Chilean Students Demand Education Reform

After more than one hundred arrests, University of Chile Student’s Federation President Gabriel Boric assures followers that students are not giving up the fight. Considering that Chile is making such strong economic advances, yet their students are being forced to drop out, it is no wonder the students are refusing to stay quiet.

Source: Merco Press

Global Spring 2012 – The Call To Worldwide Action Is Out, a site inspired by the Occupy movement has put out a call for a global day of action on May 12.

The call is out to chapters of the Occupy movement worldwide to march in solidarity with the countries in which uprisings are currently taking place (Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland and India to name a few).

Secret Free Trade Agreement That Should Have All Of Us Very Worried #TPPA #ows #oo

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a free trade agreement in the works between New Zealand and the US, Brunei, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia and Peru.

The details of the proposed agreement are being kept secret from the general population of all nations involved. The very notion, that our governments are not telling us what we should have a right to know should scare every single one of us.

This, as we all know has been going on since government has existed. There is no such thing as full disclosure when it comes to the governments we have had so far. This is a huge problem, and one that needs to end.

Here’s what we do know about TPPA:

May Day 2012: Global General Strike 01/05/12 #OWS #OO

On the first day of May 2012 there is a call for a General Strike. A call for workers across the globe to unify against the oppression of the 1% and to remind them that they rely on US for their survival.

Source: Twitter