t present, and who took the corporate media/police line at face value.

It seems the entire country forgot our track record of a year straight of non-violent protest actions.

As with the violence displayed at the Occupy Auckland evictions and the constant bashings dished out by police at Glen Innes Housing protests, there was already a mountain of evidence that the blame for the TPPA unrest lay at the feet of authorities.

For an organisation that has promised to change its culture surrounding the handling of crimes committed by its employees, it needs to take a serious look at why it is expending its resources targeting normal legislative democratic dissent and not dealing to the abysmal social issues that continue in Auckland seemingly unabated.

When the police make the general public the enemy, who is left for them to protect and serve?

It is difficult for someone not involved to realise the full significance of this now-famous photo of Motorbike Cop – NZ’s own version of Pepper Spray Cop.

"What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls." says an eye-witness http://t.co/eFWWrKH9 #tpp #tppa #d8

“What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls.” says an eye-witness http://t.co/eFWWrKH9 #tpp #tppa #d8

The member of the public in the above photo is wearing a Power Shift t-shirt. Power Shift had an event at the university on the morning of the TPPA protest, and are a very straight-laced coalition of climate change protesters, many of whom then attended the TPPA shutdown on a whim.

While to corporate eyes the young man’s skin colour may condemn him, as with the other victims of Motorbike Cop he was quite obviously undeserving of the ill-treatment so publicly meted out to him.

Likewise some police may have been fooled into thinking it is an accomplishment to hit John Minto. To us, it is the utmost shame to beat a man of his age. Those who physically abuse someone they can’t outmatch intellectually are the definition of thugs.

The city cops that policed Occupy Auckland for the first four months of our occupations, were the opposite of the thuggery displayed at the TPPA negotiations.

It seems whenever police are imported from other locations there is brutality, but the regular city cops especially under the guidance of Inspector Danny Meade, have been constantly affable, supportive and generated goodwill amongst activists.

To have those efforts so callously destroyed for the sake of testosterone and blatant political discrimination, let alone on the world stage where it is being played out, is pure embarrassment.

This month we have worked so hard to move the world to analyse and reject the TPPA, with great success. Even going so far as to host foreign citizen journalists, to spend money filming and documenting the momentous events here, creating a pure historical record.

Occupier Kereru of Occupy Auckland said: this is the year of instant karma. All actions will be held immediately accountable.

It seems this is precisely what has played out here. Despite the police and corporate media machines being set firmly against us – the truth has slipped through the cracks and the perpetrators have revealed themselves and their intentions, to the world.

Solidarity With Gaza – Global Peace And Justice – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland protesters fly Palestinian flag from the U.S. Embassy flagpole!

Yesterday’s Global Peace and Justice “Solidarity With Gaza” march from Aotea Square to the U.S. Embassy in Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the most exciting Auckland actions to date.

The turn-out was huge despite short notice and pouring rain that had us all soggy in no time (causing slippery cellphone syndrome for us citizen journalists!) with as many as 300 or more protesters in attendance.

The march visibly swelled as it snaked its way down Queen Street towards the U.S. Consulate on Customs Street, near Auckland’s Princes Wharf.

Umbrella’s of every colour of the rainbow shielded the crowd from above, while colourful costuming and signs galore provided ample eye-candy to accompany the consistent chanting of people’s voices in protest at the atrocities of the never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict.

The most astonishing and unexpected aspect of the event was the disparate if not entirely invisible police presence. There were in fact NO marshalling police vehicles on the Queen Street march (a first-time experience for us, in every action we have covered there have been police marshalling and/or mustering and/or significant police and private security presence, sometimes into the many hundreds of officers.)

We assumed (the mother of all…) that the police must be amassed at the Embassy yet once we all arrived there, only 2 police vehicles and a half dozen police emerged and were VERY low key about their presence.

At the Embassy the crowd watched in awe and amazement as a Palestinian flag was raised above the Consulate, on their very own flagpole!

Approximately 30 protesters threw old shoes at the Embassy to display their disgust at U.S. foreign policy. There were several speeches from the soundtruck and a song.

That an action on such a contentious topic as this could go virtually unattended by the NZ Police is a massive shift in tactics on their part.

That the events ended naturally with protesters peacefully dispersing of their own accord, entirely unmolested by authorities, makes a pleasant change from the constant brutality exerted against the public at the student’s Blockade The Budget protests, and at the Glen Innes House Defense protests, throughout 2012.

It was certainly nice to see the police film squad also absent. At least, the uniformed ones anyway!

