Kiwi Activist Lyn Ny: “It Is Deadly Dangerous To Speak Against The Government”

Occupy Auckland media team member Suzie Dawson recently went public about her application for temporary asylum in Russia. The Kiwi journalist’s documentary ‘Diary of a Person of Interest‘ details how she has been targeted by the New Zealand and United States governments, leading to her becoming exiled from her home country.

In an interview last week, two eye-witnesses to the targeting of Suzie, the media team co-ordinator Redstar309z and Internet Party of New Zealand candidate Chris Yong, spoke out alongside Suzie to verify her claims.

Yesterday, another media team member, Lyn Ny, was interviewed to get her take on the situation.

Suzie cites Occupy Auckland media team as being the start of her journalism and activism. What are your observations of her personal and media career development over the period 2011 til 2015 when she left New Zealand?

Lyn Ny: Suzie was thrown in the deep end. Occupy was a baptism by fire for a lot of us. An introduction to activism and the government’s response to [our supposed] freedom of speech lol! I watched Suzie arrive at Occupy green and immerse herself and take the penalty that goes with it. Her personal life became public and she rose to the challenge and became a fantastic journalist and advocate for change. It drew a big target on her arse!

What significance and impact did the efforts and actions of Suzie and of the Occupy Auckland media team have in Auckland and in New Zealand?

Lyn Ny: I think that Suzie was integral to the media team… it wouldnt have been as effective without her. She made us all more efficient at sharing the Occupy message initially and then continuing to provide real news about topical events and issues that helped to wake up a lot of people to the state of our city, country, world. Those efforts are continuing thanks to ongoing input from the original team together with the new lot that have largely taken over.

What are your recollections of Suzie being targeted? Can you cite specific instances? On how many occasions did she discuss with you the targeting of her?

Lyn Ny: Suzie was definitely targeted… because she was effective. The internet expose springs to mind. Her family home, car and all other details are probably still available on the internet for the world to see thanks to that crap. That definitely endangered Suzie and her family. We were all watched electronically and physically. Some of us were given special attention from Police and Council … any opportunity to make life difficult was exploited against us. I know her car was messed with and we both had road events that were threatening and unsettling. Its hard to say categorically that someone was trying to kill us but someone was certainly trying to tell us they could.

Suzie has claimed that after leaving your home one night, she was targeted by vehicles who tried to drive her off the road. Do you have any doubt this happened?

Lyn Ny: No doubt at all. At the time it seemed far fetched but in light of what happened to Hone Harawira and then later to me in Dome Valley I have no doubt at all. Suzie was and probably still is of sufficient interest to warrant this kind of fear tactic and who knows how far they would go? I dont think they would mind if they ran her off the road and killed her or the kids and I wouldnt be surprised if that was their aim.

Suzie says that the targeting of her continued as she travelled across the world, and she recently revealed that she is seeking temporary asylum in Russia. Do you feel this is justified? Do you believe that the targeting of her was particularly voracious?

Lyn Ny: I cant comment on her travels since she left New Zealand but I can assert that she was targeted specially for her high profile in media in NZ. I know she was because ALL high profile occupiers were given special attention. She was more vulnerable in some ways than me… young kiddies make you more vulnerable. And she was more publicly visible and therefore more effective. This meant more effort went into trying to shut her down… move her out of Occupy or out of town… or, as it turned out, out of the country.

Has the political environment in New Zealand improved?

Lyn Ny: No… it’s worse. Many times worse. Those who are still effective as activists are discouraged by any means possible. It is deadly dangerous to speak against the government.


Suzie’s supporters have created the Twitter account @HelpSuzi3D to raise awareness about her situation and this Tumblr account to pool media resources and related information about her asylum application. Suzie is unable to work while her application is pending and donations are urgently required to sustain her young family during this time. Please give generously and share this information by whatever means you can.

Kia ora koutou.


“Test Their Logik” visit Aotearoa New Zealand

This month, we were blessed to host revolutionary rap artist Testament from Test Their Logik.

