Occupy Achievements: Proving Unemployment Is An Illusion

Much has been said about the achievements of the Occupy movement – that it changed the narrative both in the realms of political campaigns and at street level; that it awakened, engaged and activated the millennial generation; that it scared the shit out of those in power.

All these things are true but often asserted by those who looked in from outside the encampments, rather than those who were co-habitating within them. Without intending to detract from those externally affected and inspired by it, the experience inside each Occupy was exponentially more insightful as it gave a real-world example of how a different society could function, from within its embryo.

With this new series “Occupy Achievements” we intend to explore and translate, from an insiders perspective, some of the most significant social achievements of the Occupy movement and expand its acknowledged successes to include these major factors.

At the four autonomous occupations born from Occupy Auckland specifically, we witnessed and participated in the creation of new systems of employment, social justice, education, economics and distribution of resources, political representation and media.

These topics and more will be covered within the series, beginning with employment.

Modern Employment and The Great Myth

In modern times, the non-financial benefits of employment are well acknowledged. You feel better about yourself when you are productive and engaged with your peers; when you are active and outdoors; when you are serving others and enhancing yourself, your skills and attributes, completing tasks and achievements.

This is why the conventional concept of unemployment is not only financially crushing but also socially, spiritually, psychologically and even physiologically detrimental to the human condition.

Our countries and their governments are obsessed with unemployment statistics as a measure of economic performance and growth. We are conditioned to believe that unemployment has always and will always exist in some form, and that we’d best avoid it like the plague. Never is it suggested for a moment that 0% unemployment is an achievable goal, let alone one we could attain today, if given the will and the way to circumvent conventional thinking and employ (pun intended) a structural change for all our betterment.

For unemployment exists only so long as we believe The Great Myth that it always must, and fail to engage in what employment really is: service to others for mutual benefit.

The Working Groups (Just Do It!) 

This post isn’t about an idea, or a concept, or a dream. It’s about what has already been done and worked. The backbone of Occupy was its working groups. Dozens of times a day we had curious passersby that stopped to ask questions or just to chat, volunteer for working groups and embarking upon their first shift within half an hour of happening across the encampment. Why the enthusiasm? Simple. It was something new, novel and different sure. But the very nature of the working groups and the way they functioned, was alluring beyond reproach.

It was the easiest recruitment sell of all time. The barrier to entry? None. Required experience? Zero. What was required to participate? A living breathing body, with the desire to do so. Training? On the job, free of charge. Specialist skills? If you have them, use them. If you don’t, we still have a job for you anyway! Uniform? No thanks, we aren’t robots. Just a coloured strip of material or ribbon to indicate which group you were working with. Coordinator positions? On rotation, or as mandated by consensus. Hours? Four hours a day. If you want to work more you may. Everyone is a volunteer after all. If your job is done faster than a four hour shift, sweet. If your job needs more help, flag it so others can step up. Everyone works in small groups or autonomously if they prefer. Don’t like your team mates? Join another working group. You don’t even have to ask permission. Just rub your name off on the whiteboard and write it under another working group. Bingo, you’ve just changed career path. When can you start? Now!

Education programs allowed those with special skills to share them with an unlimited number of interested learners free of charge (this will be covered to a much greater extent in a later post.) But because there were no restrictions on curriculum, it wasn’t only the traditionally educated or skilled who were teachers. Anyone with knowledge about anything could pass it on to others, and only those interested in that knowledge need attend or listen.

The Big Questions

But who cleaned the toilets, you may ask? The people who wanted the toilets cleaned. With our own eyes we saw people who were “unemployed” and in many cases “homeless” transform in a matter of minutes to having shelter (a home), community (friends) and a job (activity).

The effects were immediate. We saw the eyes of people who had arrived in abject misery, light with the promise of opportunity. We watched them flourish, their pride and more importantly their hope, being restored in front of us.

But how can they survive without money, you may ask? Well here’s the thing. You can’t eat money, and you can’t build an effective shelter out of it. However, we can feed each other without money and we can house each other without it. Humans have literally been doing both since the dawn of history. The real human rights are the rights to food, shelter and love, because we had all three before money ever showed up on the scene. That we need money to live is as big a lie as that unemployment is a ‘fact of life’.

“Give What You Don’t Need, Take Only What You Need”

This is the true secret to how the economy operated though we’ll go into this deeper in a later post. It is more commonly known as mutual aid, a form of resource-based economy.

Occupiers emptied their houses, workplaces, friends and families’ places, of all the unwanted junk that is completely superfluous to modern living. No matter what items were donated, there was someone or some working group at Occupy that could put them to good use.

Farmers and fishermen who wanted to contribute something brought food and fish. Orchards brought bags of excess fruit. Anything that someone has in abundance is a cheap donation to them – but gratefully received by those without access to the resource under ordinary circumstances.

Participation in a working group, any working group, or if you saw a need you could even create a new working group, gave you equal rights and access to the resources and services of the occupation as every other participant. Thanks to the wonders of human innovation and collaboration, there was always enough to go around.

And unemployment? 0% baby.


In Conclusion

People can argue until the cows come home whether resource-based economies are workable, flawless systems or whether they are unrealistic. What they can’t do is deny that the systems we employed really did help people and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

The evictions of the Occupy movement didn’t just rob us of the use of public space, but had a terribly damaging impact on the lives of those to whom we had restored hope and opportunity. As usual, those in the most dire circumstances paid the highest price from the forceful dissolution of the occupations.

Those who were once again left with nowhere to go. No home, no shelter, no community, no job.

The real effect of the evictions was that once again, unemployment would pervade civil society under the guise of inevitability, in open denial and defiance of Occupy’s brand of evolutionary social progress.

But for those of us who remember what was achieved, whose lives were positively affected by the compassion and mutual aid engaged in at the occupations, whose imaginations were ignited – we do not forget. The evictions only served to scatter us like seeds on the wind – seeds that now propagate far and wide, and as the messages of Occupy continue to spread and penetrate, the work continues.


Written by Suzie Dawson (Member)


High Court Denounces Evictions; Vindicates Occupy Auckland

They say the wheels of justice turn slowly but indeed they are turning.

At long last, some measure of vindication for the countless legitimate protesters victimised by Auckland Council.

At the close of business today March 6th 2013 the corporate media began reporting that the High Court in Auckland has finally found in favour of Occupy Auckland.

The extremely sparse media reports (no more than a few short paragraphs and almost uniform wording across a slew of mainstream news sources) don’t tell you much other than that the violent evictions imposed by the Council despite our pending court appeal “went too far“.

Indeed, lawyer Ron Mansfield suspected as much, when he warned us that the conduct of the Council surrounding the evictions may have breached the terms of their own by-laws. That stealing and storing our belongings in a supposedly “vacant” hangar at the same airforce base the FBI were flying in and out of that very week; miles out of town; may be onerous.

That their demanding private information about anyone who did manage to get out to the airbase to “claim” their belongings; may not be legal.

The human cost of the evictions is impossible to calculate and goes far beyond the dozens of arrests on January 23rd & 26th, 2012.

The evictions crippled the physical presence and daily functioning of the four simultaneous and autonomous occupations in Auckland Central – (Occupy Aotea Square; Occupy Te Herenga Waka at Victoria Park; Occupy Albert Park and Occupy Queen Street)

The occupations created organising hubs for the public to engage in political activism that should be encouraged in any healthy democracy and indeed is enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

From the homeless protester in his 80s who suffered multiple heart attacks and was hospitalised after his heart medication was unlawfully seized by “security”, and the Occupy liaisons who frantically tried to negotiate with the Council for the return of the medication, only to wait 48 hours for a response…

…to the middle-aged grandmother who had never been arrested in her entire life until Occupy, never had a tent or stayed overnight at an occupation, but was named in litigation by Auckland Council and hauled relentlessly through Court, unjustly…

…to the intelligent and sincere young man, of whom images were plastered all over the national media after he was lifted off the ground by his neck by police alongside mercenary corporate private security companies hired by Auckland Council at ratepayers’ expense…

…to his petite girlfriend, trapped outside the temporary fencing Auckland Council erects on a whim at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, screaming with raw fright and fear as she witnessed what was happening to her partner before her very eyes…

…to a little 5 year old boy, who the police and Auckland Council staff alike, left in the middle of Aotea Square; after they arrested his father in front of him, without even noticing the child…

…to the woman who scooped up the child onto her hip, marched into the congregation of police officers outside the paddy-wagon-filled Auckland Council carpark and publicly scolded the Inspector in charge for the display of utter negligence…

…to the uni student, who was one of the first to feel the cold touch of publicly-funded Council-ordered surveillance, so early on in Occupy that he was not believed; surveillance that, although later confirmed by the Council to have been undertaken, escalated until his entire life fell apart around him. Despite being so young, he was forcefully institutionalised and temporarily drugged into apathy… all on our tax dollars… his persecution paid for by our rates…

…those who suffered profound loss because of Auckland Council are too many to be counted on all our fingers and toes. Thousands of people per week became active in their communities at grassroots level because of Occupy and collectively housed, fed, educated and cared for hundreds residing in the occupations.

…to every person who ever learned something because of Occupy; taught someone because of Occupy; fed someone because of Occupy, was fed by Occupy – to everyone who for the first time in their lives saw that we CAN provide for each other and we CAN provide for ourselves…

…to those who were slandered, libelled, suppressed, oppressed, victimised by many of the mechanisms of the state, most visibly, Auckland Council.

The very body that is supposed to represent our interests.

Whether there can ever now be reparation remains to be seen. So much was lost that cannot be returned. Many occupiers may now not even be alive. Many have had such financial pressure and mental stress applied to them that they have lost or are losing what assets and opportunities they had.

Many have been served with questionably legal trespass notices; intimidated out of returning to the CBD or outright threatened in various forms.

Last October 15th, 2012, the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Auckland, protesters performed flash occupations at the original sites and at other places of significance to our movement.

But of course, Auckland Council got a visit.

Occupy Auckland Council As did TVNZ, the national broadcaster who had participated in the corporate media blackout, and then smear campaign against Occupy.

TVNZ, who utterly failed to fairly represent the voices of the people, or to sufficiently educate the public as to the global and viral nature of the movement, found their staff entrance temporarily occupied.

Occupy The MediaBut also on the flash occupation list was the High Court in Auckland.

High Court
Yet this recent ruling begins a process of restoring the faith instilled in us by the human rights lawyers at Occupy Auckland, so long ago.

We DO have the right to the basic necessities of human life even though Auckland Council denied us water, power and the tools of communication.

For we do and should have the right to peacefully assemble. The right to free association.

The right to dissent and the right to seek redress from our systems of Government.

We have the legal right not to be discriminated against on the basis of our political opinion.

We have the right to participate in our democracy. All of us.

And we must. For the viability of the continued existence of our entire planet, depends upon what we do now.

