Occupy New Zealand Media Team To Livestream “New Media” Teach-In For International Audience

This coming Saturday June 2nd @ 2:00-3.00pm NZST (Friday 7-8pm West Coast USA / 10-11pm East Coast) multiple members of Occupy New Zealand Media will be livestreaming an open-air Free University teach-in at Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you aren’t in Auckland but want to participate, through our live online chat & question-taking, bookmark the following link & attend the event online: www.bambuser.com/channel/occupyauckland

Topics we will cover include:

The International Livestream Phenomenon; livestreamer Redstar309z will give you an in-depth look at the significance and prevalence of livestreams in the Occupy movement & instruction on how to set-up your own livestream

Live-Tweet & Viralling Media Internationally; endarken from Twitter will discuss the power & effect of live tweeting & retweets, give instruction on getting started, & discuss how to build & grow an international network of independent media contacts

Citizen Journalism & New Media vs The Mainstream Media; Jacquelyne Taylor will speak on the ever-changing blogosphere, the undue influence and manipulations of mainstream media, and the ways in which we can begin to counter it on a wider scale.

100% free to ALL citizens of EARTH & no obligations other than an open mind.

Assembling at Aotea Square (on the grass!) 2pm Saturday June 2nd.

Please bring cameras or any mobile devices you like with you. Also be prepared to possibly be on camera as we will livestream the event also, to allow those outside Auckland, and internationally, to participate.

Please invite your friends to the following Facebook event page! See you there 🙂


Shout-out to Occupy Sydney & Occupy Perth media team members who have already expressed their support & confirmed they will attend online. We love you guys ❤ ❤ ❤

Shout-out to Occupy Boston for reblogging this event & confirming attendance! Thank you so much! Shout out to Oakland & San Fran, California Occupy Media for backing our efforts also. We’re very much looking forward to this event. ❤ ❤ ❤

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