#TPPANoWay – A People’s History

In a mere handful of hours, Kiwi protesters will confront riot police and the full resources of the state, to show their indignation over the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

It has been a long fight against the TPPA – a struggle which started with just a handful of academics and trade union reps, and has escalated to involve tens of thousands of mainstream New Zealanders, captivating the attention of national and international media.

High-profile campaigners Lori Wallach (USA) and Dr. Jane Kelsey (NZ) have been working to educate the global public since at least 2010 if not earlier.

In 2011 there were some Trade teach-ins at Occupy in New Zealand about the TPPA and at Occupy Wall Street in NYC (by @OWSTradeJustice), yet the issue still remained largely unknown to the public.

This changed in 2012, as the actions grew more sizeable and more visible. Police intimidation and violence against protesters at the December 8 #TPPAshutdown event, perpetrated in the presence of international and local independent journalists who caught it all on film, understandably dismayed movement organisers but ultimately helped raise the profile of the issues and gained worldwide attention for the movement.

Below is a partial (and by no means an exhaustive) list of anti-TPPA actions in New Zealand with some passing references to overseas actions. For full details of all It’s Our Future NZ events to date, you will need to search the Official Facebook Page for the movement. The below references are mostly sourced from blogs and Twitter.

#TPPANoWay – A People’s History

February 12, 2012: EFF speaks out against the TPP

This blog publishes a statement by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to demand a Congressional Hearing into the TPPA.

February 17, 2012: “Secret Free Trade Agreement That Should Have All Of Us Very Worried”

This blog publishes a post with links to key information sites about the TPP and a warning about the dangers of the agreement.

November 21, 2012: Occupy Auckland invites international streamers to NZ to film the December 7 and 8 TPPA events.

We attempted a fundraising campaign to bring three well-known activism international live-streamers to New Zealand to cover the TPPA shutdown events. One day into our campaign, malicious actors have our domain knocked off-line for the duration of the campaign. Despite this, anonymous donors fund the trip for Nate “Occupy Eye”, who then produces incredible footage capturing the shutdown actions. The footage is used by international media including Sky TV and the fall-out reverberates around the world.

December 8, 2012:  TPPA shutdown protesters refuse to be ignored

After refusing to allow Dr. Jane Kelsey and other representatives to deliver a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people, private security and police begin to attack the crowds of protesters and things turn ugly. The petition boxes are set alight, and the footage of the fire captures worldwide attention. Protesters regroup at Aotea Square, where they are almost kettled by four groups of police at each corner of the square.

After a group of police single out a young female protester and pile on top of her (she briefly passes out in the press), the crowd retaliate by beginning to advance en masse on the police lines. The police are ordered to withdraw and leave the square, while thousands of people scream “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!”

This epic blog-post aggregates a ton of pictures, videos and first-person eye-witness narratives from the day.

December 12, 2012: Police caught on tape bragging about bashing anti-TPPA protesters; further evidence of police violence emerges

Blog-post including pictures, videos, timestamped analysis of footage, and details on the leaked tape: https://occupysavvy.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/leak-nz-cops-brag-to-u-s-embassy-about-bashing-tpp-protesters/

2013: Twitter comes alive: untold thousands of tweets circulate information about the dangers of the TPPA

A full list of tweets sent containing the search term “TPP” in the year 2013 can be found here

November 13, 2013: Wikileaks publishes a leaked chapter of the secret agreement

Wikieaks publishes a leaked draft of the Intellectual Property Chapter of the TPPA; the EFF says it “Confirms the Worst Fears‘.

2013: International opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Ramps Up

As per EFF’s ‘Year in Review’ of the TPPA:

eff1March 29, 2014: Nationwide protests mark the fourth anniversary of the secret TPPA negotiations – the hashtag #TPPANoWay is born

Occupy Auckland media team members who had been admins on the official @ItsOurFutureNZ twitter accounts put their heads together in a phone call and come up with a new hashtag to be used for TPPA actions.