We hope this signals a new focus for police; away from unnecessarily expending resources on suppressing democratic dissent and shadowing activists to instead funneling those resources on fighting actual crime, and surveilling actual criminals.

Video of Palestinian flag flying above embassy: (clarification; we did not see the U.S. flag come down so flagpole may have been empty with no ambassador in residence however Palestinian flag was raised and flown above the consulate!!!)

Protesters throwing their shoes at the U.S. Embassy in protest:

We are still processing pics from the event, and will insert a gallery here ASAP. In the meantime, tons of pics of the event are already published in our online newspaper; The Occupied NZ Herald

Other resources:

Global Peace & Justice Website

Official event press release

Facebook event page

Other noteworthy coverage;

Amazon News Media

Socialist Aotearoa


It’s Official, Occupiers Are Rockstars: @OccupySandy

( ***  175 ways/places to help Sandy victims – November 8 2012 NZDT )

Occupy Wall Street are rocking the Hurricane Sandy recovery process. Though still overwhelmed by the work to be done, the Occupy community has pulled together to fill the gaps in the government response to the disaster.

In our Hurricane Sandy mega post, published here 1am October 29th 2012, we put together a large amount of media resources and supporting information. We are endeavouring to continue updating it on an as-able basis. We hope you find it of use.

It has had over 700 shares already and we believe was one of the first articles to show Occupy and Anonymous engaging in support and direct actions for Hurricane Sandy victims. It is a beautiful and poignant moment to show the true heart in our movements.

No longer can we be branded domestic terrorists. The truth is out. We are domestic (and international!) humanitarians.

This New York Times piece is the most moving we’ve ever read from them: for once, even the MSM with all their historical shortcomings, have finally picked up a legitimate narrative.

This great short video says it all. “Occupy Sandy – We Got This.”

We Got This (Occupy Sandy) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

“Want to help? OccupySandy.org for the latest volunteer and needs information.” Also check out InterOccupy.


Penny Bright Fails To Co-opt Occupy Auckland – Again?

TRANSPARENCY, DEMOCRACY & ACCOUNTABILITY. The ongoing muddying of the work of Occupy Auckland.

“Transparency! Democracy! Accountability!” are concepts so often invoked by those who practice none. Indeed the very language of democracy is being used to abuse it, used as a weapon against it.

While we investigate high level topics and write about magnanimous and far-reaching issues, we have bottom-feeders buzzing around us like flies; wielding those three words, bludgeoning us with them, trying to distract us at every turn.

While we are loathe to pause to acknowledge the lies being seeded about us, it is for the comfort of those who ? everything that we fill in the blanks.

Penny Bright has unfinished business.

Having embarked on a series of attacks on Occupy Auckland’s media team, crippling our G.A.’s early in 2012, she then told everyone Occupy was over, shepherding them on to other movements.

Only to then experience the double shock and horror of getting herself excluded from those other movements, only to discover that Occupy wasn’t at all dead but still very much alive and kicking.

The very media team she had so voraciously attacked, had spent their year continuing to spread Occupy’s many messages and support Occupy’s many actions. Behind the 8-ball and in desperate need of an organisation to tie herself to, Penny decides to have another shot at usurping the name of Occupy Auckland.

Therefore, after six months of blissful peace and quiet, free from her attacks, she is back to do it all again. Round 2.

Dissatisfied by our refusal to respond to the provocation of her recent press release, which blatantly attempted to co-opt Occupy Auckland support to herself, personally; she has continued to use NZ Truther Vinny Eastwood as a media platform for anti-Occupy attack videos. Which we would prefer to rise above & ignore.

However, we have been asked by many people who KNOW there is far more to the story, to right her wrongs by setting the record straight. We feel indebted to them to do so.

So who is Penny Bright?

In her words she is; “Penny Bright Media Spokesperson for the Water Pressure Group.” Visit the Water Pressure Group‘s website and you’ll discover it’s been essentially turned into a personal promotional page for her. She says she is a: “Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater and Auckland regional governance matters.” That she has been “publicly acknowledged” as an “Anti-corruption campaigner”. That she was an Auckland Mayoral candidate. That she stood in the Botany by-election as an independent candidate. “Currently standing in the Auckland Council Howick Ward by-election”. Attendee Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2009. Attendee: Transparency International Anti-Corruption Conference 2010.”

