Michael Moore & Susan Sarandon: Under Surveillance

With the Murdochs all over the news (how ironic) as their corrupt empire continues to implode, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon are interviewed about the prevalence of surveillance of Americans & in Sarandon’s case, reveal that they too have lost their personal privacy for daring to have a political voice, as their Government is voyeur to their every move.



Senator Bernie Sanders On Livestream With Occupy Eye

Senator Bernie Sanders is talking about the Occupy movement LIVE on OccupyEye Livestream. http://www.ustream.tv/occupyeye Yay citizen journalism! Putting the MSM out of business!

Occupy Eye’s bio is below:

“Occupy Eye ” http://www.ustream.tv/occupyeye

Occupy Eye currently covers all things occupy in Washington DC. My name is Nate, and I have been an Occupy Livestreamer since mid-October. You can see much of my best work over at ustream.tv/occupiedair , including full coverage of events such as the DC chapter of Occupy the Courts that occurred on January 20th, and the grueling eviction of the camp at McPherson Square on February 4th.

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New Zealand Government Invested Super Fund In Cluster Bombs

Courtesy of our own Occupy Dunedin:

“This is what happens when we place economics in a vaccum apart from morality and humanity. Yes, these are responsible investment policies within our strictly economic paradigm – there is a lot of money in the murder industry!

Clearly we need to step outside the fundamentalist paradigms of modern economic thought and re-imagine our social structures. Every day we sit around with this status quo, we contribute to global murder and tyranny. This is the natural flow of things when we worship money.



Epic Occupy Photo – Occupy Aroha – Maori For Occupy Love

This photo says so much about what Aotearoa means to us. Taken in January 2012 at the establishment of Occupy Albert Park in Auckland, two fellow occupiers come together in a hongi, creating heart shapes of their heads and chins. One of the many Occupy moments it was a privilege to witness, this is the photo for which occupier Kereru coined the phrase ‘Occupy Aroha.’


1000+ Homeless On Auckland’s North Shore

By anon request, here is a scan of the North Shore Times article of April 17 regarding the amount of homeless people on the North Shore alone. The article came out one day after a Newstalk*cough*corporateapologist*cough*ZB radio debate that asked “does poverty exist in New Zealand?”



Video: Massive Bahraini Protests During F1 Championship

The situation in Bahrain has been horrific for a long time now. Citizens openly slaughtered by their government. Some amazingly courageous Bahraini livestreamers have been doing their best to get the truth out of what is happening there on the ground. Bahrain, while essentially run by a corrupt dictator, is also a pet of the West. Currently, the world-famous F1 Grand Prix racing championship is being held there despite the constant state violence against the populace. This video shows Bahraini’s marching down Budaiya Road – the men are on the left – the women are on the right – and gives some idea of the scope of the unrest in the kingdom.

To see a large amount of media that the MSM will -NEVER- and have never showed you on Bahrain, please type ” Occupy Bahrain ” into Facebook then ‘like’ it. They have many instances of amazing citizen journalism footage that is not to be found elsewhere. Like it, share it, donate some of your time & compassion to spreading the word about what is happening to the Bahraini people.

Occupy Solutions: Financial / Tax Reform

Some proposed solutions for financial / tax reform in the USA courtesy of inequality.org… seems pretty straightforward. What do you guys think?


Thoughts On A Cashless Society

Thoughts on the potential for a cashless society: increasingly interesting read the further it goes on.


American Freedom Radio Host Vinnie Eastwood Interviews Member of Occupy Auckland Media Team

Vinnie Eastwood from GuerillaMedia interviews an Occupy Auckland media team member on American Freedom Radio.

Pretty comprehensive hour-long interview covering the 3-week media blackout of & then bias against Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement; the corruption/corporatisation of Auckland Council; the evictions of Occupy Auckland, the surveillance of Occupy members & surveillance methods in use worldwide by corporations against the public.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

2 Apr 2012 Vinny Eastwood Show