E tu Aotearoa. Stand up and fight back. Don’t let them sell what scraps they have not already stolen. This is our country. It is priceless.

Rise like lions and roar.


LEAK: NZ Cops Brag About Bashing TPP Protesters – U.S. Embassy “Happy”

This week the NZ corporate media, in concert with the NZ police, put forward a young female protester as a scapegoat for the repeated violence demonstrated by officers & security guards at the December 8 TPPA Shutdown protest at Sky City, in Auckland.

The combined protest movements of It’s Our Future, Occupy New Zealand, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale and Socialist Aotearoa, among others, were depicted as violent, framed as volatile and dangerous and falsely accused of wanton assaults on police officers.

Despite this Occupy NZ flooded the alternative media sphere with THE TRUTH:

* multiple sets of unedited live coverage thanks to Occupy Eye & Redstar309z

* comprehensive info-filled blogpost

resources / viewing guides/analysis

But never did we dream that the protesters written about so libelously in the national media would now be suddenly exonerated in so spectacular a fashion as has unfolded!

Global Peace & Justice Aotearoa has published a press release containing a leaked tape.

The tape is of internal police conversations regarding the approval of the U.S. Embassy of the police actions that day, a tape of which GPJA says;

In the recording the officer acknowledges Saturday’s melee was sparked when an officer “broke ranks” and ran into the crowd.

The admins on Occupy Auckland & Occupy New Zealand have had a hell of a week. Not only have they had to deal with constant paid trolls on You Tube videos posting false “witness testimony” (sure they were there! With a uniform on…) we have also had to deal with many of our own loyal supporters who weren’t present, and who took the corporate media/police line at face value.

It seems the entire country forgot our track record of a year straight of non-violent protest actions.

As with the violence displayed at the Occupy Auckland evictions and the constant bashings dished out by police at Glen Innes Housing protests, there was already a mountain of evidence that the blame for the TPPA unrest lay at the feet of authorities.

For an organisation that has promised to change its culture surrounding the handling of crimes committed by its employees, it needs to take a serious look at why it is expending its resources targeting normal legislative democratic dissent and not dealing to the abysmal social issues that continue in Auckland seemingly unabated.

When the police make the general public the enemy, who is left for them to protect and serve?

It is difficult for someone not involved to realise the full significance of this now-famous photo of Motorbike Cop – NZ’s own version of Pepper Spray Cop.

"What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls." says an eye-witness http://t.co/eFWWrKH9 #tpp #tppa #d8

“What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls.” says an eye-witness http://t.co/eFWWrKH9 #tpp #tppa #d8

The member of the public in the above photo is wearing a Power Shift t-shirt. Power Shift had an event at the university on the morning of the TPPA protest, and are a very straight-laced coalition of climate change protesters, many of whom then attended the TPPA shutdown on a whim.

While to corporate eyes the young man’s skin colour may condemn him, as with the other victims of Motorbike Cop he was quite obviously undeserving of the ill-treatment so publicly meted out to him.

Likewise some police may have been fooled into thinking it is an accomplishment to hit John Minto. To us, it is the utmost shame to beat a man of his age. Those who physically abuse someone they can’t outmatch intellectually are the definition of thugs.

The city cops that policed Occupy Auckland for the first four months of our occupations, were the opposite of the thuggery displayed at the TPPA negotiations.

It seems whenever police are imported from other locations there is brutality, but the regular city cops especially under the guidance of Inspector Danny Meade, have been constantly affable, supportive and generated goodwill amongst activists.

To have those efforts so callously destroyed for the sake of testosterone and blatant political discrimination, let alone on the world stage where it is being played out, is pure embarrassment.

This month we have worked so hard to move the world to analyse and reject the TPPA, with great success. Even going so far as to host foreign citizen journalists, to spend money filming and documenting the momentous events here, creating a pure historical record.

Occupier Kereru of Occupy Auckland said: this is the year of instant karma. All actions will be held immediately accountable.

It seems this is precisely what has played out here. Despite the police and corporate media machines being set firmly against us – the truth has slipped through the cracks and the perpetrators have revealed themselves and their intentions, to the world.

Penny Bright Fails To Co-opt Occupy Auckland – Again?

TRANSPARENCY, DEMOCRACY & ACCOUNTABILITY. The ongoing muddying of the work of Occupy Auckland.

“Transparency! Democracy! Accountability!” are concepts so often invoked by those who practice none. Indeed the very language of democracy is being used to abuse it, used as a weapon against it.

While we investigate high level topics and write about magnanimous and far-reaching issues, we have bottom-feeders buzzing around us like flies; wielding those three words, bludgeoning us with them, trying to distract us at every turn.

While we are loathe to pause to acknowledge the lies being seeded about us, it is for the comfort of those who ? everything that we fill in the blanks.

Penny Bright has unfinished business.

Having embarked on a series of attacks on Occupy Auckland’s media team, crippling our G.A.’s early in 2012, she then told everyone Occupy was over, shepherding them on to other movements.

Only to then experience the double shock and horror of getting herself excluded from those other movements, only to discover that Occupy wasn’t at all dead but still very much alive and kicking.

The very media team she had so voraciously attacked, had spent their year continuing to spread Occupy’s many messages and support Occupy’s many actions. Behind the 8-ball and in desperate need of an organisation to tie herself to, Penny decides to have another shot at usurping the name of Occupy Auckland.

Therefore, after six months of blissful peace and quiet, free from her attacks, she is back to do it all again. Round 2.

Dissatisfied by our refusal to respond to the provocation of her recent press release, which blatantly attempted to co-opt Occupy Auckland support to herself, personally; she has continued to use NZ Truther Vinny Eastwood as a media platform for anti-Occupy attack videos. Which we would prefer to rise above & ignore.

However, we have been asked by many people who KNOW there is far more to the story, to right her wrongs by setting the record straight. We feel indebted to them to do so.

So who is Penny Bright?

In her words she is; “Penny Bright Media Spokesperson for the Water Pressure Group.” Visit the Water Pressure Group‘s website and you’ll discover it’s been essentially turned into a personal promotional page for her. She says she is a: “Judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog’ on Metrowater and Auckland regional governance matters.” That she has been “publicly acknowledged” as an “Anti-corruption campaigner”. That she was an Auckland Mayoral candidate. That she stood in the Botany by-election as an independent candidate. “Currently standing in the Auckland Council Howick Ward by-election”. Attendee Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference 2009. Attendee: Transparency International Anti-Corruption Conference 2010.”

Indeed here is Penny’s appeal on the Water Pressure Group website, to help her attend that very conference in 2010, with a list of things she wants to tell the attendees, including;

“12) Members of Transparency International New Zealand, after denying membership to citizens actively fighting corruption here in New Zealand, had Police arrest two of us after denying access to the Transparency International NZ AGM on 9 November 2009 – International Anti-Corruption day.”

Who was denied membership we wonder? Was it in fact, Penny Bright? Who might have been wanting to control the direction of Transparency International New Zealand, in the same way she has managed with the Water Pressure Group, with Occupy, and other organisations?

Here Penny is the year before, at the 2009 Transparency International conference.

If you take her Vinny Eastwood performances at face value, Penny has a story to tell about Occupy Auckland.

In a series of You Tube videos, she has been publicly bashing nearly the entire New Zealand political “left”; “naming and shaming” the protest movements Occupy; Aotearoa Is Not For Sale, Unite Union, Socialist Aotearoa, and veteran activists including Joe Carolan and even John Minto (who was again arrested and assaulted by police at the Glen Innes housing defence protests in Auckland last Thursday night.)

Penny’s repeated claim to legitimacy is having “40 years” of activism behind her, by which point you’d think, she must have established a mass following. This is a photo of her last Occupy-related action.  The per-capita statistics for participation in activism must have gone through the roof in 2011/12. Virtually overnight, millions around the world were able to see through the projected TV fantasy version of reality and joined the call to amass in their city centres, eager to participate in change.

To smart veteran activists, it was a huge boon. A large pool of new talent, eager to get involved at ground level and establish mutually beneficial relationships; in urgent need of mentors to guide them through the pitfalls of putting themselves on the line for the benefit of humanity.

But according to Penny Bright’s attack videos – new activists are a reason for suspicion and NOT to be trusted. A statement that, if believed, silences the vast majority of the participants in Occupy. By default.


It is no secret that early in 2012, as with many other occupations in the wider movement, the Occupy Auckland General Assembly process was besieged by proposals to disband our Media Team. These proposals were supported by “Chris Glen” (described by the MSM as the ‘leader’ of Occupy Auckland) and Penny Bright, across an ongoing period, including in the immediate aftermath of the two evictions.

The premise for our proposed firing was that we had not sufficiently promoted a last-minute event instigated by “Chris Glen” and which we had warned that we would not be able to commit to, since his first mention of it.

As they knew full well, we were already working full-time to establish new occupations in the wake of the de-encampment of Aotea Square. Yet us not being able to wave a magic wand and achieve his demands was then used as the pretext for multiple (unsuccessful) attempts to fire us.

Our media team has no track record; Penny says. As if our live coverage of nearly 50 Auckland actions including both evictions counts for nothing. As if a combined 40,000 tweets, an online newspaper that has published daily for 6 months and a 340-post blog of Occupy reporting, all count for nothing. No track record in sight.

The fact that, unlike her actions, ours occur on global days of international solidarity for the Occupy movement, has escaped her notice. That we adhere to the principle that any two or more people can form their own occupation at any time, with their own sovereignty and voice, but with free promotional support from us, also escapes her.

According to testimony at a G.A., elders at West Auckland marae were, via the info@occupyauckland.org email address that was controlled by “Chris Glen”, told the opposite. They were told that they were subject to the decree of a singular entity of “Occupy Auckland”. That new occupations needed to receive permission before establishing.

Limitations which defy the purpose and decentralised nature of the Occupy movement.

We haven’t promoted her work, Penny claims. When in reality we promoted her work for months on end, through all our channels, even while she was publicly attacking us, we dutifully continued to share her work.

Yet we cannot find a single example of her promoting any of our work in return. Not even one.

Penny says we have prevented her having access to the Facebook page. In one of her most recent press releases, she names two other Occupiers as supporting her wholeheartedly, then supplies her Water Pressure Group email address as point of contact for Occupy Auckland enquiries from the general public.

One of the two people Penny names is Jacquelyne Taylor. More affectionately known to us as Jax. Jax has been an awesomely supportive and faithful admin for both Occupy Auckland and Occupy New Zealand for a year. We love her to bits. She is able to post Penny’s work at any time, as we have repeatedly confirmed.

Penny’s behaviour furnishing personal details in lieu of official Occupy Auckland contact details is not an original tactic, it is in fact entirely in line with previous behaviour from “Chris Glen”, which included creating ‘official’ Occupy business cards and fliers, whose contact details fed directly back to the email address controlled by him.