Indeed here is Penny’s appeal on the Water Pressure Group website, to help her attend that very conference in 2010, with a list of things she wants to tell the attendees, including;

“12) Members of Transparency International New Zealand, after denying membership to citizens actively fighting corruption here in New Zealand, had Police arrest two of us after denying access to the Transparency International NZ AGM on 9 November 2009 – International Anti-Corruption day.”

Who was denied membership we wonder? Was it in fact, Penny Bright? Who might have been wanting to control the direction of Transparency International New Zealand, in the same way she has managed with the Water Pressure Group, with Occupy, and other organisations?

Here Penny is the year before, at the 2009 Transparency International conference.

If you take her Vinny Eastwood performances at face value, Penny has a story to tell about Occupy Auckland.

In a series of You Tube videos, she has been publicly bashing nearly the entire New Zealand political “left”; “naming and shaming” the protest movements Occupy; Aotearoa Is Not For Sale, Unite Union, Socialist Aotearoa, and veteran activists including Joe Carolan and even John Minto (who was again arrested and assaulted by police at the Glen Innes housing defence protests in Auckland last Thursday night.)

Penny’s repeated claim to legitimacy is having “40 years” of activism behind her, by which point you’d think, she must have established a mass following. This is a photo of her last Occupy-related action.  The per-capita statistics for participation in activism must have gone through the roof in 2011/12. Virtually overnight, millions around the world were able to see through the projected TV fantasy version of reality and joined the call to amass in their city centres, eager to participate in change.

To smart veteran activists, it was a huge boon. A large pool of new talent, eager to get involved at ground level and establish mutually beneficial relationships; in urgent need of mentors to guide them through the pitfalls of putting themselves on the line for the benefit of humanity.

But according to Penny Bright’s attack videos – new activists are a reason for suspicion and NOT to be trusted. A statement that, if believed, silences the vast majority of the participants in Occupy. By default.


It is no secret that early in 2012, as with many other occupations in the wider movement, the Occupy Auckland General Assembly process was besieged by proposals to disband our Media Team. These proposals were supported by “Chris Glen” (described by the MSM as the ‘leader’ of Occupy Auckland) and Penny Bright, across an ongoing period, including in the immediate aftermath of the two evictions.

The premise for our proposed firing was that we had not sufficiently promoted a last-minute event instigated by “Chris Glen” and which we had warned that we would not be able to commit to, since his first mention of it.

As they knew full well, we were already working full-time to establish new occupations in the wake of the de-encampment of Aotea Square. Yet us not being able to wave a magic wand and achieve his demands was then used as the pretext for multiple (unsuccessful) attempts to fire us.

Our media team has no track record; Penny says. As if our live coverage of nearly 50 Auckland actions including both evictions counts for nothing. As if a combined 40,000 tweets, an online newspaper that has published daily for 6 months and a 340-post blog of Occupy reporting, all count for nothing. No track record in sight.

The fact that, unlike her actions, ours occur on global days of international solidarity for the Occupy movement, has escaped her notice. That we adhere to the principle that any two or more people can form their own occupation at any time, with their own sovereignty and voice, but with free promotional support from us, also escapes her.

According to testimony at a G.A., elders at West Auckland marae were, via the info@occupyauckland.org email address that was controlled by “Chris Glen”, told the opposite. They were told that they were subject to the decree of a singular entity of “Occupy Auckland”. That new occupations needed to receive permission before establishing.

Limitations which defy the purpose and decentralised nature of the Occupy movement.

We haven’t promoted her work, Penny claims. When in reality we promoted her work for months on end, through all our channels, even while she was publicly attacking us, we dutifully continued to share her work.

Yet we cannot find a single example of her promoting any of our work in return. Not even one.

Penny says we have prevented her having access to the Facebook page. In one of her most recent press releases, she names two other Occupiers as supporting her wholeheartedly, then supplies her Water Pressure Group email address as point of contact for Occupy Auckland enquiries from the general public.

One of the two people Penny names is Jacquelyne Taylor. More affectionately known to us as Jax. Jax has been an awesomely supportive and faithful admin for both Occupy Auckland and Occupy New Zealand for a year. We love her to bits. She is able to post Penny’s work at any time, as we have repeatedly confirmed.

Penny’s behaviour furnishing personal details in lieu of official Occupy Auckland contact details is not an original tactic, it is in fact entirely in line with previous behaviour from “Chris Glen”, which included creating ‘official’ Occupy business cards and fliers, whose contact details fed directly back to the email address controlled by him.

