Snowden, Assange, Greenwald and Kim Dotcom Speak in New Zealand

New Zealanders burst into spontaneous cheers, stomped the floor until the floorboards shook and gave standing ovation after standing ovation to Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Robert Amsterdam, Kim Dotcom and Laila Harre tonight.

You would not know this, however, from the national NZ media coverage, which appeared as institutionally embroiled in #DirtyPolitics as ever. The Kim Dotcom smear campaign exposed by Nicky Hager’s book remains operational, and complicit elements of the media are eager to continue  to spoon-feed New Zealanders the same tripe, irreverent of, or oblivious to, the public’s awakening.

Our (above) playlist of videos from the night contain countless real stories, none of which are represented by the elitist “yawn” of corporate media, who instead of discussing the multitude of serious issues being raised, instead deemed themselves arbiters of whether or not #MoT lived up to their particular preconceptions based on their own prior wanton and largely irrelevant speculation and in some cases coloured by ulterior motive.

As always however, their complacency and single-mindedness left them wide open to being scooped by independent media. We were there and made sure the whole world was watching.


Our pastebin of event media resources here

Brave #GCSB and #Snowden Journo Wins Reporter Of The Year

When Occupy New Zealand put out a press release telling Kiwi journalists “You Need Not Fear Becoming Julian Assange” and imploring them to participate in a New Zealand mainstream media revolution, we dared not dream one would actually eventuate.

So it is a dizzying pleasure to be able to announce to the world that reporter Andrea Vance, famous for protecting her source over the #GCSB leaks (the NZ equivalent of the NSA), and more recently her Fairfax coverage of First Look Media and Glenn Greenwald‘s Snowden revelations, has won both Reporter of the Year and the Wolfson Fellowship Award at the recent Canon Media Awards, which will see her travel to Cambridge in 2015 to further hone her skills.

Herself a very public victim of Big Brother, Andrea’s stand for freedom of the press has resulted in a watershed moment in NZ political and media history, where attacks on her by elements of the ruling Government spectacularly backfired, inflaming the Parliamentary press corps.

In the not-so-distant past, we would be sorely tempted to write a diatribe about the sorry state of affairs that has led to major NZ journalism awards being corporate functions that are largely restricted to corporate-backed journalists, or to note that the judges of the awards mostly if not all, hail from the executive level of those exact same big media corporations.

However in this instance, that fact actually makes the accolades that are being heaped upon Andrea Vance by her peers and the public for her courage and integrity while under fire, all the more remarkable, internationally significant and newsworthy.

So instead of writing about all the mistakes other Fairfax journalists have made in the past, or how the corporate media has let us down, for once we can say – they got it right, did the right thing and we are grateful for it.

There are many signs in the wider international press that the tide is beginning to turn, and the saturation levels of the free information available at people’s fingertips is at long last producing social wins.

It appears the media is catching up with public opinion and there may be hope yet that we can retain and hopefully reinforce some of the many precious freedoms and human rights that are at dire risk of erosion by the global surveillance apparatus.

So in this sweet moment we laud the victories. Kia ora Andrea, wahine toa.

(Another great article including an 8:58 excerpt of a radio interview with Andrea is linked here courtesy of The PaePae)


Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

This has been a very, very long time coming: the facts and figures behind Occupy’s economic ideology are finally being broadcast in the mainstream.

This clip is from TVNZ – New Zealand’s “partially-privatised” corporate-backed bank-sponsored mainstream television news service. It validates what Occupiers have been saying all along.

What a year ago they described as “conspiracy theory”, they are describing in 2013 as “Economics 101”

Since Occupy’s inception in September 2011, corporate media have misrepresented, mocked, shunned and outright blacked out the movement.

Individuals spreading Occupy messages have endured unquantifiable hardships to continue doing so. To now see the massive infrastructure that was wielded against us, spreading the messages of the awakening, is intensely satisfying and a huge relief.

These next two Anonymous videos depict the transition occurring. As politicians and representatives of the traditional “left” & “right” are increasingly raising their voices to express the same views and desires for the future of humanity.

As you will see in this video – often now raising their voices LITERALLY and within the halls of power.

It seemed only a week ago that people were celebrating an Anonymous video having 3 million views. At the beginning of Occupy they would get mere hundreds of views, or a few thousand.

3 million sounds impressive right? An exponential increase from its humble beginnings.

Well, check again. There are now 9 million views on last year’s critically-important NDAA warning video – “Message To The American People”.

Yet another important video to recently emerge was this very public remonstration of Obama and his policies. Watch him squirm in his chair as his own people tell it like it is.

One viewer of the above video noted that even Michelle Obama appeared to be in rapturous support of the message and said “this is all going to come down – and fast. Faster than we ever thought.”

We think it is safe to say that the cat is out of the bag.

Change must come.

Change is coming.

To those of us who have given everything to help bring this about; Occupymama says: “We’ve done a fucking good job we have! Fucking good. We can sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a minute now. The world HAS actually changed. There are so many people awake.”

Occupy Chicago / #NoNATO March Dramatically Underestimated By #MSM

“Nearly all the media began saying a few hundred protesters showed up today though on air Chicago stations said up to 75,000. Now most media is saying 2500 – 3500… You decide which number is more accurate.”