Hailing from Turtle Island (Canada), Test (as he is affectionately known) played a series of shows throughout the country, and held a series of talks on the Canadian Keystone XL pipeline blockades – a series of massive environmental defense actions that have spurred solidarity events in several countries.

His fierce live performances were ecstatically received by the NZ activist community and below is some short videos taken at his two Auckland gigs – one at the old SJD pad in Mt. Eden and the other at The Wine Cellar in St. Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland.


Test gets the crowd to shout-out to Idle No More:

Must-see Test Their Logik music videos: the 1st is a compilation made by Occupy Denver to compliment the song “Red N Black Yo”:

The piece de resistance is this pre-2012 U.S. presidential election release: “Democracy’s Bankrupt”. We absolutely adore this video.

D8 TPPA Shutdown Protesters Refuse To Be Ignored

(Updated D10 2012) The frequently foolish John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has a long track record of outright “ignoring” mass dissent amongst the population, boiling for over a year now.

When 8,000 protesters amassed on the steps of Parliament in May, John Key claimed from inside that very building, to be unaware of their presence.

Only last week, he told the NZ public to outright “ignore” the TPPA protesters.

Today those protesters showed that they will not be ignored.

The mainstream media version of today’s events is that a rogue female protester assaulted a cop, resulting in the unrest. However, eye witness testimony from those on the ground paints a vastly different picture.

As does the extremely valuable live video coverage of the event, broadcast by Occupy Eye (NYC, DC) and Redstar309Z (Auckland, NZ) from the ground. Their streams are a must-see.

Below is a mash-up of media from the day – videos, photos, and tweets. We will continually add links and information as able.

These boxes contained 750,000 signatures from people worldwide who are against the TPPA

These boxes contained 750,000 signatures from people worldwide who are against the TPPA

After Professor Jane Kelsey from Auckland University School of Law was denied entry to hand over the petition, the boxes were set it alight in protest. #d8 #tpp #tppa

After Professor Jane Kelsey from Auckland University School of Law was denied entry to hand over the petition, the boxes were set alight in protest. #d8 #tpp #tppa

(Last two photos by @keyweekat of Occupy Auckland Media Team)

Keyweekat’s video of the symbolic burning of the rejected petition signatures:

At this point, several scuffles broke out between police and protesters with livestream footage showing officers throwing punches, kicking & shoving & using various tactics against protesters of all ages and walks of life.

There was much furore after the cop in this photo allegedly attacked a number of protesters including women. He was then intercepted by a group of protesters who began to return the favour, at which point according to Occupy Eye, the rest of the cops “came in swinging” to get him out. (Refer to the livestreams to see these events for yourself).

"What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls." says an eye-witness #tpp #tppa #d8

“What kind of a cop is this? No ID, No badge, No uniform, A crash helmet. He roamed around beating up on young girls.” says an eye-witness #tpp #tppa #d8

The protesters then scattered with a large group gathering for debrief at Aotea Square, which was quickly surrounded by police, apparently intent on kettling those still within the vicinity.

However the display of violence against the young female had infuriated the crowd, who openly confronted the police, telling them to stand down & leave immediately, which they apparently wisely chose to do.

This 12 minute video filmed & edited by Occupy Eye is a must-see.

For a thorough time-stamped analysis of the above video please read this viewing guide.

Police Walk Of Shame from Aotea Square after assaulting protesters incl. young women:

Eye-witness testimony regarding police assaults on protesters:

2nd eye-witness testimony regarding police assaults on protesters:

Middle-aged protester shows her bruises from being physically grabbed and thrown by police #d8 #tpp #tppa #anfs

Middle-aged protester shows her bruises from being physically grabbed and thrown by police #d8 #tpp #tppa #anfs

3News (who have a long track record of misrepresenting protest actions in New Zealand) claim there were 30 police present. In reality, there were a multitude of squads of 30-45 police each and likely in excess of 30 police vehicles.

We might wonder where TV3 and the other corporate media get their information from. However, we know full well where they get it from. In fact, we captured them getting it!