The website was G.A. mandated to be handed to Media way back when the teams were first formalised, but that access was never provided. (Democracy!) The website purported to be an official site yet if you clicked on the Occupy Auckland logo you got transported to a non-official Facebook page, with 5% of the ‘likes’ of the official page. A page controlled by “Chris Glen”.

Penny positioned herself early on as a lightning rod for dealing with the courts, Council and Police, due to her much-touted legal experience. In this role, Penny quickly established a foothold that was outside that of the rest of the occupiers. In tandem with “Chris Glen”‘s bragging that corporate media “just call my cellphone”, the actual G.A.-approved process of enquiries being referred to the Media Team Co-ordinator was never followed by Chris or Penny. (Democracy!)

Nor were the pieces of core media infrastructure withheld from media team by “Chris Glen” ever handed over to media team… they remain defunct or stagnant to this day.

Indeed, after they were unsuccessful at seizing OUR infrastructure, and the G.A.’s discontinued, we witnessed Chris Glen literally shouting in the face of media team members at Aotea Square: “Occupy is DEAD! Occupy is DEAD!”

To which we ignored him and continued working regardless 🙂

In her latest attack video, Penny brags about OIA requests she has gotten in the past. This is ironic because on January 25th, 2012, the day before the second eviction, we attempted to relay in good faith a message from the lawyer that said there may be a second eviction, and that Penny should do OIA requests on the Council and Police. Specifically on the eviction expenditure by the Council and to see if they had broken the terms of their own bylaws in their execution of them. Stating that if they had, we may be able to move into punitive court action seeking damages, rather than the endless cycle of defensive court action currently ongoing on Penny’s watch.

The fake badge numbers worn by Police at the first eviction, and the subsequent non-investigation was another matter which has remained unresolved despite all Penny’s claimed legal expertise. Perhaps this is due to the person who discovered and exposed the fake badge issue, being one of the first occupiers “named and shamed” by Penny?

She spread a rumour around Occupy that he was infiltrating Occupy on behalf of his father, a property developer, in reality he had been estranged from his father for years and was an enthusiastic and productive media team member, and supporter of both Occupy and Anonymous.

He is another example of a new activist who deserved guidance and protection and instead was made the butt of a smear campaign. A fact that she may rather forget, now that there is a whole list of occupiers she has attacked?

Family associations being used to smear activists is a running theme for Penny. First the aforementioned property developer story, then that another media team member must be in cahoots with their mother who worked for a pharmaceutical company; then that another occupier had military ties in their family; something to find dodgy, according to Penny.

Only for Penny to then contradict herself in her own attack video by casually stating that her own father was military and was in fact headhunted to work for the SIS! The very organisation said to have been involved in spying on us. Ridiculous!

Another big moan in Penny’s latest video is about minutes. She complains people didn’t have fair access to them. However there was only one person who wrote down every single thing that happened at every single working group and meeting they attended. Guess who that was.

Penny Bright.

So in the interests of TRANSPARENCY we point you towards this web link. It contains minutes from a handful of 2012 General Assemblies. If you type Ctrl+F and type “Penny” you’ll discover that these minutes were written by… Penny Bright. In them, she makes just shy of 50 references to her own name.

Penny’s latest attack video refers to “Chris Glen” as “the most effective Occupy Auckland person”. Effective is a very telling choice of words. As well as being our “leader”, Chris was the person that founded yet another Facebook page, “Occupy Auckland – Victoria Park” in early December 2011.

He used that page to purport that the occupation at Aotea was crime-ridden and overrun by homeless people and said that we needed to cut a deal with the Council to UPROOT the occupation and move to Victoria Park. He authored a list of “conditions” which people would need to sign, in order to participate in the proposed new occupation. Those conditions included the swearing of an oath & inviting the NZ Police “to enforce the Safer Spaces Policy”, earlier instituted by Chris & Penny at Aotea.

His list of things he wanted from the Council in order to de-encamp Aotea included the gifting of several caravans and other material goods and services. His idea went down like a sinking ship. Noone minded the idea of having a second occupation, but to establish it by disestablishing the first one made no sense.

Despite the overwhelming dissent, Chris continued working to bring his plan to fruition.He scheduled a series of press conferences without informing anyone on media team let alone our co-ordinator – on December 21st 2011 we arrived at the occupation to find him strutting around in front of multiple mainstream media cameras, “serving” occupiers with a 1 1/2 page legal synopsis, authored by him.

The court version of the document was 35 pages.