News Media Ownership In New Zealand – A Dismal Picture

Below is a link to Bill Rosenburg’s article on news media ownership in New Zealand.

Outlined is the need for serious changes in regards to the ownership, regulation and commercialization of the media.

It’s time to demand that the Government make the appropriate changes to the industry before the ever-increasing number of people switching off their TV sets brings an end to the redundant and corrupt corporate news media entirely.

Is the Mainstream Media Starting to Admit Occupy Does Have Concrete Criticisms/Proposals?

BlogPost, an online section of The Washington Post, has reported that the Occupy movement “seems to be alive and kicking once again”. They have outlined actions that are being planned by various occupations in the United States, and according to them, Time Magazine has even called the 325-page letter to federal regulators from the group ‘Occupy the SEC’, “an answer to criticisms that the protesters have not been able to produce a single concrete demand.”

Is it possible that some of the Mainstream Media is starting to realize that censorship doesn’t sell?

Probably not, but at least it’s something.

BlogPost article:

Occupy the SEC letter:

How I Got Censored By The Mainstream Media

Here are text messages I sent to Larry Williams @ 1ZB: (think Rush Limbaugh with a New Zealand accent)

I’ll put the parts he read on air in normal text & the parts he censored out are in bold + italics.

It is of note that those parts of my texts which he DID read, he read at a mile a minute then went straight on to the next without any comment whatsoever as to their significance. Nor did they alter at all his dialogue/false accusations towards the Occupy movement throughout the remainder of his show.

Text 1: Our Bill of Rights trumps council by-laws. So does US constitution. In the USA courts are refusing warrants to arrest and throwing out charges. This movement is in 2,217 cities; its clout is way beyond Dunedin or Auckland.

Text 2: (Not read out at all) Search Twitter for Occupy_Police, there are USA Police, Military; Marines, Air Force, the works, involved in occupations. Google search Sgt. Shamar Thomas; this is a far different situation than your station is presenting.

Text 3: You Tube ‘occupy’ there are over 100,000 videos about this movement. Pls educate yourselves! Many occupiers are business owners, myself included!

Text 4: This guy saying what about the taxpayers and ratepayers – we paid 80k tax and 5k rates last year. Protest is legal under the Bill of Rights; of course Police don’t want to arrest us when they can’t arrest Eric Watson/Mark Hotchin et al. (Referring to finance company directors who bankrupted their clients while escaping personally with millions of investors dollars)

You might think – wow – its amazing that he read out any of my texts at all. I’d agree, except that, having heard the show personally, it seemed that he was beginning to read them out then immediately tossing them aside once he realised the direction they were heading in. Yet another poor performance from NZ’s #1 radio station which, just like Fox news, advertises itself on the premise of being “Fair and Balanced”. Lol!

Source: Facebook


Tahrir to OWS: “We Have The Same Goal”

Anyone who still believes that the media doesn’t omit critical information / distort events to suit the agendas of their owners should stop and ask themselves whether they supported the Egyptian revolution in February of this year.

The radio told you to support it, so did the TV. All MSM (“mainstream” media) told you to support it. Did you support it?

Answer that question then click this link:

Their own sign says it best. Tahrir + Occupy Wall Street = Same goal.

So now that the MSM is telling you NOT to support the Occupy movement… will you listen to them? Or will you listen to the people in Tahrir?

The choice is yours.

Source: Facebook

Newstalk ZB/Radio 1ZB: NZ Equivalent Of Rush Limbaugh #MSM #Lies

1ZB were at it again night before last. Broadcasting to the largest radio audience in NZ (especially rural audience who are less connected to the world at large) saying that:

1) Occupy Auckland is “all on drugs” (reality: there is a drug-free alcohol-free zero-tolerance policy in place);

2) that they are likely “defecating in public space” (reality: they were inspected by city council health inspectors & given an A grade sanitation certificate);

3) that they are all hippies/unemployed (reality: many self-employed people myself & my partner included are involved in the movement, including property developers/millionaires alike because people of conscience come from all economic walks of life)

4) that Occupy Dunedin had violated a court order (reality: no court order has been made) refusing to leave the public space.

Fortunately, the NZ Police know FULL WELL that the council by-law against camping does not trump the Bill Of Rights provision that specifically states that no by-law may be created which impinges upon the right of free peaceful protest & legal tests in the States have so far ratified the argument that the tents are a function of the ongoing protest & not a purpose to camp in & of themselves & are thus protected by First Amendment rights in the Constitution.

The above is why the police have not acted upon the Dunedin City Council notice… and though 1ZB know that full well (we notified them of it) they continue hours upon hours of calls for the Dunedin Police to “enact the law”. Shame on you 1ZB, slaves to your corporate agenda.

Source: Facebook

End The Wars And Tax The Rich

This woman deserves a medal;. Instead she gets taken away by security. But her message gets across. No more violence. No more weapons. No more death. No more poor.

Oh look. Awesome. Another video on You Tube that now says:

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:
FOX News Network
Fox News Network, LLC
Fox News Network, LLC
Sorry about that.” 

Source: Facebook

First Posted: October 28 at 11:45am