This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Occupy NZ Media #BTB #ShowAndTell Coverage

(This post is now complete. Please share far and wide. Thank you so much for supporting citizen journalism. All credit to Occupy New Zealand Media team. Redstar’s livestream footage of this event is available here.)

Saturday 21st July 2012 was another awesome day for NZ students; who used the opportunity of the ruling National Party Conference hosted at SkyCity Casino (yes, THAT Sky City…) to push their message that education cuts, privatisation and forced austerity measures were NOT going to be taken lying down.

They did a brilliant job of organising this public event, which had many new features including NLG-style Legal Observers, free ‘Red Square’ pins for everyone and a welcoming crew that approached & chatted with members of the public throughout the day. The level of thought that had gone into the event really impressed us.

Below is a People’s Media mash-up of photos, tweets & our experiences on the ground. Non-commercial organisations (ie. other Occupy pages, citizen journalists, charities, organisations who openly endorse/support Occupy) are welcome to reprint/reblog/download/share any of the images below but we ask that you please credit Occupy New Zealand Media Team/Occupy Savvy. As usual the “big crowd” photos are about halfway down the post.

Kia ora koutou. It is a privilege to present this to you Aotearoa.

These guys were the first thing I saw heading into Britomart. The mat was roll-up & they would jump into the intersection when the pedestrian crossing turned green – roll out the mat – drop a freestyle to some old school b-boy blaring from their beatbox and then roll it back up & jump back out when the lights turned green. So cool.


These girls came straight up to me with big smiles and a free red square pin before I could even get to where the march was assembling.

Having such a friendly welcoming/outreach crew definitely made the difference, as I saw more and more members of the public enticed off the sidewalks and into the march proper.



The sound truck from last Saturday’s Aotearoa Is Not For Sale march made a reappearance, except instead of King Kapisi on the back, it was bearing a coffin!

Initially the police presence appeared minimal – probably a dozen cops. We found out later why so few were at Britomart… when we got to Sky City Convention Centre.

Looking towards the port, where the beleaguered MUNZ workers spent much of the last year fighting for basic work conditions and respect from their well-heeled employers.

They had this road truck follow them around dropping road cones opening & closing roads.

The march begins to form – with the familiar BLOCKADE THE BUDGET banner from the last Blockade The Budget student protest, which suffered mass arrests and police assaults on peacefully protesting students and faculty at Auckland University.

Our Occu-Mama & Occupy Media member Lyn repping Socialist Aotearoa. She is an inspirational wahine toa who is one of the 8 arbitrarily-selected members of Occupy Auckland to be personally persecuted and mercilessly prosecuted (at ridiculous ratepayer expense) by Auckland Council. (Who we prefer to refer to as Auckland Corporatouncil!)

^^^ Take a good look at the above photo. It was one of the most telling & hilarious parts of the event. We slipped in behind the Socialist Aotearoa banner with Lyn (despite the fact I’m actually not a socialist, S.A. have done a lot to support Occupy in NZ) and was immediately descended upon by the above reporter & cameraman for TV1 News. “Can we interview you?” They asked. “Sure” we said. “But we’re just going to grab a quick pic of you first.” Camera already out, within a microsecond the shot was taken. The reporter surprised & amused – the cameraman not even slightly amused. They asked us a few questions and we answered eloquently and fluidly enough that the reporter was surprised and exclaimed, “thanks, that was great!” while the cameraman scowled bitterly at us. They disappeared off for a quick huddle and then reappeared. The dinosaur cameraman demanded that we re-shoot the piece due to having had sunglasses on (it was 1pm). We politely refused and got told that the footage “wouldn’t be used then”. Why is this significant? Wait and see what happens with these two further down this post.

People begin to move onto the street as the march begins to fill up.

It soon becomes apparent that there are vastly more people in the middle of the street than there are on the pavement.

A lone motorbike cop in front of the march assembly.

People turn to face a small stage where speakers address the crowd and the street theatre commences.

School children hold up signs representing different types of employees and students effected by austerity measures and education cuts, then a man with a huge pair of fake scissors jumps out and literally cuts their signs in half. Pre-planned, they all laugh.

Naomi – performed a passionate piece of spoken word poetry, beautifully.

Jai Bentley-Payne spoke on behalf of the students, warning us “Austerity is a SCAM!!!”. We quoted him on livetweet on #BTB and #Showandtell hashtags as well as the Canadian student movement hashtags #ggi #casseroles #manifecours and within minutes, his quote was retweeted around the world by students in solidarity globally.

And finally – we were off. The march up from the bottom of Queen Street begins.

There was all different kinds of New Zealanders marching; of every colour, shape and background.

“They Take Our Education – We Take The Streets!”

The giant red solidarity square was out again – which the kids loved playing under.

John Key….. is a duck? LOL.