At lunchtime on the 23rd of December, 2011, multiple media team members arrived at Aotea ahead of a scheduled G.A. to discover the entire media centre GONE and all assets removed from the site. Chris gleefully informed us it was due to “an emergency G.A. decision” undertaken by a dozen or so people at 9am that morning, to disencamp Aotea and move to Victoria Park. He claimed no involvement. However, the minutes from the “emergency G.A.” revealed references to Chris having secured commercial storage space and begun packing our equipment down the night before.

Even more telling, MSM announced the disencampment at 5.17am on the 23rd – four hours before the emergency G.A decision.

He did not contact anyone on the media team or the co-ordinator to let them know there would be an emergency G.A. or that any decision to move had been made, or that our belongings were being packed, moved and stored without consultation.

Yes, this from the man Penny Bright describes as the “most effective Occupy Auckland person”. The person she instituted the Safer Spaces Policy with, the person with whom she was on the Council Liaison Team.

In another brilliant showing of respect for democracy, Penny completely ignored the G.A. rules that it must approve all funds before they are released (over $100) by usurping the last $200+ in the bank account, without G.A. approval, ostensibly with the help of “Chris Glen” who was on the finance committee and was also a bank signatory.

She wanted it for “phone bills”… despite the Media Team she spent months trying to depose never having been reimbursed by Occupy Auckland for any of our bills incurred as a result of our activism work.

Even worse – she took the money within a month of having been appointed to undertake an audit of Occupy Auckland expenditure (as recorded in her own minutes).

For an anti-corruption campaigner who rails against backroom-deals and conflicts of interest – how could she take money outside of G.A. process while simultaneously being tasked as auditor? (Transparency! Accountability!)

Is that not the greatest conflict of interest imaginable? But this is from the woman who was shameless enough to slam Occupy in the media and all over NZ blogs not 4 days before showing up at the High Court to supposedly represent Occupy’s best interests.

Yet another first in legal history she can add to her bedpost. Because we highly doubt any other legal representative has gotten away with smearing those who they are a self-styled representative of, immediately prior to a hearing.

Had they, surely they would be fired or forced to resign prior? Yet here Penny is in this September 21st video, openly insulting and ridiculing Occupy, 4 days before Occupy Auckland’s appeal hearing in the High Court on September 25th.

Seek truth from facts, Penny says. Well here are a few facts we have prepared about Penny.  In her second to last attack video, Penny claims that she is mortgage-free as a result of having “worked hard” . She claims to be a “professional protester”, as if it is somehow a viable career path, rather than a calling of conscience. Sensing something wrong, we went back in time a little bit and discovered the following articles on the Auckland libraries website. Source: Auckland City Libraries

Yes, that’s right. Penny Bright who publicly rails against anonymous donations and anonymity is in fact herself a beneficiary of them.

Yes, Penny who accuses occupiers of being police officers, is in fact no stranger to them either. In fact, she has lectured them.

So, to recap (because this is the LAST TIME we will squander resources defending ourselves against her blatant falsehoods and electioneering), we will use her own words from her most recent video.

P.B.: “So with Occupy Auckland, what happened was, um, (4 second pause)” [20:12]

Penny can’t say what happened. Because she wasn’t even there when Chris de-encamped Aotea. She had gone on “holiday”. So she just reverts to giving the legal history of Occupy Auckland.

If you listen closely to her own words in her interviews, she actually gives herself away, over and over again.

P.B.: “Focus on the 1% as Occupy Auckland are supposed to do.” [30:38]

To date, Penny has “named and shamed” then smeared, 5 separate Occupy activists. (Not including people she smeared pre-Occupy of which there appear to be many more). She has claimed to have an “ex-Police Prosecutor” (Penny’s words) who she names in this video, investigate occupiers and their immediate families.

P.B.: “I’ve never been subject to such filthy defamatory comments in my life.” [30:50]

Says the woman who concocted fantasy stories about a slew of Occupiers, spreading lies amongst complete strangers about their family members, whom she had never met.

P.B.: “I’ve been blocked from even commenting on the Occupy Auckland Facebook page.” [30:54]

Your name is not on the Facebook page ban list. Although you were removed as admin when you tried to fire us, you can indeed comment on the pages.

P.B.: “I couldn’t let people know about the court case coming up. Which I think is absolutely diabolical” [31.02]

Well yes Penny, you could, because your close friend is an admin on both OA & ONZ & you’ve both been told you can post stuff, and what has been posted has been left up.