The website was G.A. mandated to be handed to Media way back when the teams were first formalised, but that access was never provided. (Democracy!) The website purported to be an official site yet if you clicked on the Occupy Auckland logo you got transported to a non-official Facebook page, with 5% of the ‘likes’ of the official page. A page controlled by “Chris Glen”.

Penny positioned herself early on as a lightning rod for dealing with the courts, Council and Police, due to her much-touted legal experience. In this role, Penny quickly established a foothold that was outside that of the rest of the occupiers. In tandem with “Chris Glen”‘s bragging that corporate media “just call my cellphone”, the actual G.A.-approved process of enquiries being referred to the Media Team Co-ordinator was never followed by Chris or Penny. (Democracy!)

Nor were the pieces of core media infrastructure withheld from media team by “Chris Glen” ever handed over to media team… they remain defunct or stagnant to this day.

Indeed, after they were unsuccessful at seizing OUR infrastructure, and the G.A.’s discontinued, we witnessed Chris Glen literally shouting in the face of media team members at Aotea Square: “Occupy is DEAD! Occupy is DEAD!”

To which we ignored him and continued working regardless 🙂

In her latest attack video, Penny brags about OIA requests she has gotten in the past. This is ironic because on January 25th, 2012, the day before the second eviction, we attempted to relay in good faith a message from the lawyer that said there may be a second eviction, and that Penny should do OIA requests on the Council and Police. Specifically on the eviction expenditure by the Council and to see if they had broken the terms of their own bylaws in their execution of them. Stating that if they had, we may be able to move into punitive court action seeking damages, rather than the endless cycle of defensive court action currently ongoing on Penny’s watch.

The fake badge numbers worn by Police at the first eviction, and the subsequent non-investigation was another matter which has remained unresolved despite all Penny’s claimed legal expertise. Perhaps this is due to the person who discovered and exposed the fake badge issue, being one of the first occupiers “named and shamed” by Penny?

She spread a rumour around Occupy that he was infiltrating Occupy on behalf of his father, a property developer, in reality he had been estranged from his father for years and was an enthusiastic and productive media team member, and supporter of both Occupy and Anonymous.

He is another example of a new activist who deserved guidance and protection and instead was made the butt of a smear campaign. A fact that she may rather forget, now that there is a whole list of occupiers she has attacked?

Family associations being used to smear activists is a running theme for Penny. First the aforementioned property developer story, then that another media team member must be in cahoots with their mother who worked for a pharmaceutical company; then that another occupier had military ties in their family; something to find dodgy, according to Penny.

Only for Penny to then contradict herself in her own attack video by casually stating that her own father was military and was in fact headhunted to work for the SIS! The very organisation said to have been involved in spying on us. Ridiculous!

Another big moan in Penny’s latest video is about minutes. She complains people didn’t have fair access to them. However there was only one person who wrote down every single thing that happened at every single working group and meeting they attended. Guess who that was.

Penny Bright.

So in the interests of TRANSPARENCY we point you towards this web link. It contains minutes from a handful of 2012 General Assemblies. If you type Ctrl+F and type “Penny” you’ll discover that these minutes were written by… Penny Bright. In them, she makes just shy of 50 references to her own name.

Penny’s latest attack video refers to “Chris Glen” as “the most effective Occupy Auckland person”. Effective is a very telling choice of words. As well as being our “leader”, Chris was the person that founded yet another Facebook page, “Occupy Auckland – Victoria Park” in early December 2011.

He used that page to purport that the occupation at Aotea was crime-ridden and overrun by homeless people and said that we needed to cut a deal with the Council to UPROOT the occupation and move to Victoria Park. He authored a list of “conditions” which people would need to sign, in order to participate in the proposed new occupation. Those conditions included the swearing of an oath & inviting the NZ Police “to enforce the Safer Spaces Policy”, earlier instituted by Chris & Penny at Aotea.

His list of things he wanted from the Council in order to de-encamp Aotea included the gifting of several caravans and other material goods and services. His idea went down like a sinking ship. Noone minded the idea of having a second occupation, but to establish it by disestablishing the first one made no sense.

Despite the overwhelming dissent, Chris continued working to bring his plan to fruition.He scheduled a series of press conferences without informing anyone on media team let alone our co-ordinator – on December 21st 2011 we arrived at the occupation to find him strutting around in front of multiple mainstream media cameras, “serving” occupiers with a 1 1/2 page legal synopsis, authored by him.

The court version of the document was 35 pages.

At lunchtime on the 23rd of December, 2011, multiple media team members arrived at Aotea ahead of a scheduled G.A. to discover the entire media centre GONE and all assets removed from the site. Chris gleefully informed us it was due to “an emergency G.A. decision” undertaken by a dozen or so people at 9am that morning, to disencamp Aotea and move to Victoria Park. He claimed no involvement. However, the minutes from the “emergency G.A.” revealed references to Chris having secured commercial storage space and begun packing our equipment down the night before.

Even more telling, MSM announced the disencampment at 5.17am on the 23rd – four hours before the emergency G.A decision.

He did not contact anyone on the media team or the co-ordinator to let them know there would be an emergency G.A. or that any decision to move had been made, or that our belongings were being packed, moved and stored without consultation.

Yes, this from the man Penny Bright describes as the “most effective Occupy Auckland person”. The person she instituted the Safer Spaces Policy with, the person with whom she was on the Council Liaison Team.

In another brilliant showing of respect for democracy, Penny completely ignored the G.A. rules that it must approve all funds before they are released (over $100) by usurping the last $200+ in the bank account, without G.A. approval, ostensibly with the help of “Chris Glen” who was on the finance committee and was also a bank signatory.

She wanted it for “phone bills”… despite the Media Team she spent months trying to depose never having been reimbursed by Occupy Auckland for any of our bills incurred as a result of our activism work.

Even worse – she took the money within a month of having been appointed to undertake an audit of Occupy Auckland expenditure (as recorded in her own minutes).

For an anti-corruption campaigner who rails against backroom-deals and conflicts of interest – how could she take money outside of G.A. process while simultaneously being tasked as auditor? (Transparency! Accountability!)

Is that not the greatest conflict of interest imaginable? But this is from the woman who was shameless enough to slam Occupy in the media and all over NZ blogs not 4 days before showing up at the High Court to supposedly represent Occupy’s best interests.

Yet another first in legal history she can add to her bedpost. Because we highly doubt any other legal representative has gotten away with smearing those who they are a self-styled representative of, immediately prior to a hearing.

Had they, surely they would be fired or forced to resign prior? Yet here Penny is in this September 21st video, openly insulting and ridiculing Occupy, 4 days before Occupy Auckland’s appeal hearing in the High Court on September 25th.

Seek truth from facts, Penny says. Well here are a few facts we have prepared about Penny.  In her second to last attack video, Penny claims that she is mortgage-free as a result of having “worked hard” . She claims to be a “professional protester”, as if it is somehow a viable career path, rather than a calling of conscience. Sensing something wrong, we went back in time a little bit and discovered the following articles on the Auckland libraries website. Source: Auckland City Libraries

Yes, that’s right. Penny Bright who publicly rails against anonymous donations and anonymity is in fact herself a beneficiary of them.

Yes, Penny who accuses occupiers of being police officers, is in fact no stranger to them either. In fact, she has lectured them.

So, to recap (because this is the LAST TIME we will squander resources defending ourselves against her blatant falsehoods and electioneering), we will use her own words from her most recent video.

P.B.: “So with Occupy Auckland, what happened was, um, (4 second pause)” [20:12]

Penny can’t say what happened. Because she wasn’t even there when Chris de-encamped Aotea. She had gone on “holiday”. So she just reverts to giving the legal history of Occupy Auckland.

If you listen closely to her own words in her interviews, she actually gives herself away, over and over again.

P.B.: “Focus on the 1% as Occupy Auckland are supposed to do.” [30:38]

To date, Penny has “named and shamed” then smeared, 5 separate Occupy activists. (Not including people she smeared pre-Occupy of which there appear to be many more). She has claimed to have an “ex-Police Prosecutor” (Penny’s words) who she names in this video, investigate occupiers and their immediate families.

P.B.: “I’ve never been subject to such filthy defamatory comments in my life.” [30:50]

Says the woman who concocted fantasy stories about a slew of Occupiers, spreading lies amongst complete strangers about their family members, whom she had never met.

P.B.: “I’ve been blocked from even commenting on the Occupy Auckland Facebook page.” [30:54]

Your name is not on the Facebook page ban list. Although you were removed as admin when you tried to fire us, you can indeed comment on the pages.

P.B.: “I couldn’t let people know about the court case coming up. Which I think is absolutely diabolical” [31.02]

Well yes Penny, you could, because your close friend is an admin on both OA & ONZ & you’ve both been told you can post stuff, and what has been posted has been left up.

P.B.: “Seek truth from facts. Use common sense.” [31:16]


P.B.: “Beeline for policy, strategy” [31:22]

Penny & Chris founded the Strategy group for Occupy Auckland; which we were not on & never tried to be. They also instituted the only formal Policy at Occupy Auckland.

P.B.: “If they use more than one name..” [31:41]

“Chris Glen” is known to have used at least three different names.

P.B.: “I’m a 51%er myself.” [40:50]

What the hell is a 51%er? Sounds very two-party-system for a revolutionary?

P.B.: “The 1%, they hide behind secrecy, a lack of transparency, a lack of openness and a lack of democratic accountability. If we are trying to set up a society that is opposed to that, we must practice what we preach, we must work in a way that is the opposite to those which we are fighting.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Penny. It’s time for you to take your own advice.

The above is just a fraction of the evidence we have. If you want to flush your “professional protester” career down the toilet by continuing to persecute Occupy participants, it’s yours to carry not ours.


From just prior to the disencampment of Aotea. There was a bunch of other annoying interference prior to that.

21 December 2011: The judgment comes out. Chris Glen turns our G.A. into an MSM TV press conference & tells everyone they will be arrested if they stay at Aotea.

22 December 2011: Multiple media team members chat with Penny on speakerphone, she tells them there will be no eviction until late January and not to move the camp. We pass that on to the G.A. in good faith. Penny goes on holiday and is “uncontactable for the duration”. (Her words.) Later, she bizarrely denies ever having received the call.

23 December 2011: Contradicting Penny’s advice, Chris Glen de-encamps the Aotea Square occupation, without contacting media team at all.

24 December 2011: In defiance, media team put out a statement that “Occupy will never die – we will multiply” and set about doing just that, while simultaneously providing tactical support to those who moved to Victoria Park. A media team member attacked by Penny in November, along with several other Occupiers, use the Town Hall-lockdown to establish Occupy Queen Street 2.0; an occupation that “Chris Glen” would later claim credit for. (This was another recurring theme; whenever someone did something successful, he would claim credit for it.)

25 December 2011: Some hardcore protesters defy Chris and remain at Aotea. Chris disappears. So, at this point, Chris had gone from expecting to successfully move the 1 Auckland occupation to a new site under his terms, to discovering that there were now THREE occupations, none of which were under his control.

