Ex British Diplomat Craig Murray: “We Need WhistleBlowers”

This video shows former British Ambassador Crag Murray speaking about the critical importance of whistleblowing; especially in these times.

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Occupy NZ’s Gorgeous A9 Chalkupy Solidarity Slideshow: Pics From 3 Continents

Among the first countries to see each new day, Occupy New Zealand kicked off #A9 Chalkupy: Chalkupy The World, on Thursday, with members of the public chalking public and private space throughout the country.

The following is our first attempt at inserting a slideshow (rather than our usual slew of raw pics resulting in a kilometre long post), hope you like it 🙂

One of the most positive changes for Occupy New Zealand post-evictions has been the continued international solidarity experienced by us and in which we have participated, in the chain of global solidarity action days.

From our May Day actions to Chalkupy, as several have commented, “it makes the world seem a lot smaller!”, and it also diminishes the differences between us, allowing us to feel akin to all humankind.

As we chatted with members of the public who stopped to admire our work, and handed out chalk to the youngsters soon swirling around us, each witness to the chalking was able to also feel that kinsmanship. We told them of what had happened to Occupy Los Angeles chalkupiers – and their faces fell. We told them of what we were doing in solidarity; their faces beamed.

One passerby was so excited to see the Syria image that he was exuding to his wife, “Syria! Syria! They know about Syria!” The relief and excitement on his face palpable.

For some people, the acknowledgement is profound. For their heritage, for the truth of what is happening in those countries, to be aired openly, is the first step in the ladder to fixing it once and for all.

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Global Spring 2012 – The Call To Worldwide Action Is Out

takethesquare.net, a site inspired by the Occupy movement has put out a call for a global day of action on May 12.

The call is out to chapters of the Occupy movement worldwide to march in solidarity with the countries in which uprisings are currently taking place (Syria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Iceland and India to name a few).


US & British Goverments Condemn Murder In Syria But Condone It In Palestine

The UN security council held a meeting to determine whether to stop the killings in Syria. Russia and China used their vetoes, blocking the UN from intervening. America and the UK have expressed their disgust at this…. which is, at best, hypocritical, when viewed in the wider geopolitical context.


#Monsanto Caught Illegally Planting GM Corn In India

Usual tactics from Monsanto, with more reports of illegal activity. One wonders if Monsanto will ever stop breaking laws internationally, for their own profit.


Monsanto has recently been kicked out of the UK due to mass protests resulting from the use of rBGH, a growth hormone given to dairy cows so that they produce more milk.


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St. Paul’s Cathedral Canon Chancellor Resigns In Protest

Giles Fraser quits over plans to forcibly remove Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters from outside cathedral • Giles Fraser interview: “The Church cannot answer peaceful protest with violence.”


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First Posted: October 28 at 11.11am