P.B.: “Seek truth from facts. Use common sense.” [31:16]


P.B.: “Beeline for policy, strategy” [31:22]

Penny & Chris founded the Strategy group for Occupy Auckland; which we were not on & never tried to be. They also instituted the only formal Policy at Occupy Auckland.

P.B.: “If they use more than one name..” [31:41]

“Chris Glen” is known to have used at least three different names.

P.B.: “I’m a 51%er myself.” [40:50]

What the hell is a 51%er? Sounds very two-party-system for a revolutionary?

P.B.: “The 1%, they hide behind secrecy, a lack of transparency, a lack of openness and a lack of democratic accountability. If we are trying to set up a society that is opposed to that, we must practice what we preach, we must work in a way that is the opposite to those which we are fighting.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Penny. It’s time for you to take your own advice.

The above is just a fraction of the evidence we have. If you want to flush your “professional protester” career down the toilet by continuing to persecute Occupy participants, it’s yours to carry not ours.


From just prior to the disencampment of Aotea. There was a bunch of other annoying interference prior to that.

21 December 2011: The judgment comes out. Chris Glen turns our G.A. into an MSM TV press conference & tells everyone they will be arrested if they stay at Aotea.

22 December 2011: Multiple media team members chat with Penny on speakerphone, she tells them there will be no eviction until late January and not to move the camp. We pass that on to the G.A. in good faith. Penny goes on holiday and is “uncontactable for the duration”. (Her words.) Later, she bizarrely denies ever having received the call.

23 December 2011: Contradicting Penny’s advice, Chris Glen de-encamps the Aotea Square occupation, without contacting media team at all.

24 December 2011: In defiance, media team put out a statement that “Occupy will never die – we will multiply” and set about doing just that, while simultaneously providing tactical support to those who moved to Victoria Park. A media team member attacked by Penny in November, along with several other Occupiers, use the Town Hall-lockdown to establish Occupy Queen Street 2.0; an occupation that “Chris Glen” would later claim credit for. (This was another recurring theme; whenever someone did something successful, he would claim credit for it.)

25 December 2011: Some hardcore protesters defy Chris and remain at Aotea. Chris disappears. So, at this point, Chris had gone from expecting to successfully move the 1 Auckland occupation to a new site under his terms, to discovering that there were now THREE occupations, none of which were under his control.

13 January 2012: Occupiers set up the fourth simultaneous occupation of Auckland, Occupy Albert Park, while bearing up under the weight of a comprehensive disinformation campaign from Chris, who tried everything from threatening us with Council compliance and regulations to telling people they would be sexually assaulted and accosted by rats.

18 January 2012: Chris and Penny try to contain the erosion of their control of the movement by creating processes that require all four occupations to be subservient to a central organisation; “Occupy Auckland”. Media team counters with a decentralisation proposal that confirms equal rights and sovereignty for each occupation. The decentralisation proposal eventually passes.

21 January 2012: the “99th day of Occupy Auckland”, the day Chris had determined two and a half weeks earlier would be a “huge march”, arrives. Although many occupiers have a wonderful time at the event, held at Aotea, Chris and Penny declare it a “failure” for not pulling numbers into the thousands. Bearing in mind the short notice and the fact most media team members had opted out from Chris’s first suggestion of the march, it is not surprising. Marches that have pulled numbers into the thousands have been organised months in advance by large committees; not weeks in advance, by Chris plus friends. However, the mainstream media pick up Chris & Penny’s “failure” narrative and used the event as “proof” to the public that Occupy’s support was waning.

23 January 2012: the first eviction of Occupy Auckland, by cops with fake badge numbers, at the same time as the FBI was in the country. We learn from private security staff that the eviction had been scheduled weeks prior.

25 January 2012: As per instructions from OA’s lawyer we attempt to warn the General Assembly that there may be another eviction and that the Council’s instructions regarding property seizures were likely “onerous” and may be in fact, illegal. However, we are forced to “Mic Check” this information at the top of our lungs as Chris and Penny refused to allow us to speak to the G.A.; instead telling everyone that the information which we had JUST RECEIVED was “old” and that the meeting was over and to go home.

26 January 2012: the second eviction of Occupy Auckland occurs.

Feburary – March 2012: G.A.’s become consumed by Penny and Chris attempting to fire the media team for the heinous crime of, in their words, not having competently promoted Chris’s 99 day march. Although their proposals never pass, people become so sick of it, that General Assemblies are ultimately discontinued.

