#J14 Auckland Treasure Trove Of Pics – When They Say Noone Showed Up – Show Them This :)

Massive treasure trove of photos from today’s amazing #J14 Auckland event (part of the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale National Day of Action). Incredible turn-out, as is self-evident from the pics.

Aotea fenced by Auckland Council (another $18,000 odd rate-payer dollars down the drain) pre-action; yet again preventing public access to public space.

People begin assembling at Britomart for the Auckland #ANFS action

Front of march begins to form with lead banner reading “Aotearoa (New Zealand) Is Not For Sale”

Got the message yet John Key?

Despite it being the middle of winter, Kiwis of all shades and endeavours came together in force.

Group of hippies smoking pot and playing guitar. Oh, snap… it’s actually not…

New signs emerge as the march begins to come together onto the street.

Elder New Zealanders know full well that asset sales are a corporate rort.

People chilling out talking, waiting for beginning of march.

Sign says it all.

This is exactly what we all have to learn to do.

There is a “Drill And Mine Everything In Sight” agenda coupling the privatisation agenda in New Zealand. In what used to be a globally-admired pristine environment.

The sound truck arrives and sets up in front of the march for King Kapisi’s concert.

The front line grows wider, several banners across.

 Very subdued NZ Police presence; extremely surprising and pleasing. Probably half dozen cops at front & same at back with a few undercover cars. Good to see after the travesty at Blockade The Budget where students peacefully protesting were subject to mass arrests and numerous assaults on students by police were recorded on livestream and by witnesses.

The march numbers begin to swell as the street is taken.

We spot Miriam Pierard, the spokesperson for Aotearoa Is Not For Sale

King Kapisi begins his set, in the middle of the intersection of Queen St & Customs St, Auckland Central; intersection shutdown. His set is amazing – he freestyles over beautiful NZ hip hop & reggae beats, telling John Key exactly what is up and expressing solidarity with everyone fighting against injustice.

The waiata was a major highlight of the action. Didn’t know it before this but man can that dude sing. Got shivers with how real his words were. After King Kapisi’s set we prepare to begin the march.

Amanda from TV3. Mainstream media were out in force today. Actually they seemed a lot friendlier than usual. Maybe even they are enjoying their newfound freedom of being able to cover a broader perspective than the usual government-dictated one. Occupy media is pushing the boundaries & telling MSM in no uncertain terms – if you don’t do your job – we will. Kia ora to that.

By contrast – The People’s Media. @Redstar309z doing what he does best. Livestream the truth of what is happening in Auckland out to the entire world. “Media By Us Not Media Bias” he would say right now.

The Guillotine was brought out as a reminder that it is also Bastille Day and what politicians (and previously royalty) learn the hard way is that what THEY do… the streets can undo.

After a little concert in the middle of the stret… we’re off! The chants begin. “John Key – you’ve got mail! Aotearoa Is Not For Sale!”

Easiest way to keep track of how many people in the march – count the signs. There’s roughly 10-20 people per sign. See how many photos DON’T have the same signs in them, to gauge the size of the protest.

The march from side on. To give some idea of the width. Cool pic, love it.

Can only imagine what the voyeurs got to see on this little piece of surveillance. Wish livestream viewers got paid to watch this kind of footage on work time. Lulz!

Auckland absolutely rocking #J14. Did you hear about this on NewstalkZB? Hmm? No you didn’t. NewstalkZB 5pm news said: “About 200 people marched in Christchurch today” then failed to mention ANYTHING about the other 15 actions nationwide. LOLOL 1ZB. Hilarious. It’s like the NZ radio equivalent of Fox News.

 Students hold a red square in solidarity with the global student uprising.

March approaches Midtown. Love the little old lady. Solidarity! (Turns out she is veteran protester Marg Jones!)

Messages from the people.

Tautoko from Mana Movement, o he tangata.

Labour and Young Labour activists turned out in force, to protest against sale of public assets.

The dude in the bottom right hand corner has a message for our Prime Sinister, John Key.

After a lot of walking backwards I finally approach the end of the march.

The rear banner of the march.

Another sound car with speakers out the back playing hilarious political comedy that sounded suspiciously like Mr Guerilla Media himself Vinnie Eastwood.

An undercover car and a lone marked car at tail of march.

Saw tons of people with these awesome t-shirts on, promoting the petition website, www.keepourassets.org.nz

 Looking back up, by the SFWU peeps.

Love this guy – he even brought a donkey. We have a few of them in Parliament.

Protesters in solidarity with the Urewera political prisoners.

Kia ora to the Greens! The EPMU people also, with the blue banner.

Saw some really creative ways of getting a message across. This is one of them 🙂

At this point you’d have to be a complete moron to cling to the homeless-hippy-drug-addled-hipster-unemployed-anarchist-communist-mass media driven stereotypes cos its patently obvious that these are just everyday normal New Zealanders out there on the streets exercising their democratic rights.

Shot from back of march.

What a gorgeous view down Queen Street as we head up the rise to the Town Hall. Largest street of the largest city in New Zealand; ours.

MrNews Vinnie Eastwood from Guerilla Media was going around the crowd with this poster, pointing to John Key & asking “Excuse me, have you seen this man?” to great hilarity.

With the Town Hall at our backs in this shot – and Queen Street still completely covered in people, Miriam is on the mic setting out the schedule for the speeches and the People’s Assembly.

PLEASE NOTE: for the full live-tweet coverage of this event please check @ANFSJ14 @ANFSMedia @OccupyNZ @endarken @Redstar309z @keyweekat on Twitter or watch the livestream at www.bambuser.com/channel/occupyauckland

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