One of the greatest things about today was the brand spanking new student-provided legal observers. This is something sorely lacking at previous protests mainly due to the lack of NLG-type organisation in New Zealand to support democratic peaceful protesters. Looks like thanks to the students, this is changing. Kia ora students!

This iconic Auckland intersection (Victoria & Queen) once again occupied by the public – for the second time in eight days.

5000 post-grad students are estimated to be unable to continue study due to changes made by the ruling National Party and the austerity measures they are imposing upon education (and other public sectors).

The “Fuck The Rich” guy was back and very pleased when we told him our photo of his sign at last Saturday’s Aotearoa Is Not For Sale march was picked up by a Spanish-language online newspaper with 94,000 likes on their page. Pretty impressive.

I guess this is what they call civil disobedience! Though really, its exercise. The exercising of our democratic rights!

The mood quickly turns from jubilant to appropriately solemn as students bear the coffin all the way up Victoria Street from Queen Street as a funeral march plays.

Protesters observe a minute of silence but their signs speak on regardless.

We finally make it to Sky City Conference Centre….. and arrive at a shocking sight. Police officers wall the inside of the entrance two deep. People stand around with literally mouths hanging open at the wanton display of force. Yet still it is only a fraction of what will later greet us outside the casino itself.

Despite the police presence, protesters put signs and stickers up on the glass and the coffin is carried up to the entrance.

The crowd begin to chant enthusiastically. Most of the chants are recorded on the livetweet which can be found on Twitter

At first we thought they might be there to enforce the No Smoking policy…

Until we saw these guys.

As we clearly were not going to be able to enter the convention centre, off we went around the block, the long way to Sky City Casino. Completely unawares of what awaited us.

As we hit Federal Street, we realised the bottom over-street Skywalk was filled with Casino executives and the top Skywalk was filled with cops. Being towards the back, it took a few minutes to realise what was blocking the march at the front line…

It was awesome to see random members of the public out walking their dogs join the march… wonder what he thought of what was in front of him…

Tried to get closer to the front to find out why no one was able to move any further…

Passing ASB bank on Federal Street the cops were shoulder to shoulder but we still had no idea what lay ahead of the march…

As we reached this point the jackets in front of the march gave us some indication of what was ahead..

The police were walling off the road in Federal Street which explained why the march had ceased moving – however – we were not at all prepared for the sight of what was behind that first wall of police… take note of the far right cop in the above picture for a reference point…

The woman pictured to the bottom right wasn’t a cop or a protester. She was actually a member of the public who found herself stuck and couldn’t get through. We politely asked the police if they could please let her through as she wasn’t with us and was genuinely being prevented from accessing public space. They initially refused outright but after we insisted they should have an officer escort her through they relented and did so. Then – to our shock – remember Mr. grumpy dinosaur mainstream media cameraman? Well he showed up to our immediate left and says to the cops “let me through for a shot.” To our utter astonishment the police immediately stand aside and allow him through the line.

We were flabbergasted and immediately request to also be allowed through to take some shots to which we were told “that is for media only”. When we identified ourselves as media, the police supervisor told us “STAY WHERE YOU ARE” in an extremely rude and abrupt manner. We were puzzled – wondering why mainstream media could access the blocked area but not citizen journalists? Then we realise what the mainstream media camera was seeing from back there. Or more importantly – what it wasn’t.

From where they filmed – they couldn’t see the cops above them. They couldn’t see the cops behind them. They couldn’t see the barricaded forcibly closed street nor that all of the aforementioned collectively stopped the march from proceeding, ending and dissipating as quickly as planned by organisers. It soon became clear that they were tailoring their vantagepoint.

Apparently it wasn’t only MSM that got free access to behind police lines. There were also Sky City staff – assumedly supervisors – taking holiday snaps behind the front line. Not sure why they have more rights than the citizen journalists who were prevented from entering – would love to put in an official letter to the NZ Police to find out why corporate staff have greater access and rights when in the middle of a public street photographing a democratic protest, than our public independent media do? Ridiculous.

Perhaps blinded by the sight of so many flourescent vests, after some spirited chanting of “Army of the rich, enemy of the poor!” at the hundreds of police present, the march turns around and heads back to the Convention Centre; where there had seemed so many cops; but now seemed few by comparison!!

Even though by that point we were all using the sidewalk… the police preferred the road and trailed us all the way back to the convention centre…

…helpfully again lining the streets all the way around…

…and again blocking the entrance. Awesome.

The protest was officially called and we were really happy to meet this cheery lady and get this great pic of her Aotearoa Is Not For Sale t-shirt. Shout out to everyone who attended and supported today. Good on you for braving the intimidation tactics and having your say.