Is this why the NZ corporate media are reporting fiction?

Is this why the NZ corporate media are reporting fiction?

3News report there were 30 police present. You be the judge.

Intersection of Albert & Wellesley, #d8 #tpp #tppa

Intersection of Albert & Wellesley, #d8 #tpp #tppa

Albert Street #d8 #tpp #tppa

Albert Street #d8 #tpp #tppa

Intersection of Albert St & Victoria St West

Intersection of Albert St & Victoria St West

Victoria Street West, Auckland #d8 #tpp #tppa

Victoria Street West, Auckland #d8 #tpp #tppa

Federal St, Auckland. Entrance of the Sky City Grand Hotel #d8 #tpp #tppa

Federal St, Auckland. Entrance of the Sky City Grand Hotel #d8 #tpp #tppa

Intersection Federal St & Wellesley St, Auckland #d8 #tpp #tppa

Intersection Federal St & Wellesley St, Auckland #d8 #tpp #tppa

There were squads of cops like this at each corner/entrance to Aotea Square, blatantly attempting to kettle the protesters who had fled to Aotea to escape the violence at Sky City

There were squads of cops like this at each corner/entrance to Aotea Square, blatantly attempting to kettle the protesters who had fled to Aotea to escape the violence at Sky City

Police face off against protesters after assaulting numerous people (as per live footage)  #tpp #tppa #d8

Police face off against protesters after assaulting numerous people (as per live footage) #tpp #tppa #d8

Also check out this must-read blogpost with more commentary and pics & vids shot from different angles.

Thank you to the world for watching. Special thanks to Global Rev & Ustream for carrying the livestreams today. Big boo to Sky News for stealing Occupy Eye’s stream without permission. More to come about that!!!

Help Occupy NZ Put #TPPA Under International Spotlight

Occupy NZ have invited Political Fail Blog, CourtneyOccupy & OccupyEye to come to New Zealand and blow the lid on the “secret” TPPA multi-country “trade” negotiations being held at Sky City Convention Centre in early December.

Together, this TPPA Stream Team will broadcast multi-faceted live coverage of the events to an international audience.

Working in concert with both Occupy Auckland and Occupy New Zealand Media, the team will cover the week’s major broad-based Auckland protest actions, also attending the December 4th Wellington action and topping it off with a trip to Christchurch to hear from eye-witnesses of the devastating Christchurch earthquakes; to see first-hand the current needs of the residents and to amplify their voices to the world.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand to show off our beautiful country and the best spirit of all the peoples of Aotearoa who are lifting their voices in protest against the many implications of the TPPA.

Our combined media reach is substantial, and the trip will result in copious amounts of livestream and still video footage, livetweets, blog posts on multiple different major Occupy-related websites, the opportunity to capture historic photojournalism, and the utilisation of Occupy’s vast social media network, across many platforms.

Many occupiers will be opening their hearts and homes to support the team.

You can support them too, by simply sharing this message.

Donating from New Zealand:

PledgeMe have published our trip project here. Please check it out! There is tons of links and further details in it.

Donating from elsewhere:

Please follow on Twitter: @Pfailblog @CourtneyOccupy & @OccupyEye and donate to them here

More info on the dangers of the TPPA:

From N.Z. perspective:

TPPA Non-Transparency Has Hit New Low”
It’s Our Future” website, full of topical info.

This short video is also a must-watch.

From U.S. perspective:

Important note: We have only one week to resource this trip! Please help spread the word!

Thank you! 


Solidarity With Gaza – Global Peace And Justice – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland protesters fly Palestinian flag from the U.S. Embassy flagpole!

Yesterday’s Global Peace and Justice “Solidarity With Gaza” march from Aotea Square to the U.S. Embassy in Auckland, New Zealand, was one of the most exciting Auckland actions to date.

The turn-out was huge despite short notice and pouring rain that had us all soggy in no time (causing slippery cellphone syndrome for us citizen journalists!) with as many as 300 or more protesters in attendance.