13 January 2012: Occupiers set up the fourth simultaneous occupation of Auckland, Occupy Albert Park, while bearing up under the weight of a comprehensive disinformation campaign from Chris, who tried everything from threatening us with Council compliance and regulations to telling people they would be sexually assaulted and accosted by rats.

18 January 2012: Chris and Penny try to contain the erosion of their control of the movement by creating processes that require all four occupations to be subservient to a central organisation; “Occupy Auckland”. Media team counters with a decentralisation proposal that confirms equal rights and sovereignty for each occupation. The decentralisation proposal eventually passes.

21 January 2012: the “99th day of Occupy Auckland”, the day Chris had determined two and a half weeks earlier would be a “huge march”, arrives. Although many occupiers have a wonderful time at the event, held at Aotea, Chris and Penny declare it a “failure” for not pulling numbers into the thousands. Bearing in mind the short notice and the fact most media team members had opted out from Chris’s first suggestion of the march, it is not surprising. Marches that have pulled numbers into the thousands have been organised months in advance by large committees; not weeks in advance, by Chris plus friends. However, the mainstream media pick up Chris & Penny’s “failure” narrative and used the event as “proof” to the public that Occupy’s support was waning.

23 January 2012: the first eviction of Occupy Auckland, by cops with fake badge numbers, at the same time as the FBI was in the country. We learn from private security staff that the eviction had been scheduled weeks prior.

25 January 2012: As per instructions from OA’s lawyer we attempt to warn the General Assembly that there may be another eviction and that the Council’s instructions regarding property seizures were likely “onerous” and may be in fact, illegal. However, we are forced to “Mic Check” this information at the top of our lungs as Chris and Penny refused to allow us to speak to the G.A.; instead telling everyone that the information which we had JUST RECEIVED was “old” and that the meeting was over and to go home.

26 January 2012: the second eviction of Occupy Auckland occurs.

Feburary – March 2012: G.A.’s become consumed by Penny and Chris attempting to fire the media team for the heinous crime of, in their words, not having competently promoted Chris’s 99 day march. Although their proposals never pass, people become so sick of it, that General Assemblies are ultimately discontinued.

April – August 2012: Media team continues sharing Occupy information and promoting the work of activists across Aotearoa, New Zealand. Chris and Penny immerse themselves in the new broad-based protest movement “Aotearoa Is Not For Sale.” Many media team members do not attend ANFS meetings for fear of a repeat performance from Penny and Chris, but continue to supply media support for event days.

August-September 2012: Sure enough, after a carbon-copy performance of intimidation and bullying of key ANFS members, Penny is banned from the movement, and then subsequently banned from Socialist Aotearoa as well.

September-October 2012: Lacking an organisational name to trade on, Penny realises that Occupy NZ Media has expanded to include admins from all around the country and built international media relationships that are bearing fruition. Oblivious to her own silence over the previous six months, she renews her public attacks, and tries again to smear us with the ultimate aim of usurping the platform which we have engineered for all activists, for her own purposes.

November 2012: Nearly a year later, we are finally calling her out on her campaign of intimidation and bullying.

The crowning glory is Penny’s claim in one breath, that she can’t sue us for defamation because we are “Anonymous”; then in the next breath, names and defames multiple activists.

Considering some of us are ex-homeless who did all kinds of things in pre-Occupy life, its astonishing that Penny’s “private investigator” hasn’t been able to turn anything up. Indeed Penny complained about the lack of dirt profusely.

Several activists she attacked were parents of young children. The media team co-ordinator, who is the father and part-time carer of a young child is a frequent victim. As is another new activist she has “named and shamed”; a mother of two young dependent children. About which, Penny makes the clearly defamatory statement;

P.B.: “What caused the problem with Occupy Auckland was infighting caused by another person [NAME REDACTED]”

That is an untrue and defamatory statement wholly persuable by legal means. It also defies logic and common sense, given the statistics let alone the actual campaign of malicious proposals instigated by Penny Bright at Occupy Auckland.

Those who caused “infighting” were the ones attempting to destruct what was being constructed. Who proposed to dismantle others work when they discovered Occupy not controllable at a single source. Who used a “Safer Spaces Policy” to make it about each other, and not the 1%.

The truth hurts. They have utterly failed in their mission to co-opt our name, instead exposing themselves further.


The beacon passes on. The awakening is growing. All will be as it will be, regardless of what is.


Context: We were asked to write this a week ago. But we couldn’t live with ourselves to do it in lieu of covering Sandy internationally, and then #N3 locally. There are too many legitimate issues that need the attention of this page for us to be dragged through bullshit any longer. It won’t be tolerated. Thank you to the many who have supported us over the last year.

Occupy New Zealand Announces #O13 Nationwide Re-Occupation

Official @OccupyNZ #O13 De-Occupy event poster. Decentralised occupations nationwide! October 13-15+, camp for freedom! Become the change! Become the media!

COINTELPRO & Occupy: The War Within


FOIA responses from the DHS have revealed exactly that which we feared in earlier days of the Occupy movement; the existence of a federally/nationally and likely internationally coordinated (probably through co-operation agreements) attempt to dismantle Occupies from the inside and otherwise infiltrate and sabotage related non-violent democratic groups.

This counter-democratic practice extends to the use of private contracting corporations performing traditional police and military intelligence functions, is now undeniable and even more sophisticated than we “conspiracy theorists” had dared suspect.

It is unsurprising considering the scale of the opposition to the success of Occupy; but our nemeses are moles of superior resources and co-ordination, spreading constant disinformation and infiltrating organisations of social change, to disrupt and subvert.

We watch in horror as the tales of the sabotage of various international occupations emerge – and in 99% of cases the events parallel precisely what occurred here in New Zealand.

Any who still doubt that the methods employed against Occupy overseas were used here, need only look at the surrounding political landscape.


* the timely training of our police forces by the U.S.A.
* the presence of the FBI during the Kim Dotcom raid and during the two evictions of our four Auckland occupations, where police were proved to be wearing fake badge numbers, perfect replicas of real ones;
* the May Day “visit” by Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security
* this week’s “visit” by, of all people, Leon Panetta;
* the recent stationing of 2,500 U.S. military troops in Northern Australia;
* a suggestion by the United States to establish a military base here in New Zealand, a Commonwealth Country; in surplus to the Waihopai Spy Base we already host;
* the latest development; further illegal conduct against Kim Dotcom by the GCSB, currently under retributive attack by Anonymous (multiple reports of gcsb.govt.nz down);

collectively set the dramatic backdrop to this monumental phase of New Zealand’s sociopolitical history.

With the benefit of hindsight & the FOIA releases a more clear picture of how methods of suppression are applied globally, and of what Occupy has endured and still is enduring, is emerging. The end result of these methods, can be analysed by their narcissistic echoes in social media; open destruction and negativity in a movement entirely based on the opposite – a new possibility; positivity. Creation. Change.

These historic internal sentiments within the movement can be mapped by repeated fixed narrative or attitude shifts at a given time. Attitudes that in retrospect, are without merit.

While initially triumphant and embracing its quick spread to nearly 2,000 cities and towns worldwide, the Occupy movement was rocked by the month-and-a-half-late emergence of the “Oakland Liberation Front” Black Bloc leaflets, shown in countless You Tube videos to be the tactics of infiltrators. This time in Occupy history represented the first major effort by the 1% to tar Occupy as a violent movement; prior to the forceful violence inflicted upon it during the evictions that occurred later.

Despite this, the founding principle of Occupy that brought people together was in fact non-violence. This was stipulated time and time again in the founding documentation of Occupies throughout the world. It was the basis for the solidarity occupations. Those who claim Black Bloc are a core component of the movement, forget the founding premises.

They similarly need to question the gap in time between the inception of the movement in September 2011, and the appearance of organised Black Bloc immediately prior to the 1st West Coast Port Shutdown/General Strike in November.

The targeting of livestreamers for suspicion was one of the many minor successes of the counter-Occupy COINTELPRO. With Black Bloc they neutralised the “peaceful protester” images from their Antony Bologna/Brooklyn Bridge P.R. disasters; which had recruited countless thousands more occupiers to the cause.

However with the attacks on livestreamers, saboteurs in several cases successfully dismantled some Occupy Media groups or sufficiently pressured key members of legitimate Occupy Media into dissipating, or turning away from the movement.

The Twitter hash-tag #WithoutLivestreamers was our community response to attacks on Occupy Live-streamers as perpetuating “surveillance” or “supplying evidence”. The anti-Live-streamer attacks came from a sector of false-Occupiers within the movement, proven the greatest of folly in light of the #TrapWire revelations, that indeed, security cameras are being actively used against democratic protesters.

Not only by civil and police authorities, but by third parties including corporates/”private” contractors and potentially their subcontractors, as revealed in the TrapWire scandal that implicated “corporate intelligence”, “market intelligence” and “asset tracking” agencies like Cubic Defense, Abraxas Corp, and potentially countless other similar military-industrial-complex interfacing companies around the globe.

We have seen proof that yes, modern surveillance cameras can zoom. Yes, they can pan. Yes, they can tilt. Yes they can target specific individuals/groups for both audio and visual reconnaissance and yes, their footage is potentially going off-shore and/or circulating around private & governmental intelligence agencies worldwide.

Yes, it is all happening on public dollars. Happening TO the public. We are the unwitting purchasers of technology that turns us into international commodities for the incestuous trading of for-profit intelligence agencies.

In this light, the idea that Joe Bloggs filming on his cellphone is going to be of any more use to law enforcement than their military-grade state-of-the-art capabilities, is ironic at best.

The truth is, Livestreams are Occupy’s single greatest recruitment tool.

Droves of new occupiers are brought into the movement by the viral nature of the live-streams, which allow us to eye-witness what the corporate media do NOT put in their made-for-TV fairy-tales dressed as news broadcasts.

Occupy Wall Street was suppressed by the global corporate media for over three weeks.

Those of us eye-witnessing the live-streams then visiting corporate news websites only to discover the blackout, were irrevocably shown that our conventional world view of the status quo is wholly malleable; and indeed is manufactured by corporations.

It appears that blackouts are created whenever events on the ground outpace the information systems that the elite 0.1% rely on, to maintain societal control.

The blackout occurred because the international media monster took time to be fed tactical instructions on how to dress and package what was unfolding in a way that would inhibit or prevent its further growth, creating an information vacuum that was filled by ordinary people.

This was a golden period of time for Occupy, one reflected in its high intake of donations and its fast growth around the globe.

However, the corporates-that-be soon got a handle on the situation and out came the Reuters and A.P. faxes to the international media who used untold thousands of outlets to saturate media markets with suitably derogatory soundbytes and vacant stereotypes, simultaneously.