Leaving the site of the protest we had one last bizarre experience – we noticed a huge blacked out SUV parked across the pavement with two Sky City employees guarding it. As it is an unusual sight to see a vehicle parked on the pavement, with not a single police officer ticketing it, we stopped and took a photo. At which point the supervisor on the right hand side started to have a complete fit at us, demanding “NO PHOTOS, NO PHOTOS”. Before we could even begin to respond several members of the public interjected, with one screaming at him that he had no right to prevent the public taking photographs on public streets and essentially, who did he think he was for attempting to interfere with us. We asked him whose car it was and he snapped “it’s MY car”… because quite obviously Sky City supervisors park blacked out SUV’s across the pavement then guard them personally, with staff security guards also present? We don’t think so, buddy 🙂


We spotted some pretty awesome signs throughout the day. Below is a collection of them. Thank you to everyone for being so friendly and happily having your signs photographed.

Auckland Action Against Poverty are hosting tomorrow’s protest at the same location – click here for the Facebook event details.

Unite Union have been a big supporter of Occupy, Aotearoa Is Not For Sale, and the student movement.

Socialist Aotearoa, another huge supporter of Occupy and other protest movements in NZ.

Taking the piss out of the National slogan: “Shit policies = Shit edacation. National 4 a Brighta Futur”

Students have scrawled micro-messages to John Key all over their main “Blockade The Budget” banner.

Some of the language is pretty colourful and spirited but the message is clear. Invest in the future of New Zealand. Not finance companies and privatisation of public assets.

A pissed-off parent has their say.

A serious question…

Are you listening, “Mr” Key? No doubt your lackeys are…

Students are often under-appreciated by our government, who like to depict them as lazy.

6 thoughts on “This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Occupy NZ Media #BTB #ShowAndTell Coverage

    • Rick you should check out Occupy Police on Facebook ( @OccupyPolice & @Occupy_Police on Twitter ) they are an organisation that goes above and beyond the call of duty to reintegrate police and public together as a whole community. Much respect to them.

  1. That blacked out SUV had the rego plates “CC163”. If I recall correctly license plates starting with “DC” are Diplomatic Corp, and “CC” is Crown Car/Corp. Of course it was a guvmint vehicle.

  2. And by the way; that was a great protest action. Even Key had to acknowledge it, this time, instead of feigning (?) ignorance like he did some months ago for the 5,000-strong Hikoi to Parliament…

  3. This is a wonderful example of why we need to embrace & celebrate our totally inspiring & entertaining social media citizen journalists ,commentators,bloggers& photographers sound & video media in Aotearoa NZ
    Massive respect to the crew of Occupy Savvy..
    As a latecomer to this event today, due to being part of the Maverick Millionaires Breakaway Club warmup last night at 1885 Britomart I salute you..
    We attempted to give some of National gambling with ‘all’ our assets but especially our wonderful students, who should be our future lecturers leaders & next generations from every socio-economic group not just the affluent and elite who can afford it a little warmup advice last night.

    Pre this awesome SHOW & TELL, and street theatre event hot in heels of last weeks mass actions, we warned that the salient point of view they seem to be mischieviously misunderstanding is about just WHO & HOW MANY more ordinary citizens every day across this country, are starting to speak up, sign referendum petitions, or begin to join the many groups now workimng in conjunction with each other.
    Right across the political, philosophical & age spectrums..
    Invalidation of the foolish mandate they claim to have to sell this country out, is actually occurring. Perhaps they believe their own spin or even more foolishly perhaps they believe MSM or the corporate media?
    If so that empowers us even more.The revolution may not be accurately televised. That is to OUR collective advantage not theirs

    This weekend conference to set out their fire-sale plans of all our people & assets which they treat like commodities to divvy up amongst their Corporate cronies or consign to the scrap heap is crass enough.
    Using our collective police force as a private army of security guards against us is unbelievably cynical .
    Hope to see you back tomorrow when members of AINFS & of course the ODD Millionaire convert as happened today, may also pop up and help expose some of the ‘connections’ between cartels, corruption, cronies,convention centres councils, capitalism,corporate welfare…(Awful lot of ‘C” words for a Sunday but you know) and of course
    Both sorts of Banks with snouts in Taxpayers trough (sic).
    Celebrating it & congratulating themselves as they were tonight on the selectively edited snippets of televised media, at what is now regarded as the most crapitalist & corrupt of venues arguably in the country right now, (although that could change when the Council ‘moves’ ;-)..even moreso!
    Thankyou for your great coverage
    catchup with you there again tomorrow..

    Miz J Madeoffwiththemoney convert as of today…aka Jax in her alter persona
    Ps..Pehaps those strippers troupes in uniform may do a dance for us? OR if they are genuine chasers of criminals, they will actually go inside and clean the place out?
    The evidence is out there, if they will only drop the bouncers for bankers moonlightng
    See I still believe in miracles and witchsniffers….


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