The hashtag that had originally been planned was #RallyAgainstTheTPPA – which, at 19 characters in length, would be extremely cumbersome for the live-tweeters and crowd to use on the day. “It needs to be short and catchy. It needs to rhyme. What rhymes with TPPA?”, @endarken said. “TPPA – No Way!” said @keyweekat. After running it past the other event organisers, the official event images and details were all amended to reflect the new hashtag – which went on to become one of the most (if not the most) most widely circulated and successful hashtags in New Zealand history – #TPPANoWay!

Occupy New Zealand posted the first official tweet to the hashtag, soon followed by the official movement account for It’s Our Future NZ.

tppanoway116 New Zealand cities and towns marched on March 29, and a number of international cities also marched in solidarity. A huge blog-post was published on this blog, containing countless pics, videos and commentary from each of the cities who marched, along with solidarity statements and other information.

Thousands of tweets were posted to the hashtags by event media, attendees and supporters – the hashtag is picked up by the mainstream and trends throughout the day.

Event media resources pastebin: http://pastebin.com/bx47gwYR

November 8, 2014: 7,000 accept Facebook invite just for one of the upcoming events

Event media resources pastebin: http://pastebin.com/7wpT5aBM

November 12, 2014: #TPPANoWay trends at #1 for Auckland, #1 for New Zealand and at #2 -WORLDWIDE-

Another National Day of Action sees more than a dozen New Zealand cities protest against the TPPA and “Kiwis As Far As The Eye Can See Say #TPPANoWay!

A whole stack of TPPANoWay protest videos are available on our You Tube channel – click here to view them.

July 4, 2015: Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson (@endarken) speaks about #TPPANoWay to Occupy America.

This blog publishes the full transcript. Pulitzer Prize-winner Glenn Greenwald tweets the link to his ~500k followers.

tppAugust 8-15, 2015: #TPPANoWay Nationwide Week of Action & Rallies Occurs; Prime Minister John Key calls TPPA protesters: “misinformed”.

After a week of mass actions across the country, where over 25,000 citizens protested and more than 100,000 signed a petition against the secret trade deal, the Prime Minister of New Zealand makes the profound mistake of calling the protesters ‘misinformed’.

In response, over 12,000 people call for the Prime Minister and his Trade Minister to debate protest leaders live on television. They do not take up the offer.

It’s Our Future NZ pubish this cutting article on their official website, full of incredible facts and links, mocking the Prime Minister’s claims into oblivion.

August 18, 2015: Wikileaks publish a definitive video, explaining how the TPPA, TISA and TTIP regional agreements are all the same USA global agenda being played out

September 15, 2015: 15 ‘Show Us Ya Text’ protesters arrested in Wellington

In an act of civil disobedience, protesters attempt to gain access to the secret text of the TPPA at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Wellington. Police arrest 15 of them.

November 16, 2015: Wikileaks publishes a searchable, highlightable copy of the final TPPA text

January 23, 2016: Riot police training ahead of TPPA signing announced

rpTwitter responds:


January 28, 2016: Government calls protesters “A threat to national security”

Telesur reports that the New Zealand government has deemed the anti-TPPA protesters ‘a threat to national security‘:

teleFebruary 4, 2016: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to be signed at… a casino.

Nationwide protest events are organised including a (non-official) blockade at the casino, followed by an official mass action against the signing.

From the official It’s Our Future NZ website:

iofLatest news:

The first protest at the TPPA signing is scheduled for 9am, NZDT 5 hours from the time this article will be published. The official mass action will occur at 12pm midday, NZDT, February 4th, 2016.

There has been reported intimidation of known protesters by police, at the homes of the protesters, and there is now reports that major public transit services will not be running. This is not an unknown tactic – prior mass protest actions have seen halts to train, bus and ferry services, always with some official excuse as to why, but always conveniently timed for just before and during the protest actions.

Kiwi political blogsite “The Daily Blog” has asked the NZ Police – ‘which side are you on?and warned them that ‘The whole world is watching‘, which is very true.

How you can help:

First and foremost: search social media platforms and the web for content relating to ‘TPP’, ‘TPPA’, and ‘#TPPANoWay’, and circulate the information you find to everyone that you can.

If you are in New Zealand, get down to a protest near you. All event details are on the It’s Our Future website and Facebook page.

