OWS Takes The Fight To The Internet With Its Own Version Of Facebook

So you’re part of the global revolution and sick and tired of the censorship that you are facing from social networks such as Facebook (and now Twitter). What alternatives do you have at your disposal? Well for one, creating your own social network. A group of developers associated with OWS are doing just that. http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/occupy-wall-street-takes-the-fight-to-the-internet-with-its-own-facebook-clone/

Live Coverage Of Anti-Kremlin Russian Protests

The below link contains live coverage of Anti-Kremlin protests in Moscow.

The estimates regarding the number of people at the protest range between 28,000 according to Moscow Police and 120,000 according to the protest organizers.

Both major state-owned news networks covered the protests despite previously having engaged in a complete blackout of prior protests.

This link is a treasure trove of videos, photographs, tweets and articles surrounding the event, related issues & their progression.


The Global Financial Crisis Explained

Excellent article from stuff.co.nz explaining the ongoing engineered financial crisis and the very real existence of the 1% who for centuries have had huge stakes in the worlds financial sectors; which in turn has given them the power to affect government policy across the globe and control our lives with debt.


RAP NEWS On The Occupy Movement!

This is an incredibly intelligently composed rap/news segment on the global Occupy movement. Absolute must watch if you like good satire!

Blood On Their Hands: Media Framing on the Afghan War Diary Leaks

This link refers to a thesis written by Charles Jerome Schoch detailing the Wikileaks release of the “Afghanistan War Diaries”. It gives a brief history of defense-related secrecy, the role of the Mainstream Media and it’s failings to bring this information to light.

It’s a long read but well worth the time.


C-Span Cuts Cameras As Stenny Hoyer Delivers Verbal Beating To GOP

Poor choice of tactics by Republican Party Member and Current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner when he quickly adjourned the house and walked out of the chamber as  Rep. Stenny Hoyer (D-MD) attempted to call for a vote to extend a payroll tax cut to middle class and working Americans.

Rep. Hoyer voiced his outrage at his Republican colleagues refusal to address an issue which is of critical importance: that of the effect on lower to middle class Americans reliant on unemployment and senior citizens reliant on medical assistance.

C-Span promptly cut the audio coming from the chamber and swapped the camera shot for one outside Capitol Hill.

Shortly after the incident, C-Span released a statement on Twitter explaining that they do not have control over their own cameras; that power is held by the Speaker.

Video included.


Hayes Calls For Ireland Debt Reduction

Ireland would need to get a significant reduction in its debt burden in order to get any referendum on new European budgetary rules passed, Minister of State for Finance Brian Hayes has said.


Twitter Working With The United Police States of America?

Blogger David Seaman suspects his Twitter account was suspended and taken offline for talking too much about Occupy Wall Street


Are NDAA, SOPA, OWS & Anonymous Off-Limits on Twitter?

Twitter users that have used their accounts to share information about important issues such as NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have found themselves being censored and having their accounts deleted entirely.

This kind of censorship has become a growing trend on the social media site. All the while Twitter makes claims that users are experiencing closure of accounts due spamming it is clear that anyone speaking out about controversial topics such as Occupy Wall St, NDAA, SOPA and Anonymous are likely targets of service disruptions.


Recent developments to this story include the fact that “Following” and “Followers” lists are being tampered with, specifically with Twitter accounts belonging to Occupy & Anonymous supporters, and direct messages are being read remotely.

These tactics serve to disrupt the flow of information among the networks of Occupy & Anonymous supporters and further tempts them to move entirely to the other Occupy social media platforms; Diaspora / Occupii.

If you are a support of Occupy &/or Anonymous please make sure you regularly check that you are still following who you think you are – the total number of following/followers seems to remain static however many major high-profile Occupy accounts (and those of many of the livestreamers & citizen journalists) are being unfollowed without end user permission, and must now be re-followed on a near daily basis. Beware!