The march visibly swelled as it snaked its way down Queen Street towards the U.S. Consulate on Customs Street, near Auckland’s Princes Wharf.

Umbrella’s of every colour of the rainbow shielded the crowd from above, while colourful costuming and signs galore provided ample eye-candy to accompany the consistent chanting of people’s voices in protest at the atrocities of the never-ending Israel-Palestine conflict.

The most astonishing and unexpected aspect of the event was the disparate if not entirely invisible police presence. There were in fact NO marshalling police vehicles on the Queen Street march (a first-time experience for us, in every action we have covered there have been police marshalling and/or mustering and/or significant police and private security presence, sometimes into the many hundreds of officers.)

We assumed (the mother of all…) that the police must be amassed at the Embassy yet once we all arrived there, only 2 police vehicles and a half dozen police emerged and were VERY low key about their presence.

At the Embassy the crowd watched in awe and amazement as a Palestinian flag was raised above the Consulate, on their very own flagpole!

Approximately 30 protesters threw old shoes at the Embassy to display their disgust at U.S. foreign policy. There were several speeches from the soundtruck and a song.

That an action on such a contentious topic as this could go virtually unattended by the NZ Police is a massive shift in tactics on their part.

That the events ended naturally with protesters peacefully dispersing of their own accord, entirely unmolested by authorities, makes a pleasant change from the constant brutality exerted against the public at the student’s Blockade The Budget protests, and at the Glen Innes House Defense protests, throughout 2012.

It was certainly nice to see the police film squad also absent. At least, the uniformed ones anyway!

We hope this signals a new focus for police; away from unnecessarily expending resources on suppressing democratic dissent and shadowing activists to instead funneling those resources on fighting actual crime, and surveilling actual criminals.

Video of Palestinian flag flying above embassy: (clarification; we did not see the U.S. flag come down so flagpole may have been empty with no ambassador in residence however Palestinian flag was raised and flown above the consulate!!!)

Protesters throwing their shoes at the U.S. Embassy in protest:

We are still processing pics from the event, and will insert a gallery here ASAP. In the meantime, tons of pics of the event are already published in our online newspaper; The Occupied NZ Herald

Other resources:

Global Peace & Justice Website

Official event press release

Facebook event page

Other noteworthy coverage;

Amazon News Media

Socialist Aotearoa


Stunning #GlobalNOISE #O13 Picture Montage / 1st Birthday Commemoration

We’ll let the picture do the talking. It’s totally one to frame!

Resources For Occupy New Zealand Occupations This Weekend

Please print / share / spread the images & information about TOMORROW’S!! nationwide decentralised Occupations!!

Relying on you to be the voice the corporate media won’t give us! Thanks so much to all involved internationally in #GlobalNOISE #13O #O13

Event Press Release:

Celebrate the 1st birthday of the Occupy movement in New Zealand by re-occupying! High-profile, low-profile or mobile; your choice!

Occupy anywhere! Occupy everywhere! Film it, photograph it, blog about it & submit it to Occupy New Zealand      Pass it on! ❤


Occupy New Zealand Announces #O13 Nationwide Re-Occupation

Official @OccupyNZ #O13 De-Occupy event poster. Decentralised occupations nationwide! October 13-15+, camp for freedom! Become the change! Become the media!

Auckland Action Against Poverty Rock The NZ Equivalent Of The RNC #AAAP

and of course we were there to document it for you. 🙂

Following on from the intimidating police numbers demonstrated at yesterday’s #BTB #Showandtell action, the boys were out in force and so were the cameras.

MSM huddled under the storefronts behind police lines and the most active videographers were the police cameramen with their top of the line equipment.

In contrast, we used: 1 cellphone, to provide the below footage (a crappy hand-me-down at that lol). Unfortunately we had no livestream today as Redstar’s gorgeous son was present however I’m sure tons of vids will be on You Tube in short order. (Search Auckland Action Against Poverty or National Party Conference Protest)

As usual a livetweet of the protest was also broadcast on Twitter

We arrived at Federal Street to find a curious sight. Barricades, of the heavy plastic variety, anchored by sandbags. As you can tell from the pavement it was absolutely pissing down for the most part, the sidewalks slippery but it was fortunately not too windy or too cold.