If you have a Twitter account and follow the below instructions, your Twitter account will automatically retweet content posted to the hashtag by a network of trusted anti-TPPA activists. (You can then revoke the application permissions the day after the protest.)

Step 1: Sign into your Twitter account
Step 2: Go to https://twitter.com/OccupyNZ/lists/tppanoway-amplification
Step 3: Click on the ‘subscribe to list’ button
Step 4: Go to Roundteam.co. Click “Sign in with Twitter”
Step 5: Click on the + sign by “Lists”. User: OccupyNZ  List:  tppanoway-amplification

Once you have completed the above steps, your account will automatically retweet trusted #TPPANoWay content.

Other than that – please watch, share, raise your voices and let your opposition be known. There are countess New Zealanders putting their bodies on the line for democracy today, and they truly deserve all the support you can give them.

A Special Thank You

Words can’t describe what the efforts of Dr. Jane Kelsey have meant for this movement. Her potent expert analyses for Wikileaks (if you web search “Wikileaks Jane Kelsey analysis” you will find many worthwhile examples of these); her uncountable television appearances; live appearances; public meetings; speeches; networking with international activists and groups; travel; are all worthy of their entire own article and maybe one day she will be able to look back and tell her story of how this movement began, and how she watched it blossom into the massive tidal wave of righteous dissent that it has become.

Likewise, this article does not even begin to acknowledge the thousands of march organisers, marshals, banner and sign-makers, union groups and organisations, other independent media organisations, attendees, protesters, donors and everyday New Zealanders who have donated their time, energy and resources into building this movement. By telling this story from our perspective we are in no way intending to deprive them of the full credit they deserve. Without the efforts of all those involved, there would have been no movement for us to help promote.

In New Zealand we say, ‘he tangata, he tangata, he tangata’, meaning, ‘the people, the people, the people’. That is what this movement is and has always been by, for and about.

It has been a privilege to support, and the global response has been humbling and in a really good way, overwhelming. We are deeply grateful to all involved.

Thank you for reading, and solidarity from New Zealand.





Occupy New Zealand: Lest We Forget

This month, New Zealand has been rocked by back-to-back multiple fatalities of soldiers in service with our military in Afghanistan. Emotions running high, and the immediacy yet lasting nature of social media enabling fingers to run wild, the digital version of the proverbial foot-in-mouth has manifested itself resoundingly in the Sumner Burstyn scandal.

With dismay we watched the larger undercurrent of awakening to the horrors of war remodelled into a very specific and personal attack at a micro level. A convenient, timely and desirable effect for corporate profiteers of said wars; much of the ensuing rhetoric was extremely counter-productive to humanity.

From threats of violence and retaliation to the airing of sheer disgust and wholesale rejection, we struggled to find the silver lining.

Buried in the comments of the aforementioned article, we found the beginnings of it.

“I’ve never understood people who target the individual soldiers when they disagree with a war – especially Vietnam. By all means target the government loudly and vocally, but leave the individual soldiers out of it. People who sign up to the army do so in service of their country. They don’t choose where they get posted, but they do choose a career where they are willing to risk their life to protect our country and others around the world.”

On our Facebook page, we found the rest. The below video is of a haka. Performed for the fallen, as a final and public act of respect and remembrance.

Despite having large metropolitan cities, New Zealand is small enough for everyone to have a connection with everyone else by several degrees of separation. In this case, closer. Our Occupy Media team members almost uniformly (no pun intended) have military ties; through our parents and grandparents who were veterans of World War II and other wars; by our high school classmates, family members and partners, many of whom were either employed by various armed forces or, as in the case of one, serving in the Territorials alongside one of the recently fallen, adding a very personal dimension to the tragedy.

Having ourselves grown up in relative peace and in a largely unarmed society, we remain staunch in our anti-war activism; in our distrust and distaste for the colonialist, war-for-resource agendas at play amongst the corporations, with unwavering contempt for the insidious back-room deals behind the front lines of Earth’s constant geopolitical theatre.

However many of our families and friends remain employed by those very governments, employed by those corporates, regardless of whether they are aware of or endorse the hidden agendas.