April – August 2012: Media team continues sharing Occupy information and promoting the work of activists across Aotearoa, New Zealand. Chris and Penny immerse themselves in the new broad-based protest movement “Aotearoa Is Not For Sale.” Many media team members do not attend ANFS meetings for fear of a repeat performance from Penny and Chris, but continue to supply media support for event days.

August-September 2012: Sure enough, after a carbon-copy performance of intimidation and bullying of key ANFS members, Penny is banned from the movement, and then subsequently banned from Socialist Aotearoa as well.

September-October 2012: Lacking an organisational name to trade on, Penny realises that Occupy NZ Media has expanded to include admins from all around the country and built international media relationships that are bearing fruition. Oblivious to her own silence over the previous six months, she renews her public attacks, and tries again to smear us with the ultimate aim of usurping the platform which we have engineered for all activists, for her own purposes.

November 2012: Nearly a year later, we are finally calling her out on her campaign of intimidation and bullying.

The crowning glory is Penny’s claim in one breath, that she can’t sue us for defamation because we are “Anonymous”; then in the next breath, names and defames multiple activists.

Considering some of us are ex-homeless who did all kinds of things in pre-Occupy life, its astonishing that Penny’s “private investigator” hasn’t been able to turn anything up. Indeed Penny complained about the lack of dirt profusely.

Several activists she attacked were parents of young children. The media team co-ordinator, who is the father and part-time carer of a young child is a frequent victim. As is another new activist she has “named and shamed”; a mother of two young dependent children. About which, Penny makes the clearly defamatory statement;

P.B.: “What caused the problem with Occupy Auckland was infighting caused by another person [NAME REDACTED]”

That is an untrue and defamatory statement wholly persuable by legal means. It also defies logic and common sense, given the statistics let alone the actual campaign of malicious proposals instigated by Penny Bright at Occupy Auckland.

Those who caused “infighting” were the ones attempting to destruct what was being constructed. Who proposed to dismantle others work when they discovered Occupy not controllable at a single source. Who used a “Safer Spaces Policy” to make it about each other, and not the 1%.

The truth hurts. They have utterly failed in their mission to co-opt our name, instead exposing themselves further.


The beacon passes on. The awakening is growing. All will be as it will be, regardless of what is.


Context: We were asked to write this a week ago. But we couldn’t live with ourselves to do it in lieu of covering Sandy internationally, and then #N3 locally. There are too many legitimate issues that need the attention of this page for us to be dragged through bullshit any longer. It won’t be tolerated. Thank you to the many who have supported us over the last year.

#N3 Street Party Against Privatisation #ANFS

#N3 was amazing. The Street Party Against Privatisation shutdown of K’Road by ‘Aotearoa Is Not For Sale‘ (#ANFS), ‘Socialist Aotearoa‘, Occupy and others, closed down the main block of the 2nd most famous street in New Zealand for approximately four hours.

The most famous street – Queen Street – was already shut down on July 14th.

It started out terrifying – with S.A., ANFS & Occupy all posting on social media pages that the NZ police had declared the event an illegal gathering & had threatened to mass arrest everyone.

In transit to the city, we cursed the fact that there was not a single radio station even mentioning what was unfolding, in the middle of the city.

Sure enough, upon our arrival we realised things had got heated really fast, with one cop in particularly shoving several people and one arrest (veteran Kiwi activist Malcolm France), during several scuffles between the cops and the public.

This is a short video of the battle of the pagodas – initially the police were successful at removing stuff from the street but after this a bunch of people grabbed hold of all the poles of each one and had a brief and bizarre tug of war with the police.

Then a group of marchers bearing a huge banner came around the corner towards us, and the police ran off to try to intercept them and the second their backs were turned, everyone piled into the middle of the street and within seconds the entire carnival was firmly established.

Everything from front and rear road cones and barriers/banners/signs, the children’s tents, all the activities, chalking and face painting, was going within minutes of the police confronting the other marchers.

People power prevailed! The party began.

(To see that and more, check out @Redstar309Z’s livestream footage. Note the cops with NO BADGES DISPLAYED at 20:40 on his stream)

Our favourite moment was after the fracas had subsided and the speakers were finished, when this amazing band (with three female vocalists) really got the crowd going. We captured one of their songs on video and it’s well worth the watch.

OK photo time. There was lots of Chalkupy goodness. Will update all the captions when we can.

Enjoy 🙂

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Anonymous and Occupy Provide Live #Sandy Updates, Support

This week we have witnessed, in many cases live, the unfolding of one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history.