The above terribly blurry photo that would usually hit the trash can immediately is of what appears to be the same police camera chick as yesterday except that today she was filming US…. the citizen journalists…. not just the protesters like yesterday. Perhaps her appearance in our last blog post made her want to reciprocate. Sorry police camera chick its nothing personal. But anyone who runs around with a camera should accept that they’re going to get filmed, as we do and are, regardless of whether they are in a uniform or if they are just random students and stay at home mums and self-employed people and other members of the public; like we are.

The student-provided Legal Observers from yesterday were back, which is a massive relief to those of us who know how important it is to have impartial legalese-savvy eye-witnesses on the ground at events like this. Kia ora to you guys thank you so much. But they weren’t the only ones who were back…

But we were also back. And we made a far more impressive sight. Check this out 🙂

As the march approached and passed us we were all cheering, catcalling and whistling. Excellent atmosphere welcoming staunch democratic protesters who came out in solidarity despite the miserable weather and intimidating show of police numbers.

We think this may be the first march we’ve seen where the numbers of police present dwarfed the number of protesters present. Not for lack of protesters either! Amazing to think that at last weekend’s Aotearoa Is Not For Sale march they managed to “control” 3000+ protesters with 12 police… yet required into the hundreds of police for a couple of hundred protesters? Apparently the difference is the presence of the Prime Minister. If you’re wondering why you had lack of attention to a household burglary this weekend, I wouldn’t be the first to point out that the blame probably lies at the overly-paranoid battalions of police that appear whenever a protest gets near a National Party event.

These guys were also back. The Sky Paths above the street are a favourite with the inside men behind the National Party Conference at Sky City, and their lackeys.

As you can see John Key was symbolically present at the protest, while simultaneously speaking inside the Convention Centre, no doubt making smarmy jokes about the people with legitimate grievances protesting outside, in his usual form. Time for some happy photos; of the gorgeous protesters and their signs. 🙂

Now for the priceless show piece. A cafe on Federal Street tried to take the piss out of protesters. Now it seems their sign got occupied!!

We have a few more great pics that we’ll add later but this is all we can do for now. Hope you guys enjoyed the coverage and congratulations to Auckland Action Against Poverty for hosting such an awesome event. There was one tense moment that we haven’t described here yet; where protesters stood on the barricades with banners and between the four paddy wagons present and the over-the-top police presence we really thought that it might end in mass illegal arrests (and undoubtedly many people later released without charges) however a genuine congratulations is in order to the NZ Police for above all remembering that there were children present and allowing the event to come to a close naturally, with no arrests. Thank you for that. Also for listening to the korero about police privatisation occurring internationally. You may not realise it yet but despite everything, when austerity comes to cut you guys, we will be marching for you as well. We are activists for ALL New Zealanders & in solidarity with the international Occupy movement – regardless of who your employer is. Kia ora.

Prime Minister Of New Zealand’s Promotional DVD “Recalled Over Music Copyright Breaches”, in this archived biography of John Key, state in paragraph 6:

“Key’s spin doctors are keenly aware that the public feel they still don’t really know Key. Hence a Meet John Key promotional DVD (later recalled over music copyright breaches).”

OMG! Call the FBI! Our very own Prime Sinister, John Key; ex-Federal Reserve Bank of America member; ex Merrill Lynch derivatives-trading executive; leader of New Zealand throughout the Kim Dotcom-FBI fiasco… is a PIRATE???

We are told that several people have tried to get hold of said promotional DVD and failed. It seems it was not reissued. Wonder what else is in there? Hmm?

This may account for John Key’s ludicrous claims that he didn’t even know who Kim Dotcom was prior to the raid, when it is well established that Key’s office was involved throughout Dotcom’s entire residency process. Key scared of being tarred with the same feather? Well you know what they say. Birds of a feather… flock together…