Occupy NZ Media Team

Occupy NZ Media Team Members encompass Occupy’s throughout New Zealand.

Our Media Team:
-Author Blogs
-Create Photojournalism
-Publish Online Newspaper
-Admin Social Media
-Are active across and republished in various formats by the international Occupy movement

Online Newspaper: The Occupied NZ Herald!

Facebook: Occupy New Zealand
Occupy Auckland
Occupy Wellington Nz
Occupy Dunedin
Occupy Christchurch

@OccupyNZ & @OccupyNZD


Actions Covered Include:
(this is by no means a full list)

October 15th: Establishment of Occupy Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch/Dunedin
November 15th: Global Action/Media challenge
November 23rd: “Don’t Get Caught In The Keyhole” TVNZ/election protest
November 23rd: NZ First/Winston Peters at Aotea Square
November 25th: Westpac Bank protest action
December 8th: Auckland District Court march/protest
December 20th: Solidarity for Egypt action
December 22nd: Auckland District Court march/protest
December 22nd: Auckland Town Hall protest – establishment of Occupy Queen Street (2.0)

January 13th: Establishment of Occupy Albert Park, Auckland
January 21st: March for the 99th day of Occupy Auckland
January 23rd: Occupy Auckland Eviction 1
January 24th: Occupy Auckland liberation of Aotea Square (fences downed)
January 26th: Occupy Auckland Eviction 2
January 28th: Occupy Auckland re-liberation of Aotea Square (fences downed)
April 17th: #SaveGI Glen Innes Housing protest action
April 18th: #SaveGI Glen Innes Housing protest action
April 28th: AINFS inaugural march (took over centre of city for several hours)
May 1st: “May Day” international solidarity actions; at Work & Income NZ & at cinema workers strike
May 4th: Wellington AINFS march on the steps of Parliament
May 14th: #SaveGI Glen Innes Housing protest action (successfully delayed a house removal)
May 17th: AINFS planning meetings
May 24th: “Blockade the Budget” student protest action against the Budget
May 24th: “Free the Urewera 2” protest action outside Mt Eden prison in Auckland
May 25th: “Blockade Key” protest action against the Prime Minister, John Key
June 1st: “Protest like the Greeks” student action – protesters ended up occupying Auckland Central Police Station and hanging banners from it
June 2nd: Occupy Media Teach-in
June 26th: AINFS Mighty River Power protest action
July 14th: AINFS #J14
July 21st: “Blockade The Budget: Show and Tell” (National Party Convention)
July 22nd: Auckland Action Against Poverty (National Party Convention)
July 26th: #SaveGI Glen Innes Housing protest action
August 9th: #A9 Chalkupy – Chalkupy The World!
October 5th: National Day of Action Against Welfare Reform
October 10th: “Fight The Fees” Student Action
October 13th: #GlobalNOISE
October 15th: Auckland University Flash Occupation
October 30th: Occupy Wellington – Vodafone Flash Occupation
November 3rd: AINFS Street Party Against Privatisation
November 15th: Glen Innes Mana Branch AGM
November 17th: Solidarity With Gaza – Palestinian Flag Raised Over U.S. Embassy
December 7th: AINFS #D7 The Big Push Against Privatisation March/Rally
December 8th: Its Our Future #D8 TPPA Shutdown


January 4: Test Their Logik – Mt Eden, Auckland
January 12: Solidarity Against Violence & Rape Culture, Aotea Square
January 12: Test Their Logik, Wine Cellar, Auckland
February 7: Harry Fear: Eye-witnessing ‘Pillar of Cloud – Auckland University
February 13: Anti Asset Sales Rally – Wellington
February 28: ONE DEMAND: FREE SCHAPELLE CORBY! Aotea Square, Auckland
March 31: ONE DEMAND: FREE SCHAPELLE CORBY! Aotea Square, Auckland
April 13: NZEI Stand Up For Kids March & Rally – Queen St & Aotea Square, Auckland
July 27: Anti-#GCSB rally, Auckland
August 19: Anti-#GCSB rally, Auckland Town Hall
November 5: Million Mask March (#MMMAKL), Auckland
November 16: Anti #RoastBusters rally, Myers Park, Auckland
November 24: #OilFreeSeas Greenpeace New Zealand action


March 29: #NZEI Teachers Association rally, Auckland
March 29: #TPPANoWay Rally, Auckland
April 3: #SaveGI rally, Glen innes, Auckland
April 14: #SwimWithKim, Dotcom Mansion, Auckland
April 16: Boots Riley, Auckland
May 17: Auckland Action Against Poverty Anti-Budget protest, Sky City, Auckland
June 7: #NZ4Gaza rally, Auckland
June 7: Intenet Party Candidate Selection, Auckland
June 28: #FreeAJStaff rally, Auckland
July 19: #NZ4Gaza rally, Auckland
July 20: Internet-Mana meeting, Kelston, Auckland
July 24: Internet Party of New Zealand #PartyParty
July 26: #NZ4Gaza rally, Auckland
August 2: #NZ4Gaza rally, Auckland
August 12: #PMDebate election debate, Auckland
August 16: #NZ4Gaza rally, Auckland
August 20: #GCSB bill protest – Wellington
August 22: #HealthyHomes rental housing crisis rally, Wellington
August 27: Nicky Hager talk on #DirtyPolitics / @DirtyPoliticsNZ
November 5: Million Mask March, Auckland (#MMMAKL) & Wellington
November 29: Step It Up NZ Activism & Media Conference


April 1: Auckland Action Against Poverty Protest Pak’n’save #SlaknSlave

To Get Involved Email: OccupyNZ @ OccupyNZ.co.nz