Global Peace and Justice Auckland Hold Anti-War Rally

Global Peace and Justice Auckland held an anti-war rally in Aotea Square, Auckland, yesterday followed by a silent march downtown to Britomart.

We were there and pleasantly surprised to see ex Labour leader David Shearer speaking passionately about his experiences in Iraq and in Palestine.

We were also able to snag a quick interview with another ex Labour leader, Phil Goff, about his past experiences in activism and his opinion of ISIS and of Islam.

Despite the short notice (we only heard about the event the night before) and the relentless pouring rain, the spirit of the rally was really good. Thousands of passersby on the city streets stopped to watch the march go past, with several cars tooting their support as we passed, and the event unfolded without any issues whatsoever, dispersing peacefully.

For more pics and commentary on the event please check #GPJA on Twitter.



Mitt #Romney Receives Massive Donations From Banksters #ows #oo

Mitt Romney, the front-runner in the Republican GOP Primary, collects more in donations from the 5 biggest banks (Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs) than all other presidential candidates combined.

Food for thought, voters.

Occupy Nigeria Latest News

Here is the latest from Occupy Nigeria

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NYC Protesters Scale Fence At Vacant Lot #ows #oo

Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested Saturday after they scaled a chain-link fence or crawled under it to get to an Episcopal church-owned lot they want to use for a new camp site.

Father Nathan Monk Nearly Arrested at Pensacola City Council

Councilwoman Sherri Myers walks out of chambers in protest at Father Nathan Monk being nearly arrested for having his say at a Pensacola, Florida City Council meeting.

It is awesome to see at least one local government politician standing up for their fellow citizens right to free speech and simultaneously shameful to see the bullying tactics employed up to the point that she walks out.

NGOs & Religious Organisations Issue Solidarity Statement For Occupy Auckland

Another 15 community organisations including church organisations publish their official support for the occupations in NZ!

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St. Paul’s Cathedral Canon Chancellor Resigns In Protest

Giles Fraser quits over plans to forcibly remove Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters from outside cathedral • Giles Fraser interview: “The Church cannot answer peaceful protest with violence.” 

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First Posted: October 28 at 11.11am

Jewish & Muslim Faiths Both Celebrated At OWS

And for those who called OWS anti-Semitic….the truth shall set you free. From Occupy Wall Street’s Facebook account: “The Jewish celebration Simchat Torah was held tonight at Occupy Wall St. Hundreds singing and dancing at Liberty Plaza. It was beautiful with smiles on the face of all! Tomorrow at 1pm Muslim New Yorkers will be holding Friday Prayer at Liberty Plaza, with a sermon on social justice and Islam. Despite our differences and the challenges that face us, we are still the 99% and we are coming to the recognition of the true meaning of that. Solidarity is blossoming.”

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