All humans are a product of their experiences; a result of their conditioning. Most often we believe what we are taught and mimic what we have seen. It is only when given alternatives for comparison that the concept of “choice” is activated. This is why we fight against poverty, against slavery, against war, against child prostitution, against corruption; for they are all ultimately the weapons of deprivation of choice, inflicted upon the innocent.

Those soldiers in generations before us and those who are dying today, by the hand of another or by their own – they are not the 0.1%; whose offshore bank accounts grow ever-filled by the very presence of war upon this planet. They are our extended family and compatriots facing many of the same struggles we do and in a very physical and confronting landscape but more; they are our only hope.

For if the day comes that they are ordered to perpetuate atrocities directly against us; the unarmed citizen; it is only they who will be able to prevent the injustice and protect us. In times of governmental treason; it is only they who will be able to secure the country.

Whether or not they are now used as lapdogs of a foreign power, for private profit; if the ultimate day of decision comes, their upbringing, their whakapapa, their conscience, their familial conditioning, MUST prevail. Or we are lost.

Bringing hope to bridging the divide between the armed services and those who are dismayed at the political direction of armed services, and also our national police forces, are the following worthy organisations. If you have not yet, we urge you to check them out, and consider lending them your support. They are evidence that you can serve in the military or law enforcement while still remaining true to the Bill of Rights, to international law, to your own conscience.

Occupy Marines:  Website     Tumbler    Facebook    Twitter

Occupy Police:     Website     Facebook     Twitter

Occupy Army:      Facebook   Twitter

Occupy Navy:       Facebook   Twitter

If you don’t know who Sgt. Shamar Thomas is – strongly suggest you watch the following video. He is the epitome of Occupy Marines. The first video is of his famous and passionate defense of unarmed peaceful protesters at Occupy Wall Street; the second a sit-down interview where he has the opportunity to explain his reasoning and motives.

We all must have a voice in our future, for our future to be free of tyranny in whatever form.

OCCUPY NEW ZEALAND MEDIA TEAM: $0 funding; 10 months of unadulterated truth.

A Touching Message Of Solidarity And Support

Last week my 93 year old grandmother, who is the wife of a World War II veteran, praised me for my involvement with Occupy and told me she would be marching right along side us if she could. Because even at 93 from her hospital bed, she knows that what is happening to the world is wrong.

The below photo was circulated through social media with the caption: “Riot Police Confront Violent Protester At NATO Summit.” Classic!

NYPD Spies on Muslims for Being Muslim

NYPD has gone as far as to openly admit that Muslims are being spied on in the New York City and Newark areas for being Muslim. This is done under the pretext of course, of watching out for potential terrorists.


Anonymous Punishes Interpol After Saudi Blasphemy Arrest

On Saturday the 18th of February Anonymous took down the website of Interpol, the world’s biggest international policing organization. The attack seems to come after Interpol aided Saudi Arabia in the arrest of Saudi journalist, Hamza Kashgari after he posted ‘controversial’ tweets about the prophet Muhammad.


Greek Police Union Wants To Arrest EU/IMF Officials

Greece’s largest police union has threatened to issue warrants for the arrest for officials from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund lenders for deeply unpopular austerity measures.


Campus Progress Staff Writer Pushed To Ground By Police

These are videos of the recent Occupy DC K’St eviction. In the top one, the person recording, a staff writer for Campus Progress, Emily Crockett is shown being pushed to the ground by police.

The link below is Emily’s eyewitness report on the events that unfolded in the videos above.


Hackers take over law enforcement websites

Anonymous has taken over various websites used by the Boston Police Department in retaliation for violence used by police against Occupy protesters in Boston.


Police Brutality At Occupy Oakland Night Time Protest

On January 28th, protesters who were surrounded by police chanted “allow us to disperse” after having been commanded to do so by police but then prevented from. The police proceeded to beat the unarmed, peaceful protesters with their batons.


Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland

The Oakland Police Department working hand in hand with the mainstream media to feed misinformation to the public surrounding an ILLEGAL MASS ARREST of aprox.400 peaceful protesters.

Source: Twitter