#Sandy on Twitter has been aflame with live updates from citizens reporting from countless locations.

Major portions of the online communications infrastructure and social media channels of Occupy, Anonymous and other activism movements globally, have been consumed by spreading disaster preparedness and safety information to the unwitting who may be unaware of the extent of the dangers that face them.

Wikileaks supporters got on board, with @Wikileaks_forum posting transit/infrastructure notice and updates.

Some Occupy volunteers set up this amazing tool for other volunteers to register services or request help, and supply a variety of ways for virtually anyone to get involved in any capacity.

In the meantime, “Hurricane Hackers” have developed a variety of web tools to help map the storm and its effects.

A team from Occupy Wall St are working with 350.org on Recovers.org – an online toolkit for disaster recovery. RT reports “Occupy Sandy – People Unite In Wake Of Superstorm Devastation“.

New initiatives are spawning by the minute. It is highly ironic in these times of “Enemy of the State” and “Domestic Terrorism” accusations against activists that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, we step forward, unpaid, to perform civic duties in true demonstrations of patriotism and humanitarianism.

Indeed, these tweets beautifully sum it up.

The below is a collection of media accumulated so far today, though the story is by no means complete as the situation continues to deteriorate, in many areas across the North Eastern Seaboard.

More photos of the NYC blackout

Ongoing situations:

Con Ed Power Plant Explosion: video of massive explosion.

New Jersey Nuclear Plant at Imminent Risk. 16 nuclear plants to be potentially affected.

Coney Island Fire Reports Only A Vehicle

The FDR in Manhattan underwater.

Reports of 50 homes ablaze in Breezy Point, New York with 198 firefighters at the scene

Seawall breached in Massachusetts. Levee overwhelmed in Northern New Jersey.

Ground Zero: A Waterfall

Battery Place is a river.”

Several reports of explosions in various locations, likely due to live wires down.

Haiti devastated by Sandy

Known incidents of injury/death:

110 dead with New York hardest hit

70 dead in the Caribbean

41 dead in NYC, crime down 31% according to Gothamist

43 dead according to Rappler (U.S.A.) (dated)

Wall Street Journal reporting 43 dead, 80 homes burned out, 8 million without power. (dated)

Yahoo say 40 dead (U.S.A.) (dated)

Times of India also say 40 (U.S.A.) (dated)

HMS Bounty crew member dead, captain missing


What can only be described as apocalyptic photos in the Daily Mail

Shocking aerial shot of roads & homes underwater.

Aerial fly-over of thousands of flooded homes. Including entire burned-out and underwater suburbs :/

Submerged and floating vehicles. Cars adrift in NYC.

Apartment buildings in some NYC boroughs partially submerged

Parts of Breezy Point, New York, reduced to rubble

Dire situation for homeless, left to fend for themselves

People standing outside a closed Starbucks in NYC, for the Wifi access

Downed trees causing traffic chaos.

NYTimes aftermath graphics + pics.

Other media resources:

Updates on the status of Nuclear Power Plants in affected areas

Crowdsourced maps of different areas needing help

This amazing “Wind Map” is a Must-See

Sandy Satellite Graphic. More satellite imagery here.

Coastal communities hit hard.

History of U.S. Weather-related fatalities 1940-2011

The now already-famous shark photo allegedly from Brigantine, New Jersey – UPDATE: apparently confirmed by this 4-pic set of similar sightings.

Warnings about global warming associations

The Daily News tracks Sandy (includes tons of government info links)

Sandy coverage from The Weather Channel

TechPresident on Occupy, 350.org & the aftermath

Theorizing the potential to postpone Presidential election

The Guardian live updates

RT live updates

ABC MSM live updates


Washington Post photo gallery

Gawker.com & Rawstory.com appear to be down, probably due to reports we heard earlier about major ISP outages as a result of the flooding. Gawker now running a back-up site but live site still down “thanks to Sandy“.

The Daily News tweeted this pic of their newsroom blacked out by widespread power outages.

“Sorting The Real Sandy Photos From The Fakes”

Relevant hashtags in use:

#Sandy #SandyAid (for those needing help) #SandyVolunteer (for those able to volunteer) #Frankenstorm #OWS

Other calls to action/relief projects:

Occupy Sandy Relief NYC Facebook Group for coordinating relief efforts. Also on the web courtesy of InterOccupy.

Red Cross recruiting volunteers

Tweep adventures:

The wonderful @nubspeace caught an insane surfer in this video

This post will be further added to as we can. Solidarity to all involved.