Obama Tweaks NDAA….. Slightly

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the act that allows the US Government to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial, has had a slight change to it. President Obama has made a small amendment to the piece of legislation. It … Continue reading

Are NDAA, SOPA, OWS & Anonymous Off-Limits on Twitter?

Twitter users that have used their accounts to share information about important issues such as NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have found themselves being censored and having their accounts deleted entirely. This kind of … Continue reading

Women Warriors Of The Global Revolution Part 2: Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Occupy Savvy Exclusive! One of the coolest things about activism is that it doesn’t have celebrities – it has role models. Recently, we put 7 poignant questions to five of the world’s most inspiring women. These women hail from Iceland, Canada, the United … Continue reading

Signs Of The Awakening: Occupy Breaks Into The Mainstream

This has been a very, very long time coming: the facts and figures behind Occupy’s economic ideology are finally being broadcast in the mainstream. This clip is from TVNZ – New Zealand’s “partially-privatised” corporate-backed bank-sponsored mainstream television news service. It … Continue reading

#J14 Auckland Treasure Trove Of Pics – When They Say Noone Showed Up – Show Them This :)

Massive treasure trove of photos from today’s amazing #J14 Auckland event (part of the Aotearoa Is Not For Sale National Day of Action). Incredible turn-out, as is self-evident from the pics. Aotea fenced by Auckland Council (another $18,000 odd rate-payer dollars … Continue reading

Drones in Texas and Tanks in Tampa

Stephen Salibury, from tomdispatch.com has released an article examining the US government initiated legislation “NDAA” that has initiated spy drones monitoring US Citizens on US soil as well as tanks now rolling through American cities. It appears the US government … Continue reading