Harry Fear Speaks: Eye-witnessing “Pillar Of Cloud”

Last night Harry Fear addressed a packed-out lecture theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. We were privileged to attend.

At 16 as a student, Harry Fear was inspired by reports from John Pilger of the situation in Palestine and Gaza. With an interest in political science, the people of Gaza and their plight struck a chord in Harry’s heart.

Harry has gone on to become intrinsically involved with Gaza, Palestine, the situation there and the lives of the people. He was in Gaza for the full 7 days and 3 hours of the most recent continuous ‘state terrorism’ attack as local Palestinians call the latest Israeli incursion on Gaza. Harry was broadcasting 24 hour live updates of the situation from Gaza via live stream, he was as he said, ” in the 2nd safest house, in the most safe district” and yet despite only having been in Gaza for around 3 months, he lost friends, co workers and witnessed terrible destruction.

The statistics for Gaza are horrifying; the people of Gaza are under constant military attack from Israel, it is only the frequency and intensity that varies, the number of innocent civilians; including children, women, elderly, killed and injured without mercy continues to
grow everyday as Israel continues to breach cease-fires and truces. Gazans are captives, they cannot leave Gaza and inside Gaza they face a war of attrition as well as constant military bombardment from air, land and sea.

Palestine has been under siege by Israel for 65 years.

Without personal insight from brave hearts like Harry, it is very hard to comprehend just how deep the level of human suffering goes in Gaza. Everyone in Gaza, without exception, suffers the effects from the trauma of living under constant threat, constant harassment, constant bombardment.

Amazingly despite living under the most incredibly difficult circumstance, Harry shared how resilient, how steadfast, how true the people of Gaza are, how the this latest attack on Gaza from Israel has only served to make Palestinians even more resistant, how Israel is coming more to world attention for the atrocities they carry out against the people of

The depth of feeling Harry has for the people of Gaza was conveyed in the personal stories he shared with us tonight. Many thanks to Harry Fear for speaking for those who have had no voice and for having the courage to share his personal story.

Thanks to: Kia Ora Gaza for their continued efforts sending aid into Gaza, to Roger
Fowler for a wonder introduction and for sharing his personal experience

Additional thanks to Students for Justice in Palestine, Hela Rahman and all organisers and hosts of the event.

Thanks also to Billy Hania from Palestine NZ.

Pictures of the event and further indy coverage can be found on the Facebook event page.

Solidarity With Gaza – Global Peace And Justice – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland protesters fly Palestinian flag from the U.S. Embassy flagpole!

Yesterday’s Global Peace and Justice “Solidarity With Gaza” march from Aotea Square to the U.S. Embassy in Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the most exciting Auckland actions to date.

The turn-out was huge despite short notice and pouring rain that had us all soggy in no time (causing slippery cellphone syndrome for us citizen journalists!) with as many as 300 or more protesters in attendance.

The march visibly swelled as it snaked its way down Queen Street towards the U.S. Consulate on Customs Street, near Auckland’s Princes Wharf.

Umbrella’s of every colour of the rainbow shielded the crowd from above, while colourful costuming and signs galore provided ample eye-candy to accompany the consistent chanting of people’s voices in protest at the atrocities of the never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict.

The most astonishing and unexpected aspect of the event was the disparate if not entirely invisible police presence. There were in fact NO marshalling police vehicles on the Queen Street march (a first-time experience for us, in every action we have covered there have been police marshalling and/or mustering and/or significant police and private security presence, sometimes into the many hundreds of officers.)

We assumed (the mother of all…) that the police must be amassed at the Embassy yet once we all arrived there, only 2 police vehicles and a half dozen police emerged and were VERY low key about their presence.

At the Embassy the crowd watched in awe and amazement as a Palestinian flag was raised above the Consulate, on their very own flagpole!

Approximately 30 protesters threw old shoes at the Embassy to display their disgust at U.S. foreign policy. There were several speeches from the soundtruck and a song.