The constant “24 hour news echo-chamber” post-eviction monotone drone of “Occupy is dead, Occupy is dead, Occupy is dead“, wasn’t just a voice that came from the corporate media. It was a voice which came from within the movement itself. Upon reflection, we notice the individuals who most fervently purport that the movement is over, are the same people who made and/or supported proposals to G.A.’s to deconstruct & not to construct.

To constrain and not to free. To centralise, and not to decentralise. To usurp key infrastructure. To fire media teams wholesale. To control and usurp finances.

Their malignancy flew in the face of the resources, time, care, love and attention poured in by genuine Occupiers around the world.

These subversives are people with names (albeit often fake ones), and often self-styled titles, who court an obviously corrupt corporate media for their own ends. Who stage Astroturf events, who create new media that ostracises participants, derides/degrades the movement or violates its core principles.

Sometimes even the alternative media that we love so dearly and promote with such fervour, and in all fairness have largely legitimately served us well under the most trying of circumstances, still, in some cases fail us.

Our most early experience of this was back in November of 2011, when the first photos were emerging of DHS presence at Occupy events and evictions.

We had a tweet exchange with Alternet editor Joshua Holland who called it a “non-story” and Mother Jones contributor Gavin Aronsen thought the situation confined to PERF. The general overtone from Joshua was that the fears were unfounded, despite the tweets of pics and videos from eye-witnesses on the ground.

Photos like this make it unlikely DHS participation was limited to an advisory role.

Joshua Holland subsequently publicly raked Naomi Wolf over the coals for suggesting as much, then after she responded over the sourcing of an article questioning DHS in an Occupy context, he did so again, through Alternet.

Witnessing the exchanges on-line, a member of Occupy Auckland Media Team made a short video questioning the vitriolic nature of Joshua’s “articles”, and noting the stark discrepancy between the 24/7 Occupy info spread by Naomi, by comparison to the relatively benign “going to walk my dog”-esque timeline of Joshua Holland.

Indeed, search @NaomiRWolf on Topsy.com then sub-search “DHS” and you’ll find a wealth of fascinating related information, whereas if you search @JoshuaHol then “DHS” you’ll see 6 total tweets, three of which are denials of stories. Search @JoshuaHol then “Dog” & there’s 6 pages.

Mysteriously, our direct Twitter exchanges with him from that time, have disappeared from Topsy entirely. So has his most recent tweet on the subject; a 180 degree turn that suggested he had been somehow vindicated by the March & May 2012 FOIA responses.

Time warp back to this Counterpunch article: “there was and is a nationally co-ordinated campaign to disrupt and crush the Occupy movement.” A far cry from Joshua’s original position; spot on Naomi’s.

Well Joshua is right that the FOIA’s cleared up the issue. Indeed they did. With the added bonus of exposing that even some members of the alternative media were involved in suppressing what was happening, as it was happening.

That even the most extreme of “tin-hat conspiracy theorists” couldn’t concoct the full extent of the reality on the ground.

Yesterday’s Vinny “GuerillaMedia MrNews” Eastwood interview of activist Penny Bright in the wake of her expulsion from several major Auckland movements, is another example of the alternative news that should represent us, being used to promote a personal agenda that is ultimately detrimental to the interests of the movement as a whole.

The interview with Penny is billed as “Exposing NZ Cointelpro”. Unfortunately it does nothing of the sort. Just harps on about her beef with one woman. Completely ignoring the larger geopolitical picture, and wasting the opportunity to inform listeners of it.

As with Holland’s Alternet pursuit of Naomi Wolf, Penny Bright’s use of an alternative media source postured as friendly to Occupy, as a tool of revenge in her personal crusade against Occupy and the uber-successful “Aotearoa Is Not For Sale” campaign, completely and utterly misses the wider plot.

Occupy does not face the work of singular saboteurs; unless they are of the unwitting variety. What it faces is the systemic application of state-sanctioned public-funded anti-terrorism networks and resources; whole “Fusion centres” co-ordinating teams of operatives infiltrating meetings and surveilling activists’ convergence points, staging events and arrest situations, and reporting back to the central government hive for resources and further instruction.

Whether Occupy is infiltrated by these teams of paid saboteurs is no longer a debatable question. Whether or not we can re-embrace our core concepts of non-violence and decentralisation sufficiently to (non)combat it; is.

Chris Hedges said that as high as it was, the ratio of Stasi informants to genuine protesters couldn’t prevent the fall of the Berlin Wall. In articles like this, Hedges defines Occupy with every fibre of his being.

Hedges, Wolf, and Occupy New Zealand share something in common. All are compelled to speak, spread and share the messages of Occupy. To awaken others as we ourselves awoke. Therefore related information bursts from us at every possible opportunity.

The infiltrators demonstrate no such compulsion.

They live by sound bytes, endlessly self-promote and betray themselves in their own speech and actions.

It takes less than 2 minutes of the Vinny Eastwood interview for Penny to give herself away. “I’ve never been treated this way by police. By local or central government. These are people who want to have a better society? I think I’d rather have what we’ve got now actually.” Penny Bright. Self-styled #1 NZ anti-corruption campaigner and ex mayoral candidate.

Sound anything like Chris Hedges? Or Naomi Wolf? Or Occupy Media? Or even, as she claims to be, “a professional protester”?

Not even slightly.

Hopefully reading this article will bring her up to speed with what Occupy has REALLY been facing, and we will include the rest of the Cointelpro links we harvested at the end of the article for reference.


Occupy needs to leave the “anti-livestream”-type whining in the dust. To stop giving traffic and hits to corrupt corporate/MSM news sources. Even when they outrage us with their widespread and all but transparent self-hypocrisies.

We must find a way to re-engage the purity of our original mission – to find and institute a better societal framework for humankind and for the sake of the entire Earth, in order to attain lasting progress for Occupy.

We have long-since said that Occupy is a “true truth-and-reconciliation process” due to its ability to bridge massive social, racial, ideological and geographic divides.

We have also long said: “Global Solidarity – Local Governance”.

The decentralisation of power and control guarantees sovereignty at a local level & the rights of the inhabiting peoples as being above the rights of corporations. It also insulates against a “One World Government” scenario, while we break down the walls of prejudice and competition, built by our corrupt modern materialist/consumer social conditioning.

Global Solidarity is what has ultimately held the Occupy movement together. It is the super-glue that once experienced cannot be unstuck. It pushes the snowball of the awakening, and makes Occupy invincible to the types of pettiness above.

Because Occupy is not a single person; who can be pressured to quit. Permanently smeared or culled.

Occupy is an idea that never stops evolving. An idea that belongs to all of civilisation.

An idea that has spread like a virus. An idea which cannot be killed.

An idea whose time has come.

Expect us. 🙂


Further related links:

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& 1000s more if you web & video search. The truth is out there.

George Wood: Keeping The Public Safe; For Two Hours Every Six Weeks

Imagine Auckland Council had a secretary of right-wing leanings and associations. Imagine the secretary was known to boast about their aptitude at Facebook and imagine that this spilled over into their work hours, where they periodically got their social media fix on their employer’s time, eventually graduating to trolling the Facebook page of representatives of a political movement, democratically protesting outside the doors of the Council office.

Imagine the secretary used their public profile to deride, demean and harrass the protesters; advocating the use of ‘Alsatians’ and ‘water cannons’ and then climactically gloating in real time during their violent eviction, executed by their employer, paying private security forces and involving the NZ Police.

How would the secretary’s managers respond to this employment matter? The secretary would get fired, right? Facebook on work time? The cardinal capitalist sin?

Now imagine – that it wasn’t a secretary at all. Imagine that it is George Wood, the sitting Chairman of the Community Safety Board. Openly, on public record. On public time. On public dollars.

Which led us to wonder; what exactly is the Community Safety Board? What is the culture of it, if influenced by an internet Facebook troll?

Patching together the tiny scraps of democracy left in the wake of the evictions, we took a look at the public minutes of the Board, and quickly established that it is the local government equivalent of puppetry theatre.

The Community Safety Board:

* Meets every 6 weeks.
* Meeting times range from roughly 1 to 2 hours. Start to finish.
* Has several Auckland Council members and other representatives.
* Latenesses & absences on the part of members are frequent and noted in the minutes.

According to the minutes, every meeting covers off:

* Declarations of Interest
* Confirmation of Previous Minutes
* Petitions
* Public Input
* Local Board Input
* Extraordinary Business
* Notices of Motion

However, nearly ALL of the minutes for every meeting since the establishment of the Board, look like this:

“2 Declaration of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.
3 Confirmation of Minutes Resolution number CS/2012/6 MOVED by Cr Wood, seconded Cr Quax: That the minutes of the Community Safety Forum held on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, be confirmed as a true and correct. CARRIED
4 Petitions: There were no petitions.
5 Public Input: There was no public input.
6 Local Board Input: There was no Local Board input.
7 Extraordinary Business: There was no extraordinary business.
8 Notices of Motion: There were no notices of motion.”

Is this why they only meet for 1-2 hours every six weeks? Is this what it means to be in public service? How much are they getting paid to attend these meetings? Plus benefits/expenses? Transport? Catering??

Fortunately one set of minutes has this helpful snippet for us:

“Declaration of interest:
Members were reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as an elected representative and any private or other external interest they might have. There were no declarations of interest.”

We take this to mean that were Occupy Auckland members to appear in the “Public Input” section of the Community Safety Board meeting that George Wood would have to step down as Chairman out of his private (public!) external interest in trolling Occupy Auckland Facebook pages?

If we were to show up there, apparently this next snippet dictates our rights as the public to contribute to one of these public meetings:

“Deputations/Public Forum
The Standing Orders provide for deputations. Those applying for deputations were
required to give five working days notice of subject matter and applications were approved
by the Chair. This means that details relating to deputations could be included in the
published agenda. Total speaking time per deputation was thirty minutes
The Standing Orders also provide for public forums. Advance notice was not required but
it was expected that those wishing to speak at the public forum would advise the
Committee Secretary prior to the meeting. A maximum of thirty minutes was allocated to
the public forum with five minutes speaking time for each speaker.”

Let’s just check that again. “Advance notice was not required but it was expected that those wishing to speak at the public forum would advise the Committee Secretary prior to the meeting.” Expected? So the law says, the public can attend a public meeting but your secretary, who may or may not be busy trolling a political organisation on Facebook ala your Chairman George Wood, expects advance notice of any future disruption to your completely vacuous meeting? Lest the spotless minutes feature something other than “There was no/there were no/there was no/there were no” from top to bottom?

Is this what they call red tape? Needless bureaucracy? Government for the sake of government? Middle management gone wild? And these are the guys currently privatising our country across the industrial board? Yes, they are..

I only have two words to say with how aghast we are with George Wood and the Community Safety Board, who fails to protect us as members of the public and does a completely insufficient and inept job of representing anyone at all other than themselves.

Here’s our two words.


Disclaimer: Not all members of the Board are as inane as George Wood. Some, have gone on record as dissenting to much of the craziness rampant within the walls of Auckland Council.

