Global Spring 2012 – The Call To Worldwide Action Is Out, a site inspired by the Occupy movement has put out a call for a global day of action on May 12.

The call is out to chapters of the Occupy movement worldwide to march in solidarity with the countries in which uprisings are currently taking place (Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland and India to name a few).

May Day 2012: Global General Strike 01/05/12 #OWS #OO

On the first day of May 2012 there is a call for a General Strike. A call for workers across the globe to unify against the oppression of the 1% and to remind them that they rely on US for their survival.

Source: Twitter

Prime Minister Of Romania Who Signed ACTA Resigns; Replaced By Spy Chief

After 3 weeks of protests against ACTA in Romania, the bill has been signed by Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc who resigned straight afterward. Perhaps not wanting to face the music?

A few fascinating facts about his “Spy Master” replacement here: 

Source: Twitter


Live Coverage Of Anti-Kremlin Russian Protests

The below link contains live coverage of Anti-Kremlin protests in Moscow.

The estimates regarding the number of people at the protest range between 28,000 according to Moscow Police and 120,000 according to the protest organizers.

Both major state-owned news networks covered the protests despite previously having engaged in a complete blackout of prior protests.

This link is a treasure trove of videos, photographs, tweets and articles surrounding the event, related issues & their progression.