That an action on such a contentious topic as this could go virtually unattended by the NZ Police is a massive shift in tactics on their part.

That the events ended naturally with protesters peacefully dispersing of their own accord, entirely unmolested by authorities, makes a pleasant change from the constant brutality exerted against the public at the student’s Blockade The Budget protests, and at the Glen Innes House Defense protests, throughout 2012.

It was certainly nice to see the police film squad also absent. At least, the uniformed ones anyway!

We hope this signals a new focus for police; away from unnecessarily expending resources on suppressing democratic dissent and shadowing activists to instead funneling those resources on fighting actual crime, and surveilling actual criminals.

Video of Palestinian flag flying above embassy: (clarification; we did not see the U.S. flag come down so flagpole may have been empty with no ambassador in residence however Palestinian flag was raised and flown above the consulate!!!)

Protesters throwing their shoes at the U.S. Embassy in protest:

We are still processing pics from the event, and will insert a gallery here ASAP. In the meantime, tons of pics of the event are already published in our online newspaper; The Occupied NZ Herald

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Global Spring 2012 – The Call To Worldwide Action Is Out

takethesquare.net, a site inspired by the Occupy movement has put out a call for a global day of action on May 12.

The call is out to chapters of the Occupy movement worldwide to march in solidarity with the countries in which uprisings are currently taking place (Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland and India to name a few).


Wikileaks Release The Global Intelligence Files – 5 Million Private Global Intelligence Group Emails

Today, Wikileaks started to release what they call ‘The Global Intelligence Files’ which is an archive of 5 million emails from a “global intelligence” company called Stratfor, based in Texas. The emails are between various executives, diplomats, lobbyists, etc, including infamous warmongerers & CEO’s of major banking, weapons, defense contracting firms & political organisations.

The emails detail some of Stratfor’s underhanded dealings as well as information gathered by them. Information which includes $384 billion in drug money laundered by Wells Fargo, one of the Big 5 banks in the United States, evidence of insider trading by the ex CEO of Goldman Sachs, and the mindblowing fact that the US & Israel have known the Iranian Nuclear infrastructure was already completely destroyed as of November, 2011.

Despite their current claims that Iran is an imminent nuclear threat. (The same rhetoric & false premise that was used to justify the pre-emptive strike on Iraq a decade ago.)

Refer to the link below for what has been released so far.


Iran: Dumb War That Obama Should Avoid

It seems that it is not necessarily the regime in Tehran that Benjamin Netanyahu (President of Israel) is attempting to destabilize – with every new war the US enters, their resources are further depleted and their status as world #1 takes another blow. A fact that more cunning nations will inevitably seek to capitalize on. Could it be that Netanyahu is deliberately enticing the spilling of American and Iranian blood for Israel’s own devices? You decide.


Who Are Congress Really Listening To And Why?

The US Congress has been passing more and more laws that take away the civil liberties and freedoms of the American people. They continue to do this despite the increasing presence of Occupy protests all over the world who are demanding that governments finally start to do what their people want.

The US Congress seems to be one of the worst government bodies when it comes to listening to what the people it claims to represent actually want.

If the US Congress aren’t listening to the American people, then who are they listening to?This may provide a little insight


Former Israeli Army Commander Ready To Crush Occupy Miami

Shay Ben-David trains his team of private security specialists to be ready to control riots and crowds, should Occupy Miami require police or other means of intervention.

“We need to be prepared for all types of riots and high stress situations. In times of emergency, we are often the first line of defense for our clients.” Mr. Ben-David also adds, “The Los Angeles Times reports that police arrested hundreds of protesters in the last couple of days in Oakland, CA. This may be a starting trend for LE (law enforcement) across the country, and may not go as smooth in all locations.”


Sarkozy Tells Obama About Netanyahu “I Can’t Stand Him Anymore He’s A Liar”

According to the extremely unreliable NZ Herald, who pulled it off AFP.


Source: Facebook