That said, be it knowingly or unknowingly, George Wood’s “Community Safety Board” is cowering in the shadow of what a real democracy should provide to our public.

Full minutes for the Community Safety Board can be found here:



What A Tangled Web They Weave; FBI And DHS Involved In Questionable Events In New Zealand

How FBI & DHS Interference In New Zealand Has Brought A Government To Its Knees – Thanks To Their Persecution Of Kim Dotcom & Occupy.

Occupy New Zealand Media sews together the continually unfolding drama of which key players include:

1. Kim Dotcom; founder of Megaupload.com; German self-made multi-millionaire, legal resident of New Zealand.
2. The FBI; who (allegedly without sufficient due process) flew 10,000+ miles to New Zealand to raid Dotcom’s New Zealand residence, confiscate his belongings & threaten him with extradition to the U.S., branding Dotcom a criminal, ala Julian Assange of Wikileaks
3. John Banks; ex New Zealand Minister of Police, Local Government, Tourism, Sport and Civil Defence, ex Mayor of Auckland, current sitting Minister of Regulatory Reform (!!) and Small Business . Also happens to be the elected official for the electorate seat that holds the balance of power in the current New Zealand parliament. His most recent in a string of scandals is the result of doing some “small business” with Kim Dotcom that has landed him in extremely hot water politically.
4. John Key; Prime Minister of New Zealand, leader of the National Party, ruling by a shaky coalition that is a seat or two away from oblivion. Ex Merrill Lynch trader, Bank of America shareholder, ex Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of America.
5. Janet Napolitano; Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and recent visitor to New Zealand. On May Day, to be precise.

It is only characters of the above renown and prestige that could provide a more riveting plotline than any mere fiction could produce. What we report here is a sequence of media events; the progression of the story in the eyes of the New Zealand public and the experience of helping to break the story internationally.

ACT ONE: This entire story runs parallel to the Occupy movement establishing in Auckland and many other cities in New Zealand; and the violent police & private security evictions of them. US Marines establish a 2,000 strong base in nearby Australia, and it is reported in the mainstream media that US marines arrive in New Zealand to train New Zealand Police to use beanbag shotguns and other “less lethal weaponry”. Tension begins to heat up in the population due to a restrictive domestic political agenda of corporatisation, privatisation, austerity and the general bleeding of public assets into private hands. Seemingly out of the blue, the FBI arrive in New Zealand and raid Kim Dotcom. He is held in jail in Auckland Central Remand Prison. He retaliates for poor prison conditions and lack of attention from John Banks who he had financially supported by outing him for corrupt fundraising tactics.

SCENE ONE: April 28: It begins.
Domestic political scandal had been quietly brewing around John Banks for some time, with a high-profile Occupy Auckland activist & anti-corruption campaigner, Penny Bright, openly calling for his prosecution over the signing of incorrect financial statements involving an investment company, Huljich Wealth Management, which was a part of a slew of financial institutions that went under during the “financial crisis” in New Zealand, resulting in substantial losses to public investors. Despite the grass-roots knowledge of his corruption, the corporate media largely bury it as Banks is seen as somewhat of an institution of New Zealand politics, a favourite of Prime Minister John Key and seemingly untouchable. Until Kim Dotcom, from prison, discloses that John Banks had not only solicited Dotcom for campaign contributions, but instructed him to divide sums up into multiple parts, so that he could declare them as… ANONYMOUS!

When this news emerged, normal, every day, middle of the road New Zealand got a glimpse of the common depravity of stalwarts of New Zealand politics that shook them to their roots. En masse, they decried Banks & in the following domestic media flurry that immediately ensued, Occupy New Zealand, through the power of social media, played a major role in documenting & vocalising the outrage of the public.

Courtesy of Occupy New Zealand Facebook: www.facebook.com/OccupyNZ
” John Banks in major political corruption scandal – his conviction could force NZ by-election. John Banks is currently facing a triple whammy situation. Firstly; his having signed off on false financial statements as a director of Huljich Wealth Management; closely followed by the revelation that he received a $15,000 campaign donation from Sky City, who he is currently supporting in having laws changed for their commercial benefit; and now thirdly, Kim Dotcom has come forward with the allegation that Mr. Banks schooled him on how to break up campaign donations so that he wouldn’t have to declare them.

All of this on the back of the now-famous “cup-of-tea tape” where John Banks & John Key tried to hide from the public, the contents of a conversation they had, at a press-conference THEY had themselves called. ”

According to the NZ Herald: “(Banks) said his contact with Dotcom was limited to a total of 20 minutes conversation and he had been to Dotcom’s mansion in Coatesville only once for dinner. But film of the event – Dotcom’s birthday party – showed Mr Banks making a toast to the tycoon. Footage showed Mr Banks raising a glass and saying, “I’m going to propose a toast to Kim Dotcom. Please fill your glasses and stand. Happy birthday and best wishes to Kim Dotcom, Mona and his family.” “Staff at the mansion said it was one of three visits.” So he is lying about the depth of his relationship with Kim Dotcom to distance himself from the charges against Kim? Shady.

“Bodyguard Wayne Tempero was present, as was one of Dotcom’s butlers. His company chief financial officer also attended briefly. “He mentioned the elections were coming up [and] he was raising money for his campaign,” Dotcom said. “He said it was hard to raise money in New Zealand, the mayoral campaign was coming up and he’s trying to raise funds for that. I kind of liked the guy. I said, ‘I’m happy to help.’ I told Wayne to write a cheque for $50,000. His [Mr Banks’] eyes got a little bit bigger at that moment.”
Mr Tempero asked the chief financial officer to come into the room to write the cheque.
“John said, ‘Wait a minute’,” Dotcom recalled last night. “‘It would be good if you could split it up into two payments of 25 [thousand dollars], then I don’t declare publicly who made it’.”
Dotcom said one cheque was made out in his own name, or the name of his company Megastuff Ltd, and the other in Mr Tempero’s name. “He [Mr Banks] called me a few days after the cheques entered his bank account and he thanked me personally.”

THIS, ladies & gentlemen, is a simple example of the thousands of ways per year that our country gets sold out by corrupt politicians. Time to end the ridiculous charade that is the Act Party & get someone into the job who isn’t there just for the $$$$$$$. SHAME ON YOU JOHN BANKS!”

SCENE TWO: April 29: Banks dodges the media.
“According to the NZ Herald, John Banks isn’t returning their calls. Wonder why? Maybe John Key hasn’t worked out what to make John Banks do yet? Surely once the orders come down, he’ll hold a press conference. Hopefully some of the mainstream media at said press conference will ask the hard questions? Or will they just whitewash it? Will you ask him about his directorship of the Huljich Wealth Management Fund, anyone? John Banks signed prospectuses containing false information that resulted in massive financial hardship if not bankruptcy, for many New Zealanders; yet remains in a powerful position in NZ politics.

Now we discover not only has he declared a $15,000 donation he knew full well was from Sky City (Casino) as ‘Anonymous’ – a corporation that he is currently campaigning to have government regulations changed for, for their express financial benefit – but it turns out that of all people, he took $50,000 from Kim Dotcom?

After Dotcom was arrested, John Banks claimed to have barely knew him. So why was John Banks chauffeured around in private helicopters to Dotcom’s palatial estate? Making toasts at his birthday party? Telling him to cut checks into $25,000 “anonymous” pieces?
Now let’s not forget the good old Teapot tapes. John Banks was caught out by media he and John Key had called to a press conference which they turned into a quasi-private bitching session and then went to ridiculous lengths to cover up. Just as they will now try to cover this up.

John Banks isn’t some first term list MP… he is the former Mayor of Auckland and Minister of Police. If he’s managed to pull off all of the above, in only a couple of years; what the hell did he do to our city & country in the rest of his career? That we may never know about. It seems Mr. Banks is entirely symptomatic of an Old Boys Network gone wild – cocooned in their own perceived invincibility, but now getting their world’s rocked by the 99%.
If we can get even one mainstream journalist to actually investigate the above issues further, we are about to be down by at least one corrupt politician. Congratulations Aotearoa!! ”

SCENE THREE: April 30: Right-wing mainstream media burst into defensive action. Occupy New Zealand retaliates via Facebook.

“Listening to NewstalkZB right now – Leighton Smith is in the middle of a full-blown damage-control divert-and-cover-up propaganda operation in defense of John What-Helicopter Banks, whose political future is currently teetering on the edge of oblivion after his being busted for a sequence of dodgy shonky $$$-hungry dealings.

Leighton opens his show by claiming that he doesn’t want to talk about Banks – he wants to talk about anonymous donations. Then goes on to wax lyrical about the many reasons why political donations should be allowed to be anonymous; slipping in a caller or two that say exactly the same thing as he, then conveniently reading several emails he claims to have received (probably straight from Banks electoral office!!) reinforcing the same principles.

“But what about the right to privacy?” Leighton asks. Doesn’t a person have the right to privacy anymore? He draws parallels between donating to politicians and donating to charity – claiming that if the SPCA will let you donate anonymously that you should be able to anonymously donate to politicians.

Well I have news for you Leighton Smith. Read it twice then read it thrice. SKY CITY IS NOT A PERSON!!!!!!!

When Sky City donate a figure that ends in a bunch of zeros to a politician; then that politician (in this case John Banks) runs around campaigning for regulatory change that will enhance the profits of Sky City at the cost to the health and wellbeing of the New Zealand public – the issue isn’t whether they should be anonymous. The issue is when that politician should resign. And the answer to that question is: AT 9AM THIS MORNING.

Instead, said politician is being openly applauded by Barry Soper; who himself is supposedly a political observer & investigative journalist, yet who frequently appears on NewstalkZB bestowing sage wisdom upon shonky politicians who have got themselves in a jam.

Soper’s advice to John Banks on this morning’s program? “If he continues to claim he doesn’t know where it came from then he is within the law.”

Everyone who saw John Banks on Q & A on TVNZ yesterday knows full well he is lying. To see the clip for yourself Google TVNZ On Demand then go to the Q & A program for yesterday, Sunday 29/04/2012.

It is a rare sight these days to see Paul Holmes put in a credible performance as an interviewer; but even Paul was emboldened by John Banks utter refusal to address any question containing legitimate queries about his situation. His answers were obvious diversions from the questions and most tellingly, he refused to contradict anything that Kim Dotcom has said about him to date.

At this point two things are patently obvious –
1. John Banks is a political dead duck in the water
2. National & ACT (foolishly) didn’t see this coming, and will try any desperate undertaking that might either delay the inevitable ousting of John Banks while they frantically scramble to find an equally pliable Plan B for Banks’ ministerial portfolios, for his Epsom electorate, and to hold together their shaky coalition majority, lest this all spiral into them losing the big prize – the Beehive.

