May Day 2012: Global General Strike 01/05/12 #OWS #OO

On the first day of May 2012 there is a call for a General Strike. A call for workers across the globe to unify against the oppression of the 1% and to remind them that they rely on US for their survival.

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How Goldman Sachs and Other Companies Exploit Port Truck Drivers

Companies such as Goldman Sachs are profiting off the backs of port truck drivers, a class of exploited workers who are a crucial lynch-pin in the American economy. This is a long read but well worth the time.

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Occupy Oakland General Strike: Protesters Flood Freeway (MASSIVE!)

This picture is by far the best i’ve seen today, makes the last picture I posted look like a sewing circle. This is what the NZHerald described as 3,000 people but #OWS is reporting as at least 10,000+. (Update: it is now reported as 100,000+!! Seems like noone can do accurate head counts but this is the largest thing I’ve seen so far, thats for sure.) 

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General Strike Solidarity Action: Citibank Branch Shutdown Pics

The banner says: Citibank Crimes: Bank Bailout: $476 Billion; 2011 Bank Profits UP 74%; CEO Salary $25 Million per year; Pays $0 Corporate Tax; Pays Customers 0.05% interest; Pays Tellers $12.50 per hour.

Still wonder why Occupy movement is protesting??

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Calls First General Strike In 65 Years #N3

Since the media probably hasn’t told you, in the USA, today is the first General Strike in 65 years. It was called in solidarity with an Iraq war veteran who participated in Occupy Oakland (CA) and was shot in the head by riot police. To see an AMAZING photo of the protest (bearing in mind that the march doesn’t even officially start for another 15 minutes so this massive crowd is just the early birds…) here:

It is just one of the hundreds of photos from todays USA General strike, if you are interested in seeing tons more, go to Twitter and follow ” Occupy_Pics ” which is a living encyclopedia of images of the Occupy movement, globally.

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