Must-Watch Video: Occupy Media Legend BellaEiko Destroys Oakland Council In Chambers

This is the most important video of the entire Occupy movement in my opinion. The truth has a certain ring to it and especially coming from a pillar of Occupy media/livestreaming like BellaEiko, who we have followed from her first streams way back when.

The beginning of this video will be shocking to some, as will the end. Especially if they don’t know Bella and don’t realise what she has seen and been exposed to; her friends and fellow occupiers shot with rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades; beaten, gassed, arrested en masse by the notoriously vicious and unforgiving Oakland Police Department.

As “radical” as some may interpret it; what she says is true. On all counts. Despite being the opposite of her in race & location; our experiences are very similar. We have both spent 8+ months battling a massive corporate media that flat out lies & omits critical information, slandering us – politicians who go to extreme & dodgy lengths to inconvenience and silence us – police who infiltrate and assault and arrest us.

And we both know that the Earth can and should provide, for free; that which we are charged “money” for in a broken “capitalist” system.

Occupy is not about prescribing to a specific political ideology. No matter what it may be. Occupy is about learning to recreate a sustainable culture where NO PERSON is left behind, or at want for basic human needs.

If we could have, we would have stood up to Auckland Council and had a similar outpouring of our experiences, but we have been repeatedly denied the opportunity to seek redress. They literally lock us out of public meetings in open defiance of protocol & civil law.

One day we very may well get that chance because many of us NZ Occupiers have equally important and poignant, albeit stinging, words to deliver to OUR so-called “public SERVANTS”.

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2 thoughts on “Must-Watch Video: Occupy Media Legend BellaEiko Destroys Oakland Council In Chambers

    • Hi Ellery… absolutely agree with you. The ‘radical’ comment wasn’t meant to be a disparagement, but to try to get those who have no background info about Occupy Oakland/OPD/livestream etc and therefore don’t know the wider context of the video, to view it all the way through. I believe however that, viewed in its entirety, the video speaks for itself. Very proud of Bella, and of OO. ❤ ❤ ❤

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