While Leighton Smith probably thinks he is doing a stellar job of convincing the last remaining portion of NZ society that doesn’t have access to the freedom of information of the internet – his own diversion tactics & fallacious arguments only show his contempt for the intelligence of his audience; the degree of his own political corruption and the lack of journalistic fibre of the organisation that employs him.

We can do much better than NewstalkZB New Zealand, and in the coming years we will. Thanks to the rising tide of new media eclipsing corporate media; these clowns are on their way out.

**(Shonky dealings known of thus far; Banks signing of Huljich Wealth Management Fund false financial statements; the Teapot saga; failure to declare Sky City donation while advocating regulatory change to suit them; and now finally, sucking up to Kim Dotcom for $50k, getting chauffeured around in his private helicopter then claiming to not even know him.)

ACT TWO: It had been common knowledge for some time that John Key is effectively a Wall Street shill of a Prime Minister; he had sided with Hollywood and bartered New Zealand tax-payer dollars in a union-busting move against a potential labour dispute; but he had sold himself as the poor child of a state home who had made good and enjoyed extremely high levels of public favouritism due to a domestic media grown utterly complacent to the point of negligence. The icy hand of privatisation had reached even the state media organisations, who discovered their staff being cut in all the wrong places, and investigative journalism eventually became purely reporting whatever came off the AP fax or whatever their few meagre crews are pre-assigned by bosses to attend. Although that complacency served the 1% in initially suppressing the size, spread and achievements of the Occupy movement in New Zealand, the lack of ability to get decent coverage forces a new wave of journalism into existence; one staffed entirely on a voluntary basis, by average citizens, ourselves included.

SCENE ONE: May 1: The DHS comes to town for May Day. New Zealand bloggers explode.

” Well surprise surprise. Our Wall Street banker Prime Sinister got his economic policies from… Wall Street, according to this article. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1201/S00050/nz-asset-sales-policy-began-on-wall-street.htm

” From Tumeke – John Banks Must Stand Down!!! http://tumeke.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/mr-key-stand-down-john-banks-or-you-are.html

May 2: ” Pic of Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security & our Prime Sinister John Key, taken today. Cos now the US Marines got done training our police in Oakland/NYPD-style police tactics; she’s here training him.

“02 May 2012. Prime Minister John Key with United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.”

” A RECENT HISTORY OF SUSPECTED AMERICAN FBI & DHS INTEFERENCE IN NEW ZEALAND SOVEREIGNTY. Lets see how long this post can stay visible on the main page for. Drilling aside; immoral as it is. Mining aside; immoral as it is. Has anyone else noticed: (in chronological order)

1. FBI arrive in NZ & raid Kim Dotcom. He is threatened with extradition to the USA.
2. Occupy Auckland’s four 24/7 simultaneous occupations (Aotea Square, 2.0 Queen Street, Te Huinga Waka aka Victoria Park & Occupy Albert Park) are aggressively steamrolled by police and private security forces working together; some of whom are wearing fake badge numbers (at least 3 officers wearing “Z557” as captured on amateur video here (from approx 07:30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rarpSu2Iw-c ).
3. During the evictions police arrest Penny Bright – one of the most visible campaigners for justice over John Banks & Don Brash signing incorrect financial returns as directors of Huljich Wealth Management Services
4. All personal belongings seized during the evictions are transported to a hangar at Hobsonville Airbase for “storage” despite the fact that this is MILES away & there is probably hundreds of closer facilities. This is the same airbase FBI choppers & other air transport vehicles were seen flying in & out of.
5. Shortly after the evictions it is reported that Occupy in New Zealand is over & that the FBI have returned to the U.S.
6. Kim Dotcom, after months of remand time served & having all his possessions & wealth ceased by the authorities, leaks the fact that John Banks is one extremely shady politician, to say the least.
7. After making a fool of himself in the media repeatedly, Banks finally issues semi-denial of the accusations of the content of his phone calls / meetings with Kim Dotcom.
8. Kim Dotcom says the contents of the conversations are on tape.
9. The NZ Herald reports that the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – despite there currently being 135 cities in General Strike in America and massive domestic American police operations ongoing – arrived in New Zealand yesterday (1st May NZST)
10. Late last night it is reported that Kim Dotcom is getting a bunch of his vehicles and stuff back. HMMMMMM……..food for thought. ”

” The clowns we call our political leaders. From left to right – John Key’s lackey, John Banks; George Wood’s lackey, Lesley Opie; George Wood – current Auckland Council member, ex mayor of the North Shore, current Chairman of the Community Safety Board & frequent Occupy Auckland Facebook troll; and finally, John Key. My what a foursome.” “Occupiers and a few others will understand the full significance of this image… ;-)”

SCENE TWO: It emerges the FBI did not follow correct legal procedure & the certainty of Dotcom’s conviction becomes increasingly less likely. The viral Banks-Key-Dotcom memes begin.

May 3: ” And the plot thickens… they never should have arrested Kim Dotcom in the first place. Apparently it was a gross abuse of resources for the FBI to storm on in here & attempt to take everything from him. Wonder where that leaves good old John Banks & JK? http://torrentfreak.com/megaupload-prosecution-is-lawless-and-unconstitutional-law-professor-says-120502/

And please enjoy this comprehensive assessment, containing a ton of related information about Dotcom’s notoriety, and the M.O. of National when doing an Allan Hubbard on unsuspecting successful independent businessmen; http://laudafinem.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/kim-dotcom-john-banks-the-invisible-ministers-and-the-unraveling-of-yet-another-national-party-conspiracy/

Reading between the lines of this NZH opinion piece: “Banks took in $520,086 in anonymous donations that year. But Brown, who beat him, also used measures available to local candidates that parliamentary candidates do not enjoy. His return included $499,000 from a trust set up to take donations without revealing the donors.”

So Brown could have had those donations from ANYONE? Say, from donors who were ALSO backing his opponent? Seem far-fetched?

In the USA corporations & rich-listers are well-known for hedging their bets by backing both candidates. Surely that couldn’t happen in little old New Zealand?

Would that explain why Len Brown is about as left wing as sitting Chairman of the Community Safety Board George ‘They should bring in the water cannons’ Wood?


SCENE THREE: Pretty much every media commentator and freelance journalist in New Zealand jumps in the fray, but as usual Occupy New Zealand Facebook provided the most comprehensive summary of them all, with a plethora of associated links.

May 6: ” We grew up in a New Zealand with ethics. That stood up to U.S. political bullying; that retained our own sovereignty with regards to womens rights, gay rights, military regulation & our environment; that didn’t change our laws to mirror our imperial overlords but to embrace progressive social change. We were taught to be proud of those differences and also proud that such a small country could push back against huge empires. Inevitably, with each initially unpopular stance we took; other countries caught on, and we gained international respect for our geopolitical risk-taking.
Well now we live in a day and age where commentators on both the right & the left are outright saying that we have sacrificed our sovereignty to the Americans over the Kim Dotcom saga. That the NZ Government failed to protect a legal resident & now that a U.S. judge has indicated the case may never go to trial; our government may be found liable in civil court. You have to read Rodney’s Herald opinion piece to understand it. The level of rhetoric has been elevated to an extent where both Rodney, on the far-right, and Matt McCarten, of the left, are essentially saying the same things. Why? Because corruption is corruption, no matter where on the political spectrum you sit.

Rodney’s opinion here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/article.cfm?c_id=280&objectid=10803744

Matt’s here: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/opinion/news/article.cfm?c_id=466&objectid=10803840

And this tasty morsel: apparently the dodgy dealings surrounding the Dotcom case are not restricted to politicians: the Crown Law office “knew” that correct procedures were not being followed, on the morning of the raid on Dotcom’s NZ rental property. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10803433

“I would have thought John Key would be a bit more pragmatic. I think John Key has been entirely out of step with the public.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10803602 You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the article to get to that quote, but its truth is undeniable.

John Key says he’d never heard of Dotcom til the raid; then refuses to stand down Banks during investigation? Tops it off with claiming to not know the Wellington Hikoi Against Asset Sales was happening on the very steps of the Beehive?

At this point we’re half expecting John Key to start denying knowing John Banks. Can things really get any more incredulous?


ACT THREE: Due in part to the attention of the global Occupy movement, John Banks, Kim Dotcom and New Zealand go viral for all the wrong reasons. Again, Occupy New Zealand Facebook documented the media whirlwind that encompassed the globe – being carried in countless major corporate publications internationally. Yet astonishingly John Banks, openly protected by John Key, remains in power to this day.

SCENE ONE: May 7: ” KIM DOTCOM RELEASES JOHN BANKS MUSIC VIDEO CLIP!!!!!!! This is the FUNNIEST most utterly HILARIOUS thing we have seen throughout the John Banks saga. Spread far and wide. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/6871058/Kim-Dotcom-releases-John-Banks-song

“Is John Key Having A John Howard Moment?” More like John Key is having a John Banks moment… http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1205/S00015/is-john-key-having-a-john-howard-moment.htm

May 9: ” Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee. “I can’t believe Key (and of course, his manipulative media muppet mates) continues to defend the indefensible in the case of that lying dog- Banks. Local body electoral law is clear, any donation over $25,000, cannot be anonymous and donations under this amount where the donor is known cannot be listed as anonymous.
The very reason for this law, is to give the public transparency around what entities are making large donations to political candidates and parties, so that any conflicts of interest can be identified.
What we have in the Banks/Dotcom case is what is beginning to look like exactly what the electoral law is there to prevent- a candidate effectively lobbying on behalf of a donor in return for a large stack of cash.
What it looks like here, is that Banks has said ” Hey Dot, we better break that donation up into 2 lots of $25,000, so that when i lobby my mate Maurice on your behalf nobody is able to see that i’ve been motivated to do so by your generosity, you sly old German sausage.”- and i paraphrase just a bit.
Banks’ position as a Cabinet Minister is now clearly untenable, he may still have the Prime-minister’s confidence but he no longer has the public’s confidence. What’s more he doesn’t have the necessary level of credibility and integrity to hold Ministerial office, if indeed he ever did.
The longer The King of Crony Capitalism, aka John Key stands by his man the more his perceived credibility and integrity will suffer.”

May 10: ” Oh dear… it appears Banks’ corruption & Key’s protection of him have finally hit the international media… *gasp*
Always interesting to see how our leaders are portraying our country to the world. We’ll be posting a selection of these international articles, starting with this one, from the British newspaper The Guardian. Enjoy! http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/may/07/kim-dotcom-john-banks-video

This one from a little closer to home… The Australian, on dodgy Banks, shonky Key & Kim Dotcom pwning them. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/nz-minister-john-banks-faces-his-own-dotcom-crash/story-e6frg6so-1226350163398

Ouch. From Bangkok to Spain to Britain to the States… ouc Prime Minister & John “What helicopter?” Banks are the laughing stock of the international political scene. http://newspano.com/news/kim-dotcom-donation-claims-rock-new-zealand-coalition

Here comes the right wing P.R. job – always be suspicious of an article that begins with the official corporate apologist soundbyte – and check out who owns the newspaper. This, the most corruption-friendly piece we’ve seen so far, comes from Bloomberg’s “Business Week”. (Yes, Bloomberg, as in, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, who has just spent seven months having the NYPD beat, taser, detain, falsely arrest, and sexually assault unarmed peaceful protesters). It appears this piece is as good as its’ going to get for our own dodgy politicians. Good question for Key next time one of you journo’s who obsessively read this page (but are too scared to like/share it): “John Key, have you ever personally met Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City?” http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-04-29/dotcom-s-political-donation-up-to-police-says-n-dot-z-dot-s-key

This is the most comprehensive international print article we’ve seen so far, including links to Banks’ appalling media performances & a lot of background information. Never heard of this news site before but definitely one to bookmark. http://www.grab-all.com/news/new-zealand/1129439/maurice-williamson-banks-lobbied-on-behalf-of-dotcom

Oooh fascinating. According to New York Magazine; “Amnesia” is just the beginning. So Dotcom really isn’t done with Banks, Key et al. http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2012/05/kim-dotcom-working-on-movie-book-and-album.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nymag%2Fvulture+%28Vulture+-+nymag.com%27s+Entertainment+and+Culture+Blog%29

John Key & John Banks even made it into the Hollywood Reporter. For all the wrong reasons. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kim-dotcom-song-amnesia-political-scandal-320970

Wow. New York Magazine. The Hollywood Reporter. The Guardian. And even Radio Samoa!!!! Is there a country left in the world that doesn’t know we are run by morons?To finish up our international Banks & Key scandal print journalism collection, here is two fantastic opinion pieces we came across. The first, cleverly points out:

“I see that Mr Key has been complaining to anyone who will listen about how hard done by he is, and that nobody understands any more. Well let me remind you, John Key, that you didn’t become Prime Minister by accident. You made a lifestyle choice and now you have to live with it, and if you don’t like it any more you should take yourself off the generous taxpayer-paid benefit you’re on and go get a real job. These f***ing government beneficiaries are all the same.” http://www.imperatorfish.com/
The second comes at the issue from several new angles & is well worth reading: http://gregroughan.com/2012/05/09/the-dilbert-management-theory-of-john-banks/
Kia ora koutou, enjoy the rest of your evening Aotearoa 🙂

Penny Bright – asking the kind of questions that Leighton Smith didn’t have the guts to ask the Prime Sinister John Key when he appeared on Newstalk ZB today. Instead, they talked about why it is wonderful that the government is accepting bribes from corporations. They called it a “win-win” situation. We call it the death of democratic principles. In the meantime, the unfortunate electorate of Epsom is still under the representation of a political dead-weight while the M.P. for Helensville… doesn’t even live there. He lives on the opposite side of Auckland in a multi-million dollar mansion in Parnell. One of the many reasons they call him Shonky John Key.
Penny says – “The Banksie BRIBERY scandal is still bubbling away ………………..
What hasn’t yet had the MAN ON THE MOON headlines on this issue – is – what is the difference between Taito Phillip Field and John Banks?
Taito Phillip Field was sentenced to SIX years jail upon conviction of bribery and corruption charges, for providing immigration assistance to Thai nationals in return for work on his properties.
John Banks provided ‘immigration assistance’ and Coatsville property purchase assistance to a German/ Finnish national, in return for a $50,000 Auckland Mayoral campaign donation?
perception …. perception …. perception ….
The difference, Taito Phillip Field is ‘brown’ and ‘dodgy’ John Banks has political protection at the highest levels from NZ Prime Minister ‘shonky’ John Key?
(Please be reminded that John Banks and Don Brash have never been CHARGED, let alone convicted, as former fellow Directors of Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, for signing Huljich Kiwisaver Scheme registered propectuses dated 22 August 2008 and 18 September 2009 which contained untrue statements….)
NZ is the ‘least corrupt country in the world’ – according to Transparency International’s 2011 ‘Corruption Perception Index’ – based upon the subjective opinion of anonymous businesspeople……
Penny Bright
‘Anti-corruption campaigner'”

SCENE TWO: As the New Zealand public hits the point of political scandal overload, the National Party and John Key begin an aggressive pre-Budget unveiling of draconian austerity measures, cuts to public services and advancement of their “partial” privatisation of state assets. All without so much of an acknowledgement as to the unravelling geopolitical situation and issues with corporate-capitalism, nor of the mounting domestic dissent and protest that is an ongoing backdrop to this saga. John Key gets caught out lying about being unaware of the location of a massive protest march that attracted thousands onto the very steps of his Parliament, involving many political parties, unions and concerned members of the public. His credibility continually erodes in the eyes of the public and the media, now realising that they were no longer solely driving the conversation, begin to shake off the dust and take them to task. For the first time since the establishment of Occupy in New Zealand, some issues begin to get a more open & fair coverage. Despite this, citizen journalism continues to provide a faster response and more comprehensive pool of information than mainstream media can keep pace with.

May 15: ” John Key taking swipes at a corporate media that dares question his intentions and failings. The media are “in a more aggressive and hostile mood towards us”, but Key does not worry about the media “despite what they think”. “I am not that bent out of shape about that – I expected it,” Key said. Although the mainstream media in NZ has a long history in mispresenting “reality” it’s comforting to see them make Key squirm…
http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/6924197/Key-bemoans-hostile-media  …not to mention the countless bloggers and citizen journalists keeping the pressure on.
Media By Us….Not Media Bias! ”

May 21: ” PROTEST TODAY! ‘Do the ‘Honorable’ thing John Banks! RESIGN! NOW! 12 noon till 2pm outside the electorate office of John Banks (27 Gillies Ave ) calling for his RESIGNATION of – the not so ‘Honorable’ MP for Epsom, because he is not ‘fit for duty’ as an MP – let alone a Minister. Have you seen http://www.dodgyjohnhasgone.com/give-a-grrl-a-banner/ This shows some of the banners we’ll have on display – today! 🙂
How come Taito Phillip Field got sentenced for SIX years for ‘bribery and corruption’, for providing ‘immigration advice’ to Thai nationals in exchange for work on his properties – while ‘dodgy John Banks gets political protection from ‘shonky’ John Key, after giving ‘immigration assistance’ and Coatsville property purchase ‘assistance’ to a German/ Finnish national, in return for $50,000 donated to ‘Banksie’s’ 2010 Auckland Mayoral campaign fund? What’s the difference – apart from Taito Phillip Field being brown?
Isn’t it painfully obvious? That this MINORITY National Government has only 59 out of 121 MPs – so has no mandate for assets sales. That’s why John Key continues to defend the indefensible, and ‘have confidence’ in the ACT MP for Epsom, who is helping to make New Zealand ‘perceived’ to be ‘the least corrupt country in the world’ and absolute laughing stock, as per Kim Dotcom’s John Banks song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CvRSZxqk_I which has now had over 140,000 hits worldwide.

OPEN LETTER TO JOHN BANKS: left at his electorate office by members of the public protesting political corruption. Full details from Penny Bright:
“FYI – below is a copy of the letter that was pushed into the gap between doors at John Bank’s empty Epsom electorate office at 27 Gillies Ave, today, Monday 21 May 2012.
Today, there is a protest being held outside your electorate office at 27 Gillies Ave, Newmarket from 12 noon till 2pm. The purpose of this protest is to encourage you to do the ‘honorable’ thing, and resign forthwith as the ACT MP for Epsom, and leave the NZ House of Parliament, before you bring it, and this country ‘perceived’ to be ‘the least corrupt in the world,(http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2011/results) into further international disrepute. How can you honestly consider yourself to be ‘fit for duty’ as either an MP or a Minister of the Crown? Why is it that former Labour MP Taito Phillip Field got sentenced for SIX years for ‘bribery and corruption’, for providing ‘immigration advice’ to Thai nationals in exchange for work on his properties – whilst yourself, the Minister of Regulatory Reform is effectively getting political protection from NZ Prime Minister John Key, after you have given ‘immigration assistance’ and Coatsville property purchase ‘assistance’ to a German/ Finnish national, in return for $50,000 donated to your 2010 Auckland Mayoral campaign fund, and gifts valued at over $500 which you failed to declare? Are you aware that Kim Dotcom’s ‘John Bank’s song’ has had over 140,000 ‘hits’ on You Tube,
in my opinion, helping to make NZ an international laughing stock? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CvRSZxqk_I
It is also of great concern to me, as a fighter also against ‘white collar’ crime, that ACT’s ‘one law for all’ has yet to apply to both yourself and Don Brash, current and former Leaders of the ACT Party.
As former fellow directors of Huljich Wealth Management (NZ) Ltd, you both signed Huljich Kiwisaver Scheme registered prospectuses dated 22 August 2008 and 18 September 2009, which contained untrue statements, but you were never charged for so doing. This is a strict liability offence under s58(3) of the Securities Act 1978, but neither the old Securities Commission, the Finance Markets Authority (FMA), the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) , nor the NZ Police arguably ‘did their job’ and charged yourself or Don Brash.
John Banks, you are now the Minister of Regulatory Reform, yet four different ‘regulatory’ bodies failed to act against you, someone, who arguably couldn’t properly run a Kiwisaver Scheme, yet now has a key Ministerial post and you are supposedly helping to run the country ‘perceived’ to be the ‘least corrupt in the world’
(Copies of this correspondence are available on www.pennybright4epsom.org.nz )
Have you been politically protected at the highest levels, because this minority National Government has only 59 out of 121 MPs, thus no mandate for assets sales, because there is not a majority of National MPs, so is dependent on your pivotal vote?
Is this why NZ Prime Minister John Key is arguably continuing to ‘defend the indefensible’ and still express ‘confidence’ in you, although former MPs, Richard Worth and Pansy Wong appear to have lost his confidence over a lot less?
Penny Bright
‘Anti-corruption campaigner’’

SCENE THREE: With the impending delivery of National’s budget on May 25th 2012, a budget that Key desperately needs Banks to aid in pushing through, it becomes clear that despite multiple police investigations into Banks and protesters campaigning literally on the doorstep of his empty electorate office, he will not step down. The collateral damage to Key is enormous and the immediate political future in New Zealand, unclear. We will keep you posted. 🙂

What -is- clear to us is that Occupy, social media, citizen journalism, Kim Dotcom and you and I are part of a true emancipation of knowledge, information, shared existence, extra-communication and societal evolution of which few mainstream sources are prepared to acknowledge outside of a monetary context. Nine months ago, the vast majority of citizen journalists were not citizen journalists; the livestreamers were not livestreamers; the Occupy media teams were not accredited journalists who wrote about the DHS, FBI & global politics; we were unemployed students, geeks, stay at home mothers, grandmothers, amateur photographers, just wanting to contribute something meaningful to this unprecedented global movement.

Solidarity to all out there who are doing the same under strenuous conditions and thank you to the international Occupy movement for